Wednesday, July 28, 2021

WEDNESDAY, Still sewing and new shop rules.

 My shop is open M-F, 10 to 6.  I do not do weekends at all.  Unless it is an emergency.  I can think of very few times that I have allowed clients in on a Saturday or a Sunday.  I have tried in the past to set appointments for Sat and then they don't show and I have been stuck at home so I am very strict about it.

I do evening appointments with an appointment. This is at my busy season and it will last until the end of November.

However I will be taking at least a 2 week vacation the end of August so clients have to get in here or wait.

As my shop gets busier and busier, I am frustrated and need to set some new parameters. I have just never been this busy before.  I do appreciate all the tips I get from readers.  I loved what Ms. Goose said in my comments last post and she is right on. I have to make hay while the sun shines so to speak. 

I am now requiring brides to be aware that when I call them they must pick up within 3 days or they pay a storage fee of $20.00 a day.  That has helped with pickup immensely. I am also in the process of making a sign for my shop door that states that rush jobs will be charged a fee.  Rush jobs require me to put other work aside and often sew late into the evening. They disrupt my already busy schedule. I will not charge rush fees, to police,fire, or service men, as they have no control over their schedules either. Uniform patches and mending is always a last minute thing and they rip and damage their uniforms and sometimes have to sit in the bathroom as I sew up their clothes. It is faster for them to come here than to go home and and switch everything out on a uniform and usually takes me only a few minutes. I had several pairs of green fire pants in here that had rips and tears.  They were for crews that were assigned here.  Also fuel overalls that needed to be hemmed for helicopter fire fighters.  All those things come first when asked.

Today we have James and Kelsa.  Schmills is up with his Aunt BB.  The boys had a blast at the theme park yesterday.  We went and picked up two sleeping kids from daughters last night about 10:00.  James slept in he had a long day. Kelsa did not sleep in, but grandpa got up with her and let grandma sleep.  He can take a nap with her later today.

Lil sis is having her company party tonight and they have rented out a swim park here.  So we are taking James to that this evening.  Fun, fun!  Plus they are serving pizza so grandma does not have to cook  Double fun.

Yesterday I took $1641.00 to the bank from my savings challenges.  I took in over $4000.00 two months ago and decided I would take money in every 2 months so as not to have so much cash in the house. $500.00 in $5 dollar bills, $288 from the $1,$5,$10,$20 challenge and the rest from my 100 envelope challenge.

Hubs is in the dog house as his hearing aid repair was $500.00.  I about died!  But he has to hear so I guess I just have to suck it up.  These aids are over 7 years old.  I would have rather put that money into a new set, I guess that is why I was irked about it.  SO I  keep sewing... yes?

Okay today's list:

1. hem pants

2. hem bridesmaid dress

3. steam bridesmaid dress

4. hem bridesmaid dress

5. alter wedding dress

6. hem bridesmaid dress

7. hem bridesmaid dress

8. clean up shop.  I might do this first.

Any plans for today?  What ya working on?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. It is good to protect your sanity! Plus, people respect you as a real business. They don't have to have an appointment to pick up?

    1. NO I am open and they can drop by, but I do have hours.

  2. Hi, my husband gets his hearing aids through the VA, free. If your husband is ex military of some sort, check that out. Plan b is Costco, I have seen they are half everyone else and work equally well. I think they are $2500 last time I looked. By the way, technology has come a long way, my husband gets new hearing aids every four years through the VA and each set is hugely better than the prior set. For example, his latest set links to the tv, so at night, he can watch tv and the sound comes through his hearing aids….and I can adjust the tv volume to suit me! Amazing.

    1. Hubs was in the military as a guardsman for years, but we checked and they wont cover. We just pay out the nose. OR

  3. 10-6 still gives you time to go to the bank or run errands before or after the shop closes. I am glad you set some parameters and rules. Once I paid 50 bucks extra to have an evening dress hemmed (by machine because I just did not care) the day before I needed it. Totally worth the extra!

    1. Wow that was a huge charge. I might have to rethink my rush charge....:0

  4. I am so pleased you are putting some rules in place Kim - good on you!!👍


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