Friday, July 16, 2021

Friday, How Kim likes to serve guests

 You know for someone who would really prefers to be outside rolling in the dirt, I am a little picky about serving food to people.  Or I should say I have a little angst about it. Now Sissie is the Martha Stewart of the family, so I can in no way hold a candle to her, but I do like to have people over and put out a nice presentation.  You might think this is silly, but I also think it may be becoming a lost art. I also do not judge.  If I go to your house and you give me a hot dog on a paper plate, I will still love you.  It is just that putting together and nice meal and serving it to friends and family gives me pleasure.


Yesterday, after trying to get my sewing caught up ( it did not happen) I had invited some good friends and Lil sis over for dinner at 6.  I had the table nicely set and had an appetizer ready.  Lil sis had left a bottle of wine, (Hubs and I don't drink) so everyone had a beverage of choice while I finished cooking my pasta dish. We had Shrimp and mushroom pasta, a tossed green salad, and ww french bread.  I also had a caprese appetizer, and cantaloupe and strawberries.  My friends brought dessert. Everyone enjoyed the food and we all ended up on the deck which was not too smokey last night and just under 90 degrees.

It was a lovely evening, with lots of laughs and jokes. Just how I wanted it. Plans laid out, then followed through, no surprises, good food and company, the best! Such a change from the chaos the night before. Lil sis took home all the leftovers to serve her and her boyfriend tonight as she has had a hard week at work as was ready to not have to cook.

Hubs left this morning for Nampa with strict instructions from me to take care of his mother!!!!! Not the other way around. I had him stop in Wieser (where he was born) and get his mom a box of chocolate cremes.  They are her favorite.  We usually get a box of nuts and chews for dad, but dad really doesn't understand the difference anymore, so why not get what mom likes for a change?  I actually ordered the box and paid for it and hubs just had a curb side pick up, so he did not have to worry about the dog.

Hubs will stay until Sunday afternoon and then go onto daughter's house in Twin Falls to watch James for the next week. He has Roscoe as the boys love to have Roscoe.  Roscoe always sleeps in Danny's room in his kennel and Danny gets to take care of him.  Now it is James turn and responsibility, and he is so happy and proud to do it.  I guess James has talked of nothing else. Hubs will then bring James back home with us for a week.  Danny is with his other grandmother for the next two weeks and this takes care of the sitting problem.  I have Kelsa, Schmills and Oliver some days next week as D#2 has a dance work shop to teach down here.  This mean I need to get my shop caught up over the weekend.

It is nice that hubs is gone, as he interrupts me and now I can have captain crunch for dinner.  But I also have do the watering and take care of the chickens.  I will also have no help with the kids.  But oh well.  I just have about 2.5 days to get my ducks in a row and I think with no interruptions I can do that.

Things I want to get done this weekend:

1. clean and straighten the whole house

2. get caught up and organized in the shop

3. clean the shop before Monday. It was so nice to face the week with a clean space.

4. get all the ironing done, I can control the remote and do this while watching TV

5. practice the piano.  I have to play for Hubs at church  as he is gone and I just need a review of the primary songs, they are pretty easy, but have not played them in a couple of years.

6. Get my nails done tomorrow evening

What are your plans this weekend?  Anything fun?  My stuff is not fun, but the alone time is nice. DO any of you like entertaining?


Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.




  1. I like to entertain without chaos and do it nicely! Hopefully, last night won't happen again. I have been thinking maybe someone should write an etiquette for missionaries. In the off season for sewing, if there is any, someone, maybe you could spearhead this. It sounds like last night was an experience you needed to heal. I have nothing fun this weekend. But, that is okay. Next week will be chock full.

  2. Sounds like a lovely night with your friends, and I'm glad you had a good time. Safe travels for your husband. How is his father doing?
    Enjoy your alone time.

    1. Well I think his dad is about the same we are really worried about his mom more. We finally made her hire a housekeeper and Hub's went with her to get a new vacuum today as the housekeeper said her old one was .... It was an old canister from the 70's that you drug around with a long hose and weighed about 40 lbs. No wonder she could not vacuum. Any way she is happy to have him there for a few days and he will return back there on his way home.

  3. Sounds like a nice evening. Hope you get everything done this weekend. Good luck.

    1. It was. Well I might not, but I have no one to interfere with my plans so I might get alot done and I might just eat donuts!!!

  4. I enjoy cooking for others especially if it is a nice dinner with friends or taking a nice meal to work. I'm glad you had a fun evening with your friends. Enjoy your weekend alone. If you're like me, as much as I love my hubs, I enjoy some time alone every now and then.

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  6. Kim, I hope you are able to get all of your work done this weekend so you can enjoy the grandbabies next week.

    1. Well when there are 4 of them I don't know if enjoy is the answer....