Friday, July 17, 2020

Friday, so much to tell you!

     My of My are things happening around here.   Our money is in, but they say they might have to hold onto a check for 10 business days which would put us over our closing date.  So I called the realtor and she calmed me down.  As our contract is for closing on August 15th, we are doing our buyers a favor by trying to close early, if they truly hold the check that long and she thinks that will in no way happen we have the contract on our side.  Okay will quit worrying about that.

     Schmills and his parents are due down tomorrow to pick up some things form this house.  Of course any chance to see the Schmills makes for a good time.  D#2 called this morning to tell us that her Husband received a much desired transfer to Pullman Washington which is only 6 miles from Moscow, Idaho.  So both the two younger girls will be only 28 miles away!  With both of them expecting babies in the next 30 days and us doing a move things are a little crazy here.  Son in law has to show up for work on the 24th of September, so a month after they will deliver our granddaughter.  We are going to be busy folks.

   We are all thrilled about this as B's baby (due in less than three weeks) will have a sitter close by.    D#3 (B)has been checking into day care for little Oliver for two days a week when she goes back to work.  It will be over $600.00 a month.  Now that D#2 is there Oliver will have a sitter.  Hubs and I can come up also as it is just a 20 minute drive.  B's schedule changes but is not flexible. D#2 has a flexible schedule and she can decide when to work and when not to, so she can watch Oliver along with her newborn.  Also the houses they are looking at in Pullman are just a few minutes away from where B works, so she can run over and nurse her baby.  Things are just working out.

     The work load for our move and D#2'a move will be staggering, but when have I ever shirked from work?  Well I will tell you.... Yesterday I did not do as much as I would have liked.  But I had only slept a couple of hours the night before and I was dragging.  I did get the last bridesmaid dress done and did some work on the additional two wedding dresses, but no cleaning or packing.

     Today I have decided not to do any sewing, but just cleaning and some packing.  All of my spare time (which I have had very little of) has been focused on the move.  In the mean time the house gets covered in dog hair and muck.  I need to stop and just clean house today and then start some packing.  I would like to start taking things into the garage, but I will check with hubs first.

     As you can see I can't sew because my cat wants to sit in my chair today.  This is my excuse and I think it is a good one.  The dog is also in the doorway so what can I do?

well I can:

1. clean the shop
2. pack up family room and clean
3. empty mom's room closet
4. take all boxes from mom's bath to garage and clean
5. take all boxes from dining room to garage
6. take all boxes from guest bath to garage and clean
7. change sheets on guest room and take all boxes to garage
8. start some laundry and put laundry away that is on the line and in baskets
9. pack up extras in our room and take to garage
10. clean and vacuum all upstairs floors they are disgusting with dog and cat fur.
11. pack up knick nacks in front room and cupboards in front room.
12. scrub living room couch arms. Hubs has mucked up one side.
13. pack up all extras in shop move to garage
14.empty under stairs to garage

I think that is enough for today, let's see just what I can get done.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. I'm tired just reading about this!

    1. Well I obviously did not get it all done, but I worked hard.

  2. You do have plenty on your to do list, Kim. I hope you get all of that and more done.

    1. I had over 16,000 steps and still had lots left to do on the list.

  3. And the stars align :-) How wonderful to have your family in close proximity and able to help and support one another.

  4. Lots to do. You are a busy woman. So glad you will have your daughters and grandkids so close. Have a good weekend.

    1. I know I would be working their little butts off but both are huge pregnant, what a way to get out of having to help.

  5. But them moving doesn't put You closer to ME! sigh
    Pace yourself woman! * Yah, I know you won't put I had to say that. lol

    1. I know, but I have room for your motor home.

    2. A motor home I unfortunately don't own.....

    3. I am still looking for one. I can swing by and pick you up! (If I ever actually bite the bullet and buy one) However there is the possibility I could be arrested mid trip on a smart as charge.

  6. Exciting times for your family! Try and take a few minutes here and there for yourself. I'm tired just reading your post!

  7. That change is nice for all of you. Trusted child care and xtra money for DD2 is a win.

  8. So exciting! It's great news to hear they are moving closer.

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