Sunday, July 26, 2020

Sunday, All is well, I think...

     Well yesterday did not turn out to be the fiasco I thought it would.  After posting I realized I was not responsible for the world (I really am not) and I was at the mercy of the people we were buying from.  We cannot up our timeline without their permission.  So I calmed down and just let things fall as they may.

     The piano mover was late of course, but I loaded 4 violins and all the music stands, a trombone and the dulcimer and the cello into my car along with assorted music racks and headed up to the new house as they had given us permission to move these in early.  Our bass violin is at the High school right now so I did not have to move that monster.  The owners were very gracious and even allowed my sister and I to move in our new family room furniture.

     As this house is much smaller, we could not take much of our over sized and very old and scuzzy family room things.  I gave them away and really they were not that bad, just very loved. As I was waiting for our new cell phones to be activated I walked across the shopping lot and went into Pier one to kill time.  They are going out of business and I never shop there as I don't need the crap and it is over priced.

      Now lil sis and I have been perusing  wayfair and discount shopping sites for new furniture, knowing that we would have to wait 6-8 weeks for it to come in, and I was just going to put the good living room furniture in the family room for now.  That would just leave a table and a couple of chairs in the music room.   But no big deal other than to keep Hubs from eating on the good furniture.  He shakes so bad sometimes he can be a little sloppy.  So I told him towels have to go down if he insists on eating something on the good furniture, until we get something for the family room.

     Okay where was this story going?  Oh yeah, Kim at Pier one.  Well the very couch I was going to buy on Wayfair was at Pier one 50% off making it less that the one I was going to buy.  It also was all slip covered so it could be pulled off and washed a plus with hubs.  I quickly called Lil sis and told her to meet me there after work and we were able to do the entire room for a great deal less than I was going to spend ordering online.  The only problem was we had to pick up in 24 hours. 

     This added to the chaos of the day.  But after talking to the owners of our new house, they agreed to let us put the furniture into the family room.  I explained what was going on with our buyers and they agreed we can start moving in late Sunday afternoon.  Our buyers and us will be passing like ships in the night in this house tomorrow about 9 a.m.    So our goal today is to have our garage empty and all the boxes that are in there are light enough for any of us to carry.  Then it is just the big stuff tomorrow and we can get a crew from the church to help.  We still have possession by contract on our side until August 15th, but we will be as workable as possible. I do not have to solve everyone's problems, which for some reason Kim thinks she has to do.  I will do what I can and I am not going to overly stress, it is out of my hands.

     It is weird to think that I am really moving.  Like this is real folks.

Have a blessed and peaceful Sabbath



  1. So, what is "possession by contract"? I would put sheets down and not towels. Messes can spread. I would be afraid to move things into a house with someone else in the house.

  2. I used to tell my kids all the time that anyone can ask for anything. That doesn't mean they'll get it. I would stick to your guns about the moving van, and explain why you can't move things around.

  3. That is so great that you found the furniture cheaper at Pier 1. I would love to see a photo of it when everything is settled. :)

  4. Per ONe is pricey, but I am sad another business is closing. Is it the mail order business, ro are people buying less (pre pandemic rationale.) SO exciting and things will work out.

  5. Glad you found the furniture and for a good price. I am also happy you realize that life moves forward and you don't have to always bend to others. Stay the path and blessings.

  6. Good for the furniture find! Hope the stress level calms down now!

  7. Hubby hands shake when he eats. He habitually uses the other hand with a spoon to hold the fork steady.. I would think it would make it worse with two hands shaking but after all these years it actually steadies it. bistro table and chair for eating in the living room... yes I did that one for YEARS

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