Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Wednesday, still MOVING forward.

     I will have a new theme on this blog until I move and then maybe after the move.  A body drowning in life....

     We have been picking up boxes free, at the liquor store and if you go to staples you can buy the used paper boxes with the great lids for $1 a piece so I check every day.

     Last night I packed the dining room.  All of the china and silver is packed and ready to go.  Tonight it will be the spare room and spare bath.

     I had decided to leave all boxes in respective rooms, but hubs wants to take everything that we can possible carry to the garage so when the church comes to help we can just load up  and have them then help move the large stuff.

     I was so happy to deliver those darn boat curtains.  Today I am attacking the piles in my shop.

1. replace zipper
2. replace zipper
3. hem suit pants
4. hem dress pants
5.fix shorts
6. put darts in pants
7. hem bridesmaid dress
8. alter the pile, two dresses take in and hem, hem pants, mend two items
9. hem a pair of pants for Hubs
10. Hem a pair of pants for nephew

     My fitbit that I live by decided to crap out yesterday, I don't know why.  So I went up to Hubs cousin's sons place and had him help me get the darn thing back on line.  I am telling you we are so grateful for these two young people.  They are our kids age and we really rely on them for so many things.  They are just so much help to us.  Our own kids are great but they don't live in town. We love to spoil them and their 4 boys, but I often feel that we just don't do enough for them.  They are just such a great comfort to me in so many ways.

     We are still waiting on monies, but it looks like some of it is on it's way, that is a small comfort.  This house buying  is not for the faint hearted let me tell you. Hubs just went out an pulled a birdhouse off one of our large pines.  He wants to take it with us.  I went to look at a birdhouse my great uncle made me and it has a family in it so I will have to leave it and ask the new owners if I can come back and get it later.  I also will want to come back and get Franka's tulip bulbs this fall.  I have moved those and planted them now for 34 years.  But they have to be  transplanted in the fall.I was given several pots of red tulips when she died.  We planted many around her head stone, and then I took some with me from Montana.  They have lived in Idaho, Wyoming and at all three houses we have lived in here and now they will travel to a new place.  Just a reminder of her in the spring.

     We will not have a fireplace where we move and we have two here.  So I have fire tools, and wood holders, ash buckets, do I just leave them? or sell them?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. The fireplace tools I would (and have in the past) leave for the next owners. I recommend coffee boxes, too, if you can get them from the grocery store. They are strong.
    Be blessed,

  2. banana boxes.... beer boxes are good for small things.

    Leave the fireplace stuff especially since you are asking to come back and get stuff that wasn't listed in the paperwork.

    Our money got delayed by 2 wks. Closing by a month. GRR...

    1. Well I can see that our money was approved but waiting for check?

  3. The tulips won't die if removed now. They might just stagger a bit. I remove bulbs at the wrong time, and they all survive. I would get them now just so the people can own their own yard! Don't remove the bulbs without leave a lot of dirt on them and put them within the ground within a short time. Put them in pots for the meanwhile with dirt from where they were. Leave them out of the ground for as little time as possible.

    Do you have a designated box finder so you can keep your nose to the grindstone/machine.

    1. I have lost some moving them early so I am a little afraid to do that.

  4. If you have an Aldi, the boxes meat comes in is very sturdy as well. So mcuh work-I better get started for you move in eight years.

  5. The boxes that WM and other stores receive their plastic bags are very sturdy. One time, they had flimsy ones, but after that, the sturdy boxes returned. When we moved as a child, my mother would never allow liquor boxes for moving. She and Daddy fought over that.

    1. Well I do feel weird going into a liqueur store.

  6. Those liquor store boxes are so nice and sturdy. My Mom and I used to do the flea market back when I was growing up, and we had two of those we used and we used them for years. I'm glad you have your hub's cousins sons to help you out when you need it. Help like that can be hard to come by at times.

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