Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Tuesday, Getting Kim back, and it is Pig day!

 Kelsa and I emptied my pig bank today.  I always empty it on my grandmother's birthday Dec.7.  She did not like her birthday because of Pearl Harbor, so I try to celebrate it by making it special with my yearly piggy savings.  My mom and I started to do this several years ago and it is fun to see just how much you can save.

I have almost a whole shoe box full of coins. I am waiting for Hubs or daughter or Nathan to come watch the Kelsa and Schmills and I are going down to the coin counter at my credit union to count it.

Kelsa likes to throw the change but she never puts it in her mouth thank goodness.  Coins are so dirty, we both had to wash up after playing in it.

I did start to try and get Christmas put up yesterday, which was hard as I had Schmills help for most of it. I am going to have to un decorate the tree when he leaves.  But he was so excited I just let him go with it.

Hubs has a busy week at the high school, and the kids ended up here last night, as there was a snowstorm on the Polouse.  Nate called and told daughter not to try and come up the hill as there were accidents all over and only 3 patrol men.  He was at a head on collision and was getting calls for many other accidents he could not get to.  He would be doing paperwork until 6 in the morning so he would need to sleep today. Daughter has extra scrubs and clothes here so she could get to work today.

It is hard to get anything done with Kelsa, but she is such a joy and is developing quite an attitude. Finally got her down for a nap so I could get this blog post done. 

This whole house is one big Christmas mess. Not one room is done, and I have just put a few things in every room. I cleaned both bathrooms yesterday and did manage to get the bed linens switched out.   The front room and the dining room are just a nightmare right now and they may stay that way for a while. I can only do what I can do with kids under my feet.

Daughter and I ran to a couple of stores last night and there are really no Christmas decorations left in town.  What used to be rows and rows are now a few things on a shelf.  It is weird.  But I was able to snag some candy canes for the tree. I guess I am going to have to peruse secondhand stores for the few things I want.

I told my eldest daughter today on the phone that I want to put the last 2.5 weeks behind me.  It will never really leave, but I need to move on and get my life back. I need to enjoy the Holiday and all the things that Christmas brings. I hope when I finally get the house decorated; I will feel better. Finally got the last three things ordered from Amazon.  I think the son in laws will get gift cards as they will not say what they want. I need to make a gift for my Lil sis, and pick up her present. Also have not thought of Hubs and his birthday is December 19th which makes it doubly hard.

Cheryl, at Cheryl's frugal corner posted that Christmas was 2.5 weeks away and I about panicked.  I cannot see it like that.  Where did the time go?  Well, I know where it went, but now what do I do about it? 

Here is a cute picture of a little Oliver elf.  He enjoyed playing in the snow yesterday. Boy, do we love these babies.

I opened my candle box that I keep from year to year.  Some of these candles were made by my dad over 20 years ago.  I have the hoops and pots to make more thank goodness but it was over 120 degrees here for a week last summer and it ruined all the candles.  I will be keeping any candles in the house from now on.

See the three kings candles that were hand dipped by dad.  They broke as I tried to get them apart.

What a mess.  I will save them and put them in the used wax pot for later when I decide to dip new Christmas candles.  It will not be this year.

Luckily, my mother had so many candles stored when she died, that I will probably not have to buy many. It is the little ones that fit in the tree clips that I have to replace.  I hope I can get them on Amazon, or no outdoor candles this year.

My sister's kept getting lectures from me on spending money while we were getting things ready for the funeral.  As in, "We are not spending our money and we need to be careful.  We can get that cheaper at Winco, or we could go to a thrift store to get that." So they picked up this coaster for me when they were out and about.

I loved it until I saw the back......

I had a fit that they paid $4.99 for this.  Really?  $4.99?

I know looking a gift hoarse in the mouth, but $4.99?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. No matter how bad the little one did with decorating - this year would leave it. Pictures and such fun silly memories. It won't hurt a thing to leave it. Stuff doesn't need to be perfect.
    Bummer on the candles.
    Hope you had bunches of change!!!!

    1. It was pretty cute all clustered in a bunch. THe tree was about to tip over.

  2. My friend had three grandchildren anxious to decorate the tree and she let them. There were two dozen red balls all two feet off the ground and about two feet across the tree with four or five to a branch. She left it. I would have changed it, I think.

    Coins are nasty. I am surprised she did not put them in her mouth. Pathogens are probably gone, but it grosses me out for kids to put money in their mouths. Mine did and I was afraid they would choke.

    Sorry about the candles. Heat and cold and moisture will ruin decorations, so mine were always in climate-controlled spaces. Those would make good Halloween candles.

    1. Well I learned. It was just such a hot summer. Our other garage was dug in and surrounded by dirt on two sides so kept the decos cooler.

  3. I had the same thing happen with the baptismal candles. They kind of melted into a very different shape than intended.

    Children grow up so fast and before you know it none of them will want to help decorate the tree, take all the help you can get for as long as they will help.

    God bless.

  4. Such a cute picture of Oliver.

  5. I ha to look closely to recognize the candle mess, that’s sad they de ruined. They looked like an enlargement of something under a microscope at first to me.
    Hope you get the things done that you want to.
    Your hubs and I share a birthday. Personally, I wish people would just forget about my birthday. There is so much going on Dec, that it feels like a burden to add my birthday into the mix.

    1. You know I felt sorry for him when we first married, as he had never had a birthday celebration. He was just told his present was under the tree. SO I always made a big deal about it, and now 43 years later, I think why?

  6. Hope you get the tree the way you like it. That looked like a lot of change in your piggy bank. Keep on keeping on Kim! You are doing great!

  7. I hope you had a bunch of change, Kim. I’m sorry about the candles. If I were you I would melt just the ones your dad made and make new ones with those, so you will know they were once made into candles by your dad. My heart goes out to you and I’m praying for strength to get what you need done and comfort to get thru them.

    1. Thanks belinda, I will soften and sort the wax by color and remake.

  8. I would leave it how he decorated it. I am glad the "little Angels" talked to their Dad.

  9. Oh the irony of that coaster and its price! Just remember whatever gets done or doe s not get done. Christmas is really about family and friends. My house is in chaos and little done either, but this is my weekend to set the world of Christmas to rights. And I had no family tragedy or little babies to help care for. I'm just lazy after a 10 hour+ work day.

  10. No one is lazy after a 10hour workday. Put your feet up have a glass of wine and cook a Totino's Pizza.