Monday, December 13, 2021

Monday, Happy first day of Christmas!

It is the first day of Christmas in Sweden.  It is St. Lucia Day.  Eldest daughter called and I wished her a happy Lucia day and she in her very smart alec way, said she was going to burn and stinky goat grease candle over her head and make sure it dripped on her neck, so she could her her long dead great grandmother tell her, "Don't you dare cry, this is an honor". 
Jethelyn as St Lucia when she was about 5

 Well as usual I have procrastinated and now I am behind the 8 ball, but the funny thing is I don't really care. What gets done gets done.

Hubs and I did some shopping on Saturday and we bought a new larger rug for our family room.  I love it, and it was our Christmas present to ourselves.

We had the church Christmas party Saturday night.  It was the first one we have been able to go to for years.  As I was always in the middle of performances.  The food was plentiful but cold. I hate cold food, so did not eat much.

Sunday after church we delivered a small gift to one of Hubs friends, and then had some of our freinds bring over a Christmas bouquet of flowers.

Middle daughter was really sick last week with a flu/cold bug.  It was not covid or strep.  But she ran a fever, and lost her voice for several days. She had to be back to work this morning, and Nate has been called out every night for accidents, so he is going without sleep.  Hubs and I went up to Uniontown last evening and I made a big pot of corn chowder, with bread and muffins.  Nate came home on break and had a hot dinner.  Then we took Kelsa back with us and kept her last night.  Daughter will come and get her after work at 6. This way Nate could take Schmills to school and go back to bed and daughter got a good nights sleep uninterrupted. Now was Grandma's sleep good?  Not so much.......

Kelsa is such a joy, she is doing so many cute things like, clapping, pee a boo, kissing her babies.  It is just so sweet.  She loves the show CocoMelon and actually pays attention to it.  So cute.

I was pretty proud of myself on Friday as I did force myself to get some sewing done.  I still have plenty to do and have actually been quite busy today.  Lots of pants to hem which are easy and fast. Found out that Hubs mother is getting a ride to Kamiah tomorrow, so Hubs can pick her up there and he won't have to drive to Nampa.  Kamiah is about 75 miles from here. But I am in no way ready for her.  

I quickly stripped the bed and I have the sheets washed, but I need to clean out drawers, and really deep clean the guest room and also clean out a drawer in the bathroom for her.  As I have no baking done yet, it will be nice to have her as she can help me.  I am baking with Lil sis on Wednesday at her house and then she is coming to my house on Saturday. 

SO the plan for the day, is to get dinner cooked as Hubs has to be at the high school at 5 and then get some sewing done this evening and get mom's room really cleaned and ready for her.

I only have one Christmas gift left to buy and I believe it will be a gift card.  But the wrapping is looming and I hate wrapping presents. Maybe mom can help with that also:)

I think this is what we will bake for Christmas between mom, Lil sis and I.

1. fruit cake (mom)

2. raisin filled cookies (mom)

3. dipped apricots (Lil sis)

4.  Swedish Sour cream sugar cookies (I will make dough, Lil sis will cut out and bake)

5. Fudge with and without nuts (lil sis)

6. caramels, (me)

7. toffee (me)

6. dipped pretzels (lil sis)

7. peppa kakker (me) rolled ginger cookie

8. lemon sucre kakkor Lemon cookie

9. spritz (lil sis and I)

10. rosettes (lil sis and I)

11. krum kakker (lil sis and I)

12. lefsa ( lil sis and I)

13. kranzer filled sugar cookie (me)

There is probably something I am missing, but I will go with this for now.

We Swedes take Christmas seriously.

And yes that is cutting back by 2/3's what I used to make.

Now I have to get to work, Blah!

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. I am slowly making my way through my baking list, just a few things left... Now if only my knitting would move along as quickly.

    Kelsa sounds like a little darling.

    God bless.

    1. I am starting so late this year and I am jealous of your progress. Kelsa is a cute patoot let me tell you.

  2. I was going to do some treat making tonight, but forgot I had a late meeting that just got done. No way I'm messing up the kitchen after 8:00. Tomorrow night.

    1. YOu and me both but I really do have to get started.

  3. I imagine your mil will love being part of the Christmas cooking! Only one thing is on my baking list, and I may not even do that.

    1. I really need to get busy, I am just so behind this year.

  4. Christmas is just going to be the two of us this year so baking might or might not happen. I don't care one way or the other!

    1. I wish I was you, but my ancestors from my past will come and haunt me.....

  5. Your list of baked items sounds good, Kim. I plan on doing some baking too but still have to decide on what I’m going to bake. The corn chowder sounds good too, it’s the perfect time of year for soup.

  6. Such a cute picture of your daughter!

    1. Thanks, taken in 1988 at mom's daughter is now 40 where did time go?

  7. I find it fascinating but did she have two stoves? Love them and how practical!