Thursday, December 23, 2021

Thursday, Yesterday was plain awful

 So Kim is tooling away in her shop with positive feeling of getting her list done, and I am not my second pile of alterations and then my needle broke.  No biggie, just an aggravation.  But the new needle would not stay in the machine.  After messing with it for about 1/2 an hour I realized I had stripped the head of the needle holding mechanism.  

Now I have no machine and several clients waiting, and I am about to cry. This machine can be repaired but not immediately.  So off I go to the sewing machine shop.  They had another screw and thought it might be the screw that holds the needle in, but alas it was not, so I left the machine with the repair man and bought another.  I was not into buying a new machine right now, but I can't work without equipment. I love the new machine I bought.  Not as fancy, but I really don't like fancy. To be a good seamstress you need a straight stitch, a zig,zag, and a button hole  a blind hem stitch is also nice.  That's it, all the fancy stitches are a waste of time and are just trouble.  More to break and go wrong with the machine.

Earlier I had been to JOanns to get a piece of fabric to mend a coat, and when I got back from buying a new machine my mother in law was cleaning my shop.  I know she meant well, but when I finally got her out of there I could find nothing. The fabric I had purchased was gone.... I was aggravated beyond, BEYOND.  The interruptions!!!!!!!

Some kinds of help, are the kinds of help that helpings all about.

But, some kinds of help are the kinds of help we would rather do without. 

                                                                                 Shel Silverstein

This is a poem that I made my three girls memorize when they were small.

Now get out of my shop and quit trying to help me.  I am such a witch, I know but, this witch was at the end of her broom.

Finally, I was able to get most of the list done, and I was heating up roast and veggies for dinner.  Hub's really did not want to eat dinner, and then discovered that he was running to the bathroom during the news.  I had made arrangements with daughter, that Hub's and his mother would drive up to Union town this morning and I could have the day to myself.  Yeah nice dream.

Finally, I looked at hubs and the way he was sitting all curled up on the sofa I knew something was wrong.  I took his temp, 101.4.  Great he has the crud the kids had last week.  We are not going to get off. He went to bed and I let daughter know that  she would have to bring the kids down in the morning. Hubs kept me running ( tmi) until ABOUT MIDNIGHT, realize with hub's Parkinson's like condition, and tremors, when he runs a fever, his balance is affected, and his ability to move quickly just results in more mess.  The washer was going for about 5 hours.  Not my best night. But,I did get a pile of little person clothes marked and ripped and ready to sew today in between wash machine trips and getting hubs in and out of the shower multiple times.  I am going to save the dress alteration until after Christmas.

I slept on the couch last night as I don't want to get this.  I was close enough to hear when hub's was trying to get up, but not in the same room with him.  Every time I went into the room I grabbed two disinfection wipes, and touched nothing with my hands.  This morning he is much better, this is a strong 12 hours of hell and then over. Hubs just asked for a kiss and I told him NO!

SO today I will get that pile of clothes done and then start wrapping presents and get this house cleaned up.  I need to change the linens on our bed and get ready for tomorrow.

SO much for Kim having a positive attitude. Sometimes life is just shitty,I mean crappy.......

Thrifty Thursday:

1. saved all my change in my pig bank

2.  Used coupons at Joanns for things

3. Bought nice wired ribbon, and Christmas paper about 70% off to finish wrapping things and enough for next year also

4. Picked up two more butter of $1.77 a pound

5. printed out a $25.00 gift card from Starbucks for a Christmas gift.

6. Ate out of the pantry and freezer for all but one meal

7. Went to the monthly food bank at the end of the day and scored, grapes, mushrooms, frozen fish, and chicken, salad, oranges, apples, baby food apples sauce packages, butter.  I was pretty amazed at what was left over.

8. made the missionaries come over and eat all of Hub's birthday dinner left overs so they would not go to waste.

Now I am going to finish my sewing and get to wrapping.

Neither, snow, nor vomit, nor dirty drawers, nor mother in laws helping, now broken equipment, will keep this girl down.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while in the negative.

Did you ever have days like this? Asking  for a friend.



  1. Sheesh I'm sorry. Hope that you and your mil don't catch that nasty bug.

    1. I know I keep waiting, if I can just get through Christmas, it will be okay.

  2. I chuckled - I am sorry! About MIL cleaning - my first thought - no good deed goes unpunished! At least she was trying.
    Hope hubs gets better quickly and that you don't get it.
    Now take a chill pill!!!!!

    1. I know I feel bad about being grouchy. She just wants to help me so bad, poor darling.

  3. Oh my gosh, your poor dh and you too for all that washing I hope and pray you do not get this, Kim. As for your MIL cleaning your sewing room, UGH!

  4. I made it through the broken needle, stripped whatever, and buying a new machine, thinking okay okay. But, when you said she cleaned your sewing room and straightened it, I seriously became faint. NO ONE should touch my sewing! EVER! I hope you put your foot down. I hope you don't catch this.

    1. You as I was fuming I thought about you. As I knew you would understand.

  5. I'm sorry. NOBODY should enter and "clean" your work office without your consent and direction.

    I surely hope you've dodged this bug the family is passing around and about you!

    Take a deep breath and I surely hope you sleep well tonight ;-)

    1. I know.... I about died, but just smiled and said nothing and then fumed....

  6. My Mother used to call that "Helping in a hindering sort of way".

  7. Crossing fingers and toes that the bug passes you by!!! We just did our first at home Covid tests (not sick - just so we can spend Christmas Eve with my husband's family). Two inches of snow here and counting! Merry Christmas!

  8. So sorry you had a chaotic day. I'm hoping no one else in your family gets sick and that today is much less stressful for you.

  9. Oh, Kim. I may have lost it. Now that I have an office, it is just for me and I don't have much specific things to mess up. I hope you stay well. No more taking kids when they clearly are the vessel to transfer illness. I know your daughter needed help, but now Kim is back of the line again.

    1. You are so right. I am going to be much more careful.

  10. I am sorry that I giggled, not at your day/night but at the way you wrote about it. From one witch to another , if you would like I can send you a small plaque I keep in my kitchen window. It says "I have flying monkeys, and I know how to use them"
    Merry Christmas Kim!

  11. Sorry but I’m a nurse, there’s no way your daughter should have come from the flu house and gone to a church function (should have been canceled and rescheduled) and then handing you two kids from the “flu” house! You have your MIL to consider now too. Influenza can also be deadly and so miserable why wouldn’t she even consider that as a possibility? Everyone of us with kids have taken care our own kids while sick, crawling on the floor to throw cereal at them…. And using cartoons to get through the day. They would have lived. I wonder how they felt about hubs getting so sick, this is not what MIL needs.

  12. Sorry don’t know why the multiples!