Thursday, December 16, 2021

Thursday, Baking, making, faking

 I was able to get three batches of caramels done yesterday at Lil sis's on her gas stove and they turned out perfectly. It was getting so late I left her the mess of clean up and I can still hear her screaming.  She is far too neat and OCD let me tell you.  She needs to be shook up a little.

Lil sis rolled out the sour cream cookie dough, so those are ready to frost.

Hub's mom wrapped most of the caramels, so that was great!

As I have Oliver here today, I am finding it hard to get anything done.  And we just found out the Schmills and Kelsa have a stomach bug and as daughter takes care of Oliver on Friday's we will have him tomorrow also, that means we will have him tonight, through tomorrow.  I may get nothing done on my plans.

Oh well, you do what you can. 

I did get a chance to run get a prescription, but of course it was not ready, that is my luck as of late.

I am hoping to just get the kitchen cleaned and dinner started, maybe a little sewing and at least a couple more kinds of cookies started even if it is just to get the dough in the freezer. 

Lil sis dipped the apricots, which are so pretty on a cookie tray and very easy. So, I have a few things on the list done.

Thrifty Thursday:

1. saved all my change for next year, in the pig bank

2. Still saving 5's but also will use what is left for Christmas goodies.  SO saved $35.00 this week

3. Used a 10% off coupon for the seafood meal.  I bought early as I was afraid they would not get another shipment in before the 24.  Seafood prices are way up this year, but I froze the crab and the shrimp was already frozen.  Got this 10% off from getting my flu shot. It allowed me to save about $28.00.

4. using foods and meats out of storage and the freezers for meals

5. taking advantage of Amazon prime to ship many Christmas gifts free.

Not much this last week, but every bit counts.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. The apricots look interesting. Homemade caramel is the best. Lucky family

    1. They are so easy, and everyone loves them. I think that people feel better eating something somewhat healthy... but dipped in chocolate.

  2. You always inspire me, Kim. The stomach bug is going around here too. Ugh! Stay safe and cozy!

    1. Nothing worse than all your kids vomiting at different times. Like you just want to get one bowl and choreograph it so it is over. Okay TMI

  3. All that cookie baking puts me to shame. I am sure your family will love them. Mama and I are not cookie bakers as we stick with cake and pies.