Thursday, May 30, 2019

Thursday, adjusting the schedule

     When oldest daughter realized that she would have a full 10 days where her full time sitter (live in) would not have to watch the boys she told her immediately, this way the sitter (her mother-in-law) could go and visit her mother in Denver if she wished.  The boys great grandma is 91 and on dialysis.  Just as mother-in-law got there the grt grandma went into the hospital in terrible pain. So it was a blessing to have MIL down there as she would have had to fly on short notice and D#1 would be scrambling for a sitter for boys.  Now it looks like this may be the end.  We are praying for a miracle but that outcome at 91 is unlikely.

     As we are due to take the boys back to join their mother tomorrow, we worked it out so that Hubs can go back with Daughter and the boys.  He will stay there a week and I will either go pick him up in McCall again or D will fly him home.  Or we might be taking the boys for an additional week after next week.  We will wait and see what happens. This could be a very different summer with trying to help daughter and allowing MIL to tend to her mother and her needs.  I just remember how foggy I was last year after my own mother's death and I want  MIL to have the same courtesy that I was allowed.

     Yesterday was the first day it really felt like summer was coming here.  So hot and beautiful outside.  Although I spent the majority of the time in the shop.  Hubs took the boys to the park and then up to the fish hatchery to see their aunt and uncle. Our house is a total wreck but I am loving it.

     Last night we went over and saw Lil sis and she just loves the boys. The oldest one Danny is named after my twin sister's husband. Twin did not have any children and she and D#1 are very close.  We have lots of Daniels in the family now.  So we have to code the names so we know who we are talking about.  Daniel, Sis's husband, Danny grandson/nephew, or Dan D#3's husband.  It can get very confusing around here at holiday time.

     The sales for the week came out yesterday and I as able to stock up on frozen vegetables, graham crackers, marshmallows, canned chili (for storage), and cheese. We had bulk and shredded cheese 2lb packages for 3.99.  You can believe I stocked up at those prices. This is how I keep my grocery budget at about 50 dollars a week and we eat very well.

     We also had a visit from one of the littles last night, they really don't like to go to the regular sitter and beg every morning to come here.  We will not be able to watch them this week with all the chaos and schedule changes, so mom brought the oldest over for a grandma and grandpa fix.  She was so funny.  I will watch them next week while Hubs is gone.

     I have a pair of pants to hem, a couple of swimsuits to alter and a bridesmaid dress that needs to go out today.  I also would like to finish up the baseball pants.  Plus I have so much laundry that is backed up and my house needs a lot of love.  Let's see what I get to.  Shop first.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are int the negative.



  1. It sounds like the timing for your daughter was perfect. I will say a prayer for all of you. 91 is a well lived life. I hope all of you are at peace.

    1. She is an amazing woman worked as a compounding pharmacist at NIH until she married late to a NASA engineer. Quite the amazing life.

  2. I am praying for the boys great grandma.

    That was a nice grocery shop. 2 lbs. of cheese for that price would have me stocking up too.

    I would do the sewing, then the laundry and the house can wait. A wrecked house shows that someone had fun and is a sign of love.

    1. Thank you, yes there are little boy clothes and shoes strewn all over this place, when we pack them up half the stuff will get picked up!

  3. Sounds like you've got things under control, even down to the last "Dan/Danny/Daniel."

    1. Well actually the kids are in control, me however.....

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