Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Wednesday, Happy May Day! a free day for me

     Remember making May baskets? I do and it was such fun. I used to have my kids do this for the old folks trailer court.  The older people loved it also.  But today believe it or not will be an almost free day for Kim.  She is done with prom dresses and the wedding dresses can wait until I get back.  I have only one pair of pants to hem and I am done.  Well unless, I get an emergency call.  I am motivated by money.

      So what is Kim going to to do with this wonderful free day?

Well....hmmmmm... I can't just let it go to waste and there are a few things I really have to do.

1. call all people to pick up as we are leaving
2. finish laundry
3. ironing (no excuse not to get this done)
4. plant the garden and flowers that need to be planted  YEAH!  I can handle this.
5. clean the house up some.
6. Hem one pair pants
Just enjoy getting to go outside.

Right now I am going to read the sale adds for the grocery stores and then go get a few garden plants.  Oh but first I am going to hem that one lone pair of pants and call all my clients.

Yeah a free May Day, who would have thunk?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.