Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Tuesday, It is the piles I tell you!

 Sprinkler man had me up early, and we discussed what needed to be done to bring it up to date. 

Yesterday was a frustration as I had put many clients off until after the 14th and I think people get scared and think they won't get in, so everyone showed up yesterday. I could not get to my work, as I had constant fittings and clients.  I did not get to my wedding dress until after 4 and then I had to take that meal in which was an interruption. 

I made pork chops, green beans, and fingerling potatoes, stopped at Mcd's for an apple pie.  It was for a 96 year old man who had his wife in the hospital. So once he was settled and fed I was able to get the wedding dress done and then finish a mother of the bride about 8.

It is frustrating when you plan to get things done and the day slips away with no fault on you. I was able to give the kitchen a good clean while I made dinner, not that it looks like I did anything now.

I have a pot of beans on soaking, and I have bacon thawing and I am planning on BLT"S with a salad for dinner. ( Thanks, Cheryl, simple meals) My lettuce is ready to pick so no more buying greens.  I have three kinds ready. Hubs was searching for a treat last night and I think later this evening I will do up a batch of oatmeal cookies.

I have to work at the food bank tonight from 6-8. I really need to find time to get to Home depot and get some cabbage plants and tomatoes. Can't see that happening today.

So today I am concentrating on the piles that are taking over the shop.  I think these make me more nervous than the plethora of wedding dresses. They just sit all over and take up room that I don't have.  I really need Sissie here to help me work a system. I had a nice one in the old place and she has never come here to organize me.  (beat me up, the house Nazi)

List: (You knew this was coming right?)

1. finish wedding dress

2. hem and mend clothes

3. mend 8 pairs of pants

4. mend two pairs of pants

5. alter a large pile of clothes for a little person

6. shorten three items

7. alter the waist and hem of a pair of pants

This is a significant amount of work and I hope I can get most of it done, but I am not holding my breath.

Our son in law came by yesterday with Oliver as Braunwyn had a dental appointment.  He told me he had fallen in the dark and hit his forearm on the back of the sofa.  He could move his wrist fine and there was a little swelling, but the skin around his forearm felt tight and hot. He thought it was a sprain but I was not so sure.  Well he fractured one of the bones in his forearm. You can clearly see it on the x-ray.  So he opted for a 1/2 cast as he works in fish science and constantly wet.  He will have to bag up and take it easy at work all summer.  What a bummer.  We have such hot summer's here.

I want to make up a few meals for them to have in the freezer, as he does at least 1/2 the cooking.  Have no idea when I will do that.  But will fit it in somewhere. Oliver is a big kid and will have to learn not to jump on dad.

Anything exciting happening in your neck of the woods?  I think I need some excitement, like there isn't enough here she writes with sarcasm.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. I'm currently trying to spend a few minutes eating lunch in the sun (yay) & will then move on to spending at least ten minutes clearing the 10+ containers of mystery sauces that no one can recognize/will claim from the fridge. Then, it's back to work. Don't be jealous of my mystery sauce efforts! ;-)

    Good luck being productive.

  2. There is no excitement here. I don't envy you your excitement. That is a lot of hard work when sewing under duress and after an already full day. I just ate way too much of a delicious store-bought chicken salad with the largest chunks of chicken that I have ever eaten.
    So you stay with the elderly man while he eats? How nice of you.

    1. Yes we have to get everything ready and clean up, plus company.

  3. I just snuck outside in the glorious weather. Supper will be Taco salad using up the lettuce. I would love fresh home grown like you have. I've got more purging and laundry to do tonight. Always!

    1. My laundry is going to take over the world soon, but I am ignoring it.

  4. You go girl on the simple meals. I had an egg sandwich and a big salad for my dinner today. I seem to send a lot of time being nurse to my kitty (who is improving). I did go out and run a couple errands today. Talked with a couple neighbors. Nothing exciting here.

    1. Oh kitty nurse. I remember having a cat that I had to follow with a saline bag after I poked him so he would stay hydrated when his mouth was burned. I just followed him around the house until I had enough fluid under his skin to keep him hydrated. Saved the darn thing and he lived to be 18.

  5. When my daughter broke her hand, we used Glad Press and Seal to wrap around her hand. It kept the cast dry and gave her some mobility.

  6. I'm enjoying the beginning of fresh veggies. The snow peas were delicious this year. Simple meals are the best sometimes.

    1. I just wish I could have finished my sandwich. I love BLT"S but this antibiotic is making me so yuck. I don't want to lose any more weight!