Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Wednesday, Navy bean soup

 It is of course cold and rainy here again.  Trying hard not to be sad about it.  We need rain, and at least I don't want to be outside, so it makes it easier to sew.

I took a ham bone and a package of ham left over from the free ham at Christmas and made a large pot of navy bean soup.  All ingredients were free except the chicken broth and spices. I have enough for a few meals, and I will send some up to the kids.  Or they will come and get some. It is a nice meal for a cold crummy day.

I did not get nearly enough done yesterday.  I have to finish a wedding dress this morning and get another pile done and then the rest of the piles I should have done yesterday. Just too many interruptions. I have to be left alone to get things done.  Love how busy I am but sometimes it would be nice not to have the doorbell ring or the phone ring. 

Took my elderly neighbor to the food bank and also worked at the food bank last night for an hour.  All these things that intercept my time, but then again, I am eating a huge pot of soup that was free, so I need to quit complaining.

Hubs is at Oliver's today.  So, I have no excuse not to get as much done as possible.  I swear today I will produce.

1. finish wedding dress

2. finish pile you started yesterday

3. mend 8 pairs of pants

4. hem two items

5. alter a pile if little person clothes

6. alter a waist and hem of pants

7. alter neckline on a jumper

8. alter 2 jeans and mend 2 items

Really this list is not that bad, I just have to get it done. But I have nowhere to go tonight so I can sew into the evening and dinner is done, no excuse there.  I don't have to stop and go in to do that. I have no excuses.  Drat! I so love a good excuse. I swear on all that is holy this list will get done and I am not talking about my socks.

Okay, okay I am going to get to work. Heavy sigh. Even heavier sigh...

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.

Kim who is sighing heavily...


  1. Soup sounds fantastic, although the weather here is quite lovely. 85 & sunny. It's one of those perfect bay area days. I have a ton to do today, but made a bunch of progress yesterday, so am feeling better than before.

    1. Rainy and cold again but the soup is great! We will eat it again tonight. I was able to get things done yesterday but then again never as much as I want.

  2. Soup sounds good today. Chilly and wet here as well. ICK - will be almost 90 on Friday! FREE sounds even better.

  3. It is sunny and about 87 degrees here now. Instead of soup we are having salad for dinner, but it is beautiful day and we are going to eat on the screened porch and pretend we are having a much fancier meal.

  4. I have been wanting navy beans, just beans not soup. It is hot and dry and 88 now. I posted a bit after Anne did, I suppose. Dinner is done, picked up at noon. Free! I am glad you are free to sew tonight.

    1. Well that plan went out the window with Kelsa.

  5. It is really hard to get stuff done when you have constant interruptions Kim. Regarding your "piles of stuff to get done" .... I always laugh to myself because my friend always says to me ... "Julie - if anything happens to me then please come to my house & hide all the piles of stuff to get done that I have lying around everywhere - in piles". 😄

    1. I know. I used to clean my house spotless every time I traveled in case I was injured or killed and people came and saw how I really lived.

  6. Love soup on a cold rainy day. Enjoy!!