Friday, March 27, 2020

Friday, Just maintaining

     Just a bit of Easter whimsy in our house.  Everything reminds me of my mom and come to speak of it, it all belonged to her.  She was a nut for the holidays.  I would love to make frosted sugar cookies, but we are on diets and that would be bad around here.

Lil sis found these three Easter tea pots in her basement and gave them to me for my birthday.  They were mom's and I believe that Sissie bought them for her.  So I put them out with moms angels.
  Mom's movable bunnies.  These have been drug around the house by every grandchild mom had and now the littles come over and drag them around.  
They have been very durable over the years.

My cousin bought this cute little picture for me when she was here and also a Easter candle.  Dad's funeral vases reflect the holiday at this house.

More of Mom's Easter things, fun to put out.

I am going to have the Littles over for a Tea Party, so I decorated the Dining room with mom's fun Easter things.  I am going to plant Easter grass with wheat today and it should be up in a week.

So I do feel like it is spring here, just wish it was sun shiny and warm today.

Sewed yesterday and did get my quota done, so I was proud of myself.  Also did three loads of laundry, which now need to be put away and taken off the line. I need to defrost meat for dinner and plan what to cook.  I have three toilets that need scrubbed (how do they get so dirty)  TMI. Then have to consider what I can sew today.

Hubs just got back from a walk and said it was cool outside, drat! So that means I will be inside doing things I would rather avoid.

Let's see I have four pairs of golf pants to shorten and peg.  Several pairs of shorts to shorten and a couple of pairs of pants to hem.  Would also like to finish up a dress I ripped yesterday.  If I can get those things done today I will be pleased. I am really having to force myself to do anything.  It is hard.

I already turned down a client this morning.  But things are slow here and will be for the foreseeable future as they should be.

We have 4 people with the virus in the valley and Idaho has had 3 deaths.  So it is coming here and we have to wait out the storm.

Well no use sitting here boring you and myself to death.  I need to get to work.  Work is normalcy to me.  What makes you feel normal?  (Slug you cannot comment)

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Sewing first and foremost. Reading is a tie for first. Being outdoors. I must admit I cannot do much out there, but I enjoy the greenness and flowers in other people's yards.

    My friend said her mother loved Christmas so that she transformed the whole house into what looked like a Christmas cottage. She took everything from shelves and tables and put out Christmas things instead. So, when her mother died, the loss so crushed my friend that she never put one thing out at Christmas. I told her I would honor my mother and remember her by putting out some Christmas. No, they got rid of ALL her mother's Christmas treasures. That hurt me. I am glad when I have things that remind me of my mother around the house.

    I am glad you are so happy displaying things that belonged to your mother.

  2. All the Easter items are very precious. I think I might have bunny and chick salt and pepper shakers, a table runner, some stuffed bunnies, but not a lot of Easter decorations. Maybe after this year I'll really want to celebrate spring and go all out.

    1. I think it helps, but maybe I am turning into my mother?

  3. **muffled with duct tape, trying to comment**

  4. All your Easter things are just beautiful Kim - how special to have them to remind you of your Mum. I have been doing an Easter table in my lounge & I am enjoying putting it together. I laughed at Sluggies comment above !!

    1. She is in timeout right now. She conspires with Sissie....

  5. Cute Easter decorations. We had planned for my parents to come down & celebrate Easter with us, and then help out with the kids over spring break. They will now stay at home, and the kids are so sad (as are my parents). I need to think of fun Easter activities for them!

    1. We were to go and get Hub's folks but that might be on hold. Dye Easter eggs, cook funny foods, look up Easter traditions in other countries.