Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Wednesday, Over planned but what's wrong with that?

     Well here are the Leprechauns, that partied last night at our house.  We played Uno and Hub's won, we had good food and laughs.  Several of you asked for my blood orange salad.

It is very simple and I wish I had taken a picture.

two avocados
two blood oranges
olive oil
balsamic vinegar
red onion slice

drizzle olive oil over plate layer avocado slices, blood orange slices (take off rind), onion slivers.  Salt all above and drizzle with vinegar.  Delicious serves 4.  This is beautiful impressive salad and other than peeling the oranges and trying to slice them pretty darn easy.

     I ran like a crazy woman yesterday, there was just so much to do.

Did not get any sewing done but I did get the shop cleaned up which makes working in there today so much more enjoyable.

 I did get the things cleaned up that I wanted to get cleaned up in the back room and we did get a load of things taken to the storage unit.  Hooray. every box that goes is one less in the house.

Loading the car with things that can go to the storage.

Paint supplies that have been in the laundry room since before Christmas.

I have had this pile of painting supplies by the back door for a couple of months it is a mess and it bugs me. So why not get it out in  the garage where is belongs?

I am going to move food storage things and put painting supplies all together, where they can be easily found for touch up.  This garage will be stripped out and every surface hosed down and every container wiped down before we put the house up for sale.

But right now we have more room out here for things so there is no reason to have all the painting junk in the house.

See how nice a clean the back entry way is, It just feels so much more roomy and I love it.

SO now we just have the dog food in the laundry room.  Again so much more room so clean.  Why did it take me 3 months to do this?

Now all the painting supplies are easy to get to right out the door.  The food stores are cleaned up and all the crap that was in there is gone. this makes the entry way so much better.  Now why did this take so long?  Isn't my Roscoe cute.  HE helps with all chores.

1. I have already talked to my Sissie today and she said she has been to three liquor stores to stock up on wine as they are closing them where she lives.  If she runs out she is driving to Sluggies.  Slugs be afraid be very afraid.

2. We did have a delightful time last night so that was a sucess.

3. I did get those aggravating problem areas take care of, and that makes me happy.

Plans for today.

1. I have to get some sewing done, I mean I have to this is ridiculous.

2. I want to take down anything St Patrick, not that there was much and get the Easter things out.  Most of my decos come from my mom who was over the top.  But as I take down each holiday it gets boxed and taken to storage.  I feel like this is the last one that will go and then all deco things will be out of the house.    Putting things out that remind me of my mom , that were hers makes me happy.  She was childlike in her thrill at Easter, probably becasue she was a kindergarten teacher for over 40 years and never lost that joy.

I think if I get these things accomplished today it will be enough.  I also have to take a little to dance as it has not been cancelled yet.  Or maybe it has.  I had better check.

What are your plans for today?  How are you going to stay busy and get some things ooff yur punch list?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. We drive 70 miles to a PhD Nurse to solve a medical problem. It worked and I am happy. I am going to write a blog post tonight and make a list of things to do. These things have needed to be done and some require Tommy's help/cooperation. Tonight, we will have leftover spaghetti and salad I got yesterday.

  2. Your salad recipe sounds delicious Kim. Thanks for the laugh regarding your comment about how Sissie is driving to Sluggies if she runs out of wine!!! You are making great inroads into your list of things to do to your house.

    1. Well yesterday I did nothing and it was so much fun.r

  3. Well if Sissie does show up I can keep her in wine for about 3 days....then she's on her own. *snort*

  4. I am impressed once again. TheHub stopped at the store the other day to buy extra wine. Our state liquor stores closed today or are closing tomorrow. I wonder how long their lines were.

    1. NOw tings are getting really serious, if the liquor stores close.

  5. Thank you for the salad recipe! It sounds great and I will make it as soon as I am not housebound by Social Distancing and self-quarantining to stay safe and can get to the store.