Saturday, March 7, 2020

Saturday, Shopping

     We are going out today to get hubs a couple of new vests.  He wears the same Eddie Bauer vest every day over his clothes and it is disgusting.  But he loves and needs the pockets for all his treasures.  Don't ask me what they are I don't want to know.  He also needs new walking boots.  I am going to burn the old vest I swear.  I have already replaced the zipper twice and it has ink stains where an ink pen leaked in his pocket.  Also several small paint marks all over it, plus a myriad of grease stains that I cannot get out.  He can keep it for yard work. If I catch him wearing it for other things I will burn it.  He has a way of getting attached to things.

     I am also going to get some laundry done and maybe some ironing.  Boy is this day going to be exciting. Can't wait to report tomorrow on our finds.  What I really wish is that is was warm enough to work outside. Hubs just came downstairs to talk to me and he is in an old pair of logging pants that have seen way better days and his beloved vest.  Lord help me.

     I was able to sew a terrific amount yesterday and I feel like I am getting back into the swing of things.  Having the two months that are slow is great, and now it is time to recoup.  Even sewing most of the day did no good as more than enough work came into replace it.  I had two bridesmaid dresses come in and two sport coats to alter sleeves and neck.  This is a days work and then some. When this happens everyday I don't get to the larger projects like wedding dresses. Of course I am going to try and stay caught up, but I never have before.  It is always a try and catch up scenario.

     My back is so sore and pulls so bad when I sit at the computer, but gets better throughout the day as I move.  I just have to be very careful.

     I am not going to sew today, but I might find a project to work on, maybe get that faucet painted in the Master bath.  Or clean a cupboard or two.  Haven't decided just how ambitious I will be.  I was ambitious for the last 3 days and I need a break.

    What are you doing today?  Anything fun?  Any projects?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Sounds like your DH got his money out of his Eddie Bauer vest. That's what I like about that brand, the quality. I did my laundry today too and it's already folded and put away for the next week. Glad to have that done and out of the way, although I do enjoy doing laundry. I filled out two job applications and printed my resume and got them ready to go in the mailbox. Already made dinner, so I decided to sit back and relax before dinner time. I hope you have a good Saturday and get some relief from your back pain.

  2. My back does not get better during the day, just worse. Gravity is the enemy. I know what you mean about the shabby vest. Not only would I not allow it to be worn out of the house, I would also insist he wear it around the house instead of a new one. I think I would not paint that faucet until closer to sell time. Good luck with all the sewing you have to do. Are you still making/keeping the $1K charts?

    1. Yes I am, although they have been slower to fill as I am not saving as much money.

  3. What am I doing today? Sewing parts for quilts. 1 is a patriotic HST (half square triangle) top. The other is a scrappy HST top. So really, I am playing :-)

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