Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Wednesday, smelling through Idaho (not sailing, smelling)

So I was able to get almost all the tile work done yesterday in the Master bathroom.  I just have one wall that needs a second coat and then it is done.  It was painful work as I had to be very careful (something I am not) and It also was hard on my back, which is always screaming or at least if not screaming reminding me that it is there.  So I will finish this little bit today before I go into my shop which is a giant mess. I did not get to it yesterday. Although I had several customers in and out.

Please ignore the remodeling things and grand kids toys all stored in the tub right now. This is a great place to store paint rollers don't you think?

Here is the corner with the tile painted above the jacuzzi.  You can see that the bad crack that was up this wall is gone.  Now all I have to do is sand the gold fixtures and cover the area around and get Lil sis over to spray paint them.  The whole tub has to be lifted to change these out so we will spray them.  Yes you can do that there are several you tube videos on doing just that. But boy is that bathroom and bedroom in need of a deep scrub and clean.  I mean from the ceiling down.  One of my goals this month is to deep clean this bath and the master bedroom.  Every drawer and closet and nook and cranny.  I want it ready to show.

 Hub's and I  traveled through Idaho on Monday. Realize we went from the bottom half of the state all the way across and then followed the edge up to the pan handle.  It is about a 400 mile drive give or take.  175 miles on interstate and the rest on goat trails through the mountains. Driving out west is always fun.  As we have one interstate that runs each direction the rest is hit or miss.  Not like the populated areas in the eastern states.  Anyway I digress. I was dosing off and on as Hubs drove.  We split the drive up both ways, but I still dose when I am not driving.  I noticed I can tell where we are in the state even with my eyes closed.

When you leave Twin Falls all you smell is cows.  Yes that delicious aroma of cow manure wafting through the breeze.  There are large dairy and yogurt factories around Twin.

As you leave Twin you will soon come to the dessert and smell sage brush, it has a bitter spicy aroma, and it was tumble weed burning time so you add that along with burning sage and it is a much nicer smell than cow poop.

Now go another 50 miles and you will hit the Sugar beet factories in the Boise/Nampa area and they have a smell all there own.  Not a pleasant smell, but a sour pungent smell. There are several factories in that area.

Continue onto where you turn and start going up the edge of the state and you will hit the mint fields, which smell lovely and soon the onion fields and plants that smell strong of cooking onions   I happen to love the smell of onion.  Onion and mint mixed is a particular smell.

Now not far up the highway(goat trail ) you will start to smell the strong scent of cut pine boards, from the small mills around the state.  There is one about every 20 miles for a while.  The strongest is a cedar mill in Cambridge, which is actually just a mill.

Then we turn and really start across part of the huge Palouse prairie which is all wheat and soybeans, or legumes mixed with a little rape (rapeseed).  The winter wheat fields smell clean and fresh, but in the hot summer, before harvest it can smell like baked bread.  Finally when you drop to sea level and get in the Lewiston valley (which is actually a seaport) and you get the strong rotten egg smell of the Pulp mill.  Again not a great smell but here when people complain we just tell them it smells like money as it is our number one employer. Also you are home what could be better than that.

I can close my eyes and tell you with in 20 miles of anyplace we are in Idaho.  Do any of your states or area of living have smells either good or bad?

So there is my tour of Idaho through your nose.

Well I have so much to do today and I hope I get at least some of it done.

1. pay bills did not do this yesterday
2. organize shop
3. finish bathroom painting of tiles
4. sew at least 10 piles in the shop.
    a. Finish wedding dress, and mend couch cushion
    b. Hem p.j.s
    c. hem 2 pair work pants
    d. mend pockets in pants
    e. alter suit coat
    f. take in pant legs
    g. mend two shirts
    h. hem three pairs trousers
    i. alter 5 shirts
    j. hem two pairs of pants
5. take little to dance
6. make sausage potato soup for friend and take in
7. check on Sister Boyd and her husband

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


  1. When I ride in the car, because of my allergies, the air is recirculated and the ac or heat is on. So, I am quite sure a few whiffs are missed. However, manure trucks and chicken trucks are prevalent so I can smell those. Mowing on the roadside or in yards catch my attention as I smell them because my lungs and head react. Near the coast, I would be able to smell the salt air. Often there are trees and flower in bloom, but not in any one area. I cannot follow my travels with my nose.

  2. I could always tell when I entered Georgia during spring... the pine smell was strong

  3. Back when we had Orange groves surrounding us, the smell of the orange blossoms was a welcome aroma. The big freezes and construction have eliminated that pleasure.

  4. We've had warmish weather, so the smells are a mix of rotting debris now that is is sun exposed again, and resurfaced manure smells. I can't wait until the fields are turned again and then it just smells like soil.