Thursday, March 12, 2020

Thursday, ramblings

     Yesterday was interesting, not a lot got done in Kim land.  I did manage to get a little to dance and a meal into my friend and a very little sewing done.  Kind of a burn out day.  We had expected the littles, but they were home with their real grandma. So as I had not expected to get much done in the frame of things, and I really didn't.  That is my excuse.  However the important things did get done and that is what counts.

     Our pharmacy finally was able to get in the new second  series shingles shot which my doctor has been nagging me to get.  It comes in a two part series.  So last night hubs drug (pardon the pun) me to the pharmacy to get the first shot.  Of course it did not hurt, but on my way out my armpit started to throb.  Not really bad, but I thought that might be a sign of things to come.  Well it was hard to sleep all night as the arm was very sore and and it still is hard to use.  I woke with a monster headache.  Side affects of this thing are not fun and I get to go through this again in 2 to 6 months.  The pharmacist said to wait at least 6 months as the affects are worse when you repeat the injection at 2 months.  My only consolation is that I have seen many people with shingles and it is a horrible condition.  If you have not had the vaccine, run don't walk to get it.  Pay for it if you have to, you will thank me.

     Albertsons is running their Monopoly game again and of course I am playing.  I won a 5.00 gift card among other goodies, donuts,waffles, $2.00 off coupons, free mushrooms, pasta and canned goods.  Hey I will take free. It is worth the aggravation to me.  However, I had to fight like a banshee to get them to honor their $2.49 price on corned beef last night.  I think I was at the check stand for 15 minutes with a line behind me.  Embarrassing but I held my guns.  Don't advertise something  and then not honor it.

      Hubs vest I ordered off Amazon came in and he loves it, so I will order another in a different color.  I told him if I caught him wearing his old vest other than to paint or do yard work, I would throw it away.  He stuck his lip out like a two year old.  But he knows I am serious. Do any of you have a person who gloms onto an item of clothing and wears it continuously, that is not a 4 years old?

     Spring is busting out all over in this valley, but every weekend it is too cold to work in the yard.  This weekend it is supposed to snow.  My grandfather always said , "as the days get longer the cold gets stronger." Like it does not want to give up on winter.  I am waiting for warm to get out there and dig in the dirt.

     Anything exciting in your life right now?  Any signs of spring?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. exciting Er now.
    Spring--redbuds, Bradford pears, daffodils since Feb, now tulips, all sorts of things here in the South.
    When son was three, he had to wear thick yellow raincoat with yellow hat and boots when it was 80F degrees in May and no sign of rain. Thank goodness, he grew out of that.

    1. I'm surprised Hubs doesn't have a yellow raincoat.

  2. My late father was the same about clothing. Mom would toss things, and he would retrieve from the garbage!

  3. I have had shingles before Kim & you are right my friend ... it is NOT nice! So good on you for getting the vaccine. Yes I have a grown up person living in this house who behaves like a 4 year old regarding his clothing too!! I have to keep things that are even too bad for the rag basket!! So I know what you mean!

  4. Hi KIm!
    Still waiting on spring here in PA.
    I didn't get too much done today, I got sucked into watching the news.
    Have a good evening!

    1. Well with these flu like symptoms from the shot I didn't get much done either.

  5. Signs of Spring: My Amaryllis are blooming. Exciting: Oh, there may be some panic shopping going on with all this Corona Virus stuff. I get caught up.

  6. The geese have returned, buzzards will be next and then the hummingbirds.
    What vest did your Hubby get? My Hubby is going to vest and rain coat and he needs pockets to carry his stuff.
    My grandson's favorite saying is I am only his Nonna because I married Granddad... he taught ALL the grandkids that... actually I am his Nonna because his mother is mine. Even my late husband's daughter who I raised (not blood) kids call Hubby granddad.

  7. Yeah! Now I just need to see a big fat robin.

  8. We bought one at eddie Bauer 75% off with lots of pockets and then I ordered one on amazon prime, it is a Columbia.