Friday, March 6, 2020

Friday, Is this going to work?

Yes, me and the exercise ball, only I was not smiling, I was trying not to die, or fall off the table, or wet myself, or fa*t.Just keeping it real folks. So I am scheduled for three visits a week for the next three weeks.  Pulled muscles in my back.  Don't feel any relief today but hoping it will work.

I just did a bunch of exercises that did not make sense to me as they were easy and did not affect my back at all that I could tell.  What they did notice is that my hips are very flexible my back not so much. I have always been able to touch the floor with my hands when I bend over now I can hardly bend at all. But I can bring my legs over my head with ease. Dang back pain.

I just pray this works.  Today it is more sore than ever. But I will rally on folks, like I always do.

On a better front, Spring has hit the valley and flowers are starting to come up all over.  We have had 65 degree days here and it is lovely.  Of course tomorrow when the shop is closed we are going to have cold weather so I will not be out in the flower beds.  Drat!  There is a lot of yard work to do to get this house sale ready.

I was at Walmart the other day and they had so many plants out.  I wanted to buy them all.  I have spent so much time and money in this yard and now I am going to leave it to someone else and that makes me sad.  Years and Years of planting and arranging the beds, but I do feel the yard will sell the place.

I wanted to buy more proven bulbs to plant for next year and then I thought why?  You won't be here to enjoy them.  I have to keep reminding myself  just how much work these flower beds are, and that helps offset the sadness.  Although you all know I love yard work and I am happiest when I am covered in mud.

The shop was bombed yesterday and it looks like I have not made a dent in the work and actually I really haven't.  But today I am going to get in there and really try and do something.  I have two dresses that came in yesterday that I need to have ready for a fitting on Monday.  Also three wedding dresses that I have not even looked at since they came in and I don't think they will be looked at today, if I am honest with myself.  Just piles and piles.  So I will attack a few piles before I attack the dresses.  IT is just crazy in here and it is only March 6th!

See that table full of piles?  Oh it needs love my friends.

So today:
1. hem a pair of pants
2. take in dress and hem
3. steam dress
4.letter men jacket, patches on vest, hem chaps
5. hem 9 items in a pile
6. hem 4 pairs of jeans
7. hem 2 pairs of jeans
8. rip and cut one dress for fitting
9. hem a bridesmaid dress and straps

I think that is enough to try and tackle today.
I have no plans for the weekend, which is nice.  I will not be out in the yard that is for sure.  Maybe start cleaning the bedroom, or binge watch netflix?  Choices, choices.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. I hope the exercises help with your back issues. Sucks not to have mobility. I like yardwork too, keeps me grounded. No pun intended.
    A netflix binge is always good. Feel better!!

    1. Well I am sitting here and it is pulling a killing me. So I hope so too. Re watching the West Wing.

  2. You make me laugh about the exercise ball. I had a back issue when I was in high school. I had to do some things in physical therapy that thought were silly. As silly as they were it did help.

    1. Good to know as I am not yet feeling any relief.

  3. Keep up the therapy and have fun. I did physical therapy for an injured knee, complaining all the way. However, therapy was never going to help since it was a torn meniscus! Every time I have had to go into physical therapy, it has hurt so I wanted to cry. Now, I would pee in my pants, too.

    If you are not going to plant lots of flowers, maybe you could have pictures blown up of previous displays of flowers. You could supply a list of the flowers AFTER someone buys the place. It would be sad to plant knowing you would never see the flowers. Now, planting trees and leaving them would not hurt so much.

  4. I might go ahead and plant a few things as a gift to the new buyers, especially if were going to make me feel better to dig. Will you have room to garden after you move?

    1. We will make sure to have a space for a small garden and some flower beds. just not an acre of grass on 4 different steep slopes.

  5. I fell off the exercise ball when I tried to use it, I am not very co-ordinated at all so if you can stay on it you're doing well :) I hope you're back improves quickly.

    1. When I saw them rolling that thing toward me my inner soul said, "This is going to be bad...."

  6. I'm not getting on an exercise ball anytime soon, but I hope it works for you, Kim.

    1. I would just love to be able to move without pain.