Saturday, March 14, 2020

Saturday, Has life been cancelled?

Really is this what we are facing?  All out panic over toilet paper?  We did go to wal mart yesterday and yes it was busy but no more than usual for our small area where people come into shop. Yes the toilet paper aisle was pretty limited, but then again we make toilette paper here so that isn't a big issue.  We went to pick up an extra bag of chicken feed to have on hand.

Idaho has had it's first case and as I was predicting it is in the Boise area. So now we can have mass panic here... Still have not seen it.

Things I am worried about:

1. As they cancelled school in Washington where will parents place there children if they have to work?

2. What about the elderly that are stuck at home?  Will they get help?

3.  If we are quarantined will people get lonely?  How will they cope?

4.  Both my younger two daughters are pregnant, I worry about them.

5. My eldest is a prosecutor and the courthouse never closes. She is on 24 hour call and when things get bad she gets busier.

6.If I am quarantined will I want to kill Hubs after a day or two?

Real questions folks.

Now will I panic?  No.  Will I want to hurt someone in particular? Yes.  How will I cope with this?

1. pray
2. take long walks on the levy away from people 
3. clean my house (it needs it)
4. watch TV and netflix binge
5. read a stack of books I have waiting for me
6. sew, I have plenty to keep me busy
7. quilt, I have plenty of material
8. as I can, go visit shut ins.
9. make phone calls to people who are shut in.
10. work outside in my yard
11. get in the car and drive to one of my children's places if possible.
12. play games with your family or spouse
13. cook up something fun and unususal

Think about how people lived on farms years ago, often times only going to town once a month for supplies.  Most of us don't live so far away from others.  We can still converse with neighbors, we have plenty of ways to communicate via, phones, and the internet.

We will be okay, it will be interesting to see how we come out from under this crisis.

Let this bring out the best in us and not the worst.

I ran a fever of 99.6 all day yesterday and my arm was still really sore.  Had chills off and on  most of the day and I HATE the chills.  But today I just have a sore arm.  Still grateful for the vaccine.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are on the negative.



  1. I told myself I was going to clean up my office today. It's almost 3 in the afternoon, and I've managed to spend more time playing on my computer than I have cleaning :-)

    1. Yeah my ambition has been about as good as yours. Hang in there, I feel we will have a lot more time to really get things done.

  2. Hugs. I've been:
    Doing yoga
    Doing puzzles
    Going for walks (when it's not raining. We're in a drought, and I know i"m supposed to be grateful for the rain, but has to come when we can't be out in big crowds)?

    I should also be cleaning, but ... let's be real, here.

    Hope you feel better!

    1. Yeah that cleaning part.... just doesn't seem to be working yet does it? But as soon as the weather turns I can be outside and that makes me happy as a a clam. Are clams happy?

  3. Sure is crazy out there. Kids are on spring break in our state plus there is extra 1 -2 weeks of being closed. I guess parents that don't work - could help out those that do. Our courthouse has closed to the public now. Libraries closed as of today. It is insane.
    We are having TP apocalypse now - what the heck happens if war breaks out or grid goes down - people going just lose it.
    Social media helps people stay in touch and there is skype. I have plenty to do around here for sure.

    People just need to calm down and keep on truckin'.
    Stay safe.

    1. I do realize wee no longer have a sears catalog, but good grief toilet paper is not really that necessary. It is nice, it is convenient, it is sanitary, but most of us have sinks and soap with in feet of our toilets. We also have rags and cloths. Not that I want to do this. But we do wipe a babies bottom with a cloth at least my mother did and we washed them in hot water. I don't get it. We are not going back to the stone age.

  4. I know who you will kill and I know who I will kill. Everybody in Tommy's church is over 60 except for two people who for two people with cognitive challenges. It is crazy to go to church for all those people and Tommy and I.

  5. It is really insane, and when I see the pictures of empty aisles, it is a bit unnerving.

    1. I know, like trucks won't come in and fill the shelves. The grocers are all so happy about this.

  6. It's absolutely nuts. I like your plan for staying positive!

  7. I'd feel better with just one spare unopened TP package! Seriously, Im focused on my family, grief, and helping my work team navigate telework.

    1. Hey send you address to and I will set you up girl friend. Your bottom means a lot to me. Take care you have to be the strong one now.

  8. We have 15 confirmed cases in our community. I think there are a lot more. The governor has shut down schools and all gatherings of more than 100. Our courthouses are closed. The schools are using bus drivers to deliver food and supplies to the low-income so that the kids don't go hungry. Thankfully, my husband still has to go to work, so I won't have to kill him quite so quickly. Glad you got your shot. I had them last year and they were tough!!

    1. I love that your husband has to go to work so you can't kill him quite so quickly. Funny you are my friend, and also very truthful.

  9. That is a great list of ways to cope while we wait it out. :)

    1. Well we have to do something and I think we will all look back and say remember how much tie we had to do what we wanted? I wish I could have that back.

  10. JV court here is closed. Stores no longer open 24-7 so they can clean correctly and restock if they get anything to restock. Schools are closed... daycares will be closed sooner rather than later. Two major factories are almost out of parts (from China) and will be laying off. Gatherings over 10 are banned unless faith based in church, weddings and funerals. Movie Theaters, gym's wellness centers, libraries bars and dine in restaurants closed... restaurants and bars can do carry out or drive thru or like doordash etc.

    Voting postponed until June 2. Ohio is looking at what worked in Italy and what didn't work in China.