Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Wednesday, I am a stacker

My question for you today is.... wait for it.... Are you a stacker?  As in do you stack things in piles thinking you are going to take care of it later?  Does the stack get higher as the days wear on?  Do more things get left in an assorted jumble on every surface near you?  If so you are a stacker.  I am thinking of starting a group called stackers UNITE!  Or perhaps stackers anonymous.   A twelve step program might help.
 This is my desk, it still has bills to pay, (not the desk the owner)  I might be able to find the bills in the stacks.....  No I did not get them paid yesterday, but I did get a lot done.

     The family room where I spend so much time doing hand work and ripping garments is a testimony to my stacking abilities. Why put anything away when there is a flat surface in which you can rest said item.  Thread, needles, hats, jackets, stuff.  It is bad enough that we have sofa covers that do not stay put on our old furniture, but now add stacks......

 My heating pad is my best friend, as are the TV remotes.  I do watch netflix when I am doing handwork and ripping.  But I also leave all my tools and tags ripped off garments all over.  I just have a hard time being neat and tidy.  It is not in me for some reason.

Here is a perfect example, a purse that needs to go upstairs to the closet, two pairs of pants put there at Christmas (yes Christmas) that need to be shortened, but they belong to us, so....  The coat that I did manage to purchase a zipper for it yesterday is also in the stack.  But look, oh look, see the calendar that needs to go on a wall? (Christmas present). Also a myriad of bags and crap stacked for who knows how long.

Obviously I live this way so why is it bothering me now?  Well company is coming not that they would judge, heck I wouldn't judge someone as busy as I am, but it does wake me up to the fact that I am a stacker.  So today before I get into my shop I really do have to do something about my stack problem, if not for company for myself.

I have a sh*tload of work to get done in the shop and now I have to deal with the stacks.  It would be so much easier if I just cleaned up after myself, but where is the fun in that?  Sissie no comments, I mean it NO comments.

So my plan for the day is to remove as many stacks as I can, before getting my butt into the shop.  What? oh, why do I wait until I feel that I am under the gun to resolve this?  Like I said a twelve step program would help. Maybe?

So today here is my stacker list:

1. do not leave desk area until bills are paid and it is clean
2. remove crap from tables in family room
3. straighten furniture covers and fold blankets
4. vacuum up all the string and crap from sewing
5. put purse away
6. sew those two pairs of pants (it will take 5 minutes, I mean really?)
7. put coat with pink zipper in a today pile
8. clean off the mangler you slob (sometimes I get firm with myself and insults help)
9. Make the bed upstairs so it looks like I care. (I don't)
10. scrub toilet in masterbedroom
11. clean off clothes on bed and put away.
12. vacuum steps

After my destackering duties are done( they should only take about an hour) I have to get to work on my usual daily duties.  Which are:

1. make dinner for a friend (sweet potatoes,chicken fingers,broccoli, cream pie)
2. our dinner (left over stir fry)
3. alter two items already ripped
4. alter mens jacket already ripped
5. replace zipper in coat
6. hem grey pants
7. alter one wedding dress
8. start another wedding dress

Now I  just have wasted an hour, critiquing music, with Hubs and his buddy.  Take out that word, and that one and that one.  Change the break in the verses, leave it in the chorus.  You need an umchuck with a string base, no keep in the violin solo but jump back to the base between bridges. Yes this is my life.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.




  1. I have the same piles or stacks!

    1. You know we cold design stacks with junk and sell them as decor.... just sayin

  2. This is so typical of you... Girbelle now do one thing at a time and do not go play in the dirt as I am not flying out there to clean up the mess, which you will just ness up again! Hugs!

  3. oh I would sign up for that group! I have stacks all over the place

  4. I once read an article that said a person is either a "piler" or a "filer". I am definitely a piler. I know what's in my piles though ;) My teacher desk at school is usually only clear at the beginning and ending of the year.

  5. I want to sign up for that group. I have paths through what is suppose to be my sewing room.Sigh... The basement has one big pile also. I don't leave much laying around Charlotte would chew it up. Rascal and Wilbur wouldn't so much

    1. I sometimes have paths in the shop, my back door is definitely a path area.

  6. It seems you have changed your nomenclature from "stack" to "pile." Does that make you feel better? lol

    1. No piles are in the shop. Stacks are in the house.

  7. Having company in the house motivates me to clean it, too.

    1. Yes, I wish I could get that bug regularly without the adrenaline.

  8. I am horizontal surface challenged as well.....sigh

    1. Well why have surfaces? This is why the piano never has the lid down here. If it did....