Thursday, March 26, 2020

Thursday, Blog problems

     I am telling you Adsense is going to drive me crazy.   They had been issuing threats about monies going down for several weeks and I tried hard to fix the problems.  My revenue dropped way down to almost non existent. Not that I have this blog to make money, but if I am going to do it my frugal nature says go for it.

     Finally after spending several hours, several times I was able to get things turned back on and now my blog is inundated with too many advertisements.  So bare with me please.  I might have to fight like he!! to get this fixed.  Frustrations aside, how is everyone doing?

     I am sleeping late and just futzing at my own pace.  I turned down a 70 year old man that called and said he was in front of my house and had a flag he wanted fixed.  I told him no walk in business until this thing lets up.  He was understanding.  I am only allowing people to pick up what is already here and only by appointment.  They ring the bell and their things are waiting, I do not go out into the foyer when they come.  Then they leave their money or a check.  Don't laugh but hub's wipes off the doorknob with sanitary wipes and sprays the money and checks with lysol.  This is the new normal.  I will take military and police business as usual, but even they are great about dropping off by hanging things on the door so I have no contact with them.  I bill the police department so money is exchanged.

     My biggest worry is that even though this epidemic will wear itself out, it will not be truly over until there is a vaccine.  I might have to be isolated for a year with my immune system.  That will be hard for me.

     Hubs was at the doctor this morning, to have a small protruding blood vessel taken off his nose.  I started off as a tiny spot and was getting larger and larger.  Even thought he went to the skin doctor last week, they just burned off a pre cancer on his temple and said that he needed to go to another doctor to have it lazered.  They called him yesterday to come in and have it removed.  He also had a bite (spider) on his forearm, which he showed to the doctor so that was also treated.  He said the poor specialists have to stay open but they have no work and people are not showing up for appointments.  So even the medical community is suffering a down turn in business. I was happy to see this taken care of as every time he bumped it, it bled like crazy and I was constantly soaking pillow cases.

     All three of my girls are essential  and so are two of their spouses.  The eldest has to show up for court, although the courthouse is closed.  She says it smells so much better in the offices.  Her husband however is not as he is water law, so he is home.  She is jealous.  The second daughter  works in dentistry and although they are closed, they are open for emergencies and as she is an anesthetist for dental she can get called in her husband is a trooper so he is working 70 hour weeks.  Our youngest is in water/sewage treatment and that never goes away.  Her husband is a fisheries biologist and runs a huge fish lab at the University.  He has to keep the fish alive so he is still working.  I am blessed to not have to worry about them financially.

     I sewed yesterday and it was nice, I still have many things to get done on yesterdays list.  I did get some things done around the house.  I don't think it is going to be really nice outside for several days so that will keep me inside sewing.  I have enough to keep me busy.  We all do.

     So what are you guys doing to keep busy?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. lol...I have a list! Since my energy is so low, I get little done. I was not working, so this is more of the same except for feeling shut off from friends at the lunches.

    1. Yes drive up lunches not so much fun. but you guys could go to a park and sit 6 feet away from each other and have a picnic.

  2. Busy, and so are the girls. Free time though is weighing on my kids as they miss social activities.

    1. It has to be hard for kids and young adults, I am ready to scream and I am used to this.

  3. I've been having that issue with Adsense too. I thought I fixed it about a month ago and the notice went away but it is back now. UGH.