Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tuesday, Just move along please....

     I was crouched down by the sound  system at the dance studio last night and when I stood up there was a loud crack, and I hollered.  Scared my ballet mistress and my advanced students.  I need a hip replacement on my left side.  I keep ignoring this as it is not something I look forward to with great excitement.  So I limped around for a while and the pain went away.  Then I jumped up later in class to correct a step.  Yes jumped is the word.  I had a Charley Horse in my interior meniscus on my right knee.  It would not go away for the rest of class.  I sure my students were thinking funeral rights.

  My right knee was sore even in bed last night but this morning I am fine.  Dang getting old is hell I tell you.  I put zed around yesterday and did not get much sewing done so today I must work. It is rainy and cold outside so that temptation is out.

     I just finished up a Wedding dress this morning and the bride is coming at noon.  Then I have some curtains to fix and tons of alterations.

     I have been putting out feelers to replace the ballet mistress next year as she is leaving.  I just want my options open.  I have had at least 3 contacts now so I think that I will have less problems than I thought.  You never know until it is in the bag so to speak.

     We had a contractor come this morning to replace the window in the kitchen and the back doors and the big picture window in the dining room in preparation for a kitchen remodel.  We are taking it slow and paying as I go, but mom us tired of the kitchen that does not work and things falling on her head when she opens a cupboard.  If she wants this done let her do it!

     Slept better last night but not perfect.  Mom has a doctor appointment this afternoon and then my step sister is coming into town and will take her out to dinner so she is excited.  It is nice for mom to get out with people and not just me.  It also gives Mom something to look forward to.

Well I need to get to work.

Have a great and productive day!


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