Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tuesday: I'm a grandma again!

     It seems like forever since I posted.  And it has been forever.  I thought I would find time but it just wasn't there. Last you heard from me I was bit#$en about my life as usual.  Well it so happens that daughter's water broke at home at nine p.m. that very evening.  So they were on their way to the hospital.  Such excitement.   I was so tired from dealing with mom and sister, that Hubs drove youngest daughter up for the birth.  I don't do births.  Mine were all so long and awful that I get a wee bit mean and snarky with the help.  In other words I am not wanted.

     Well as per family DNA daughter labored for 27 hours and then had an emergency C-section.  Hubs had to return home to play in high school pit.  I was going postal.  Turned out baby had cord wrapped around neck 3 times and could not descend.  Poor little guy was born at 11:47 March 3rd which was my mom's birthday so that was nice.  He had a few problems, but is doing wonderful now.  So Happy I was not there.  I still do not understand why they did not do a C-section earlier. 

     He is the most beautiful baby ever, all soft and curled up with skin like a peach.  He loves his grandma because he told me so.  I drove up on Friday afternoon to help daughter learn to nurse the little bugger.  She took to it like a pro after a few days.  We stayed in Spokane until Tuesday and then drove over to the tri-cities.  I cleaned and repacked, and then cleaned and repacked and slogged boxes and unpacked and unpacked.  Then I organized and organized, and did baby laundry (you forget how much laundry they use) and cooked and cleaned.  There never seemed to be a spare minute.  How did I have kids and do this myself?  Hubs mom would come for a few days.  But the cleaning and cooking and laundry seemed to never end.

     I also did up a bunch of freezer meals.  I had to stop when the freezer was full.  Left Saturday afternoon and arrived home in time for the last show at the High School.  Mom and sis and Hubs had already been over to the tri-cities to see the baby.  We had a few minutes to visit on Sunday and then sis left last night while I was teaching.

     My shop is a zoo and I need to get the house back into order.  I feel right now like it is not mine.  Which is strange.  Maybe the length of the visit or my mind set, or all of mom's crap!

     The one really good thing about sis's visit is that we were really able to get through so much of mom's stuff.  I feel like maybe I can face the monster now.

     My advanced dancers are on top of their game and they are costumed for this weeks St. Patrick's Day tour.  I need to get shirts for my boys who are soooo cute.  I think I have enough car pool parents and now I just need to see my younger team members.  My little Celtic ones were costumed by my ballet mistress bless her heart.  So if the team has their act together and they should we will be ready.  I will be happy to have this over and out of the way so I can concentrate on Hansel and Gretel.

     There is always so much going on here.  Well the shop is full and I need to reclaim space and figure out what is for dinner.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Congratulations to everyone! Glad mommy and baby are well. And you are such a good grandma and mommy. Adopt me!

  2. Congratulations! Babies are so exciting!