Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wednesday, Spending money? Earning money....

     Yesterday was a whirlwind of sewing and crazy.  I thought I was catching up but if you look in the shop it does not look like I have done a thing.  Mom has dome most of the ironing.  I need to strip her bed and clean her bathroom really good today.

     The contractor we hired to replace the back door and windows in the kitchen and dining room will be back today.  So I had to empty a cupboard as we will lose it to put a bigger window over the sink. I have so little storage in my kitchen as it is and now I will have less.  It has to get worse before it gets better. I am going to move most of the cupboard downstairs today.  It is just so nice to finally get started.  Now I have to really work hard to pay for some of this.

     Mom is going to make cookies today.  I also have to get some dough made up for her.  I boiled
eggs for Easter.  The chickens are giving us 6-7 eggs a day now.  I have 4 colors.  White, blue, light brown and dark brown, but mom wants to dye eggs anyway.  So that is on the agenda sometime today.

     Hub's is griping about the kitchen.  Don't worry dear I won't expect you to do anything.  Hub's hates change and he will use any excuse to keep things as they are. Now it is Easter week and this is not a good time with company coming.  No time at this house is a good time dear.  We always have something going on.  We are always busy.

     Well the shop is calling and I need to get to work.

Have a great and productive day!


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  1. You are always MORE than busy my friend! We don't do Easter really. Not a holiday fan. My husband is resistant as well, but I make him work. He likes it - he just doesn't like overseeing it.