Thursday, March 31, 2016

Thursday, dragging butt....

     I am butt dragging today.  Don't know why?  Just really tired.  I did get to work in the yard yesterday for a couple of hours and it was lovely.  I also completed my sewing goals.  Class was a waste as I had 8 students missing due to different spring breaks than ours and a math competition.  Dang kids who are talented in dance are also smart!

     I should not say waste as it was class.  We just worked on new jumps and techniques.  This is fun for them and they usually go home and work on these as they are feats of skill and they love being able to show me they can do them.  Little dare devils.  I always tell them to work on them at recess.  They should also practise hard show steps under their desks until asked to stop.   Always try to get a few flying 1,2,3's in as you go down an empty hall at school or the store.  I am sure the faculty love me.

     My house is a complete wreck.  Every room is a mess and needs love.  I am still going to ignore it today at least.  I will just do the minimum.  Enough to keep ants from feeling at home. 

     Hub's and I are going to home depot for some bark for the front yard, then onto Wall-Mart to get his pass port picture taken. I need to renew my drivers license.  Won't do it today as I am a mess.  Well I am usually a mess, but a specially messy today.

  Miss my twin sister.  I think I am going through a phase right now.  Can't figure out what it is, I think I just need a break.  Too much at once for too long has got my brain over whelmed.  I start to feel cranky and under appreciated which is SO stupid.

     I know that tooling around garden supply stores will help me feel better.

Have a great and productive day!


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