Monday, March 28, 2016

Monday, Whirlwind weekend!

     Okay so I am still in my pj's and Hubs wants to know if I am going to get dressed today.  Smarty pants.  I am just coming up for air.  It was non stop from the time of my last post.  Mom and I were frantically working with a girlfriend Friday afternoon.  We made home made chicken salad, rolled out sugar cookies and dipped strawberries in chocolate.  Daughter went right to the studio to teach for me and the kids were so excited to see her.

    The girlfriend that was hosting daughter's shower came over and we compared menus.  They worked well together and she also brought us a large container of curried chicken, so I filled the rice cooker.  This was dinner for all of us and it was great!  I cleaned up the disaster of a kitchen and we spent the evening enjoying our Sweet William.

     Sis and I were up at nine so we could go and get our nails done and then get home and get ready for the shower.  So much to do.  I never got to the basement all weekend and it desperately needed to be cleaned.  Luckily no one went down there but family.

     The shower was a great success, everyone thought Will was the cutest and of course he is the best thing about the whole weekend.  Daughter and Will received many cute things and lots of diapers.  Youngest daughter came down from University to join her sister but actually to love over the baby.
I think she chapped his cheeks kissing him.

     Mom and I and B(youngest daughter) took off for a little shopping.  B needed a few things she could get cheaper here.  (see I have raised them right).  I also purchased her a new Easter dress and sweater.  Just like the good old days.  I went home and put together the Easter baskets then we all collapsed.

     Easter morning was running around cleaning and picking up after all of them just like old times.  I made home made orange rolls and rolls for dinner, also set up the table and pulled the silver and crystal.  Had one of the son in laws bring up the ham for mom to stick in the oven after we went to church.

     Although there are 3 full large bathrooms in this house everyone congregates to the master.  When I came in to finally dress I had both girls and the bay and the men all sitting around yacking and I kicked out the men as I thought if they saw me dress they would never be satisfied with another woman.  Just like old times I was down stairs pressing dress shirts and last minute items and hollering out the time.  "We have to leave in 20 minutes, we have to leave in 10 minutes. We cannot be late."  Hubs and I had to leave in the truck as our car was blocked in and waited until we actually saw the kids get into their cars.  We still don't trust them.

     The baby was blessed and it was beautiful, the girls were beautiful.  It was perfect.  Then rush home to set the table and get dinner on.  Mom had already peeled the potatoes and we made up the relish trays.  Our guests came, I delivered Easter baskets to their boys and youngest daughter and her other half hid eggs in the yard.  We had a delicious meal the Ham was the best ever.  Ate way too much. 

     Youngest daughter had brought down loads of laundry and actually did it all herself.  Daughter #2 actually put away everything and made the bed in the guest room before she left.  I think they are growing up.  Both said goodbye.  Great Grandma held Will for about two hours and they napped.

     Then I cleaned until about 9 p.m. and out away all the silver and crystal.  Then I collapsed.  It was a great weekend.

Hope yours was the same.  Family is everything.

Now I have to get to work and maybe get dressed?

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I'm so glad you had a great weekend! I have no idea what you look like but I loved your comment about the men not being satisfied with other women if they saw you dressing. lol!

  2. Sounds absolutely wonderful!