Thursday, March 24, 2016

Thursday, I'm the Birthday girl!

     Up and going this morning.  The contractors finished the new Kitchen window and it is great.  Twice as big and you can actually open it, what do you know?  The new door and picture window in the dining room will be replace in about 2 weeks. Then stage one will be done.  So much for that excitement.

     I sewed all day yesterday, until I was balmy.  Then I taught dance and Hubs and I went to Wally world to get mom an Easter Lilly and pick up a pack and play toddler bed for our new baby.  We need something at the house for him to sleep in and for the others that will follow. Yippee!

     I have a horrible alteration to complete today and then a little cleaning.  Must change the sheets on mom's bed and really clean her bathroom.  Isn't that a wonderful way to spend your Birthday?

     My best buddy and I snuck out last night after dance for an early birthday soda.  We laughed and bit$%ed, so much fun.  Women need women.

     I want to get all my alterations done today so I can spend tomorrow getting ready for the weekend.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Happy Birthday! You are right, we do need other women to have a little fun with!

  2. Happy Birthday! And you are right, women do need the company of other women. I would not be sane if not for my core group of friends who have seen me at my worst and best and are still my core friends!

  3. Happy Birthday!!!! I would probably clean the house on my birthday too...

  4. Coming our of lurking to wish you a Happy Birthday! I'm enjoying reading about your sewing and dancing work, hope you have a nice day.