Thursday, February 28, 2019

Thursday, finally paid my extra last day of month

     My #1 goal this year was to pay at least $1000.00 extra a month on the house and I was finally able to get the last of that $1000 done today.  I paid an extra $600.00 last Friday and $400.00 today.  It has been pulling hens teeth here to get anything paid or extra.  I was afraid that I would not get this done this month and I have been able to do this every month since last September.  If I do this I will be very close to paying off the house this year and it will take a little extra, as there are months where extra comes in.

     We are leaving for Twin Falls today and the weather is supposed to cooperate.  I am not feeling 100%, my sinuses are painful and I am a little sick to my stomach probably from drainage.

     Another wedding dress came in today and I will have to get it done next week as soon as I come home as it has to be out before I leave for Missoula. That is okay as I will need the cash.

     It is nice to have someone staying at the house as we won't have to get someone to watch the chickens or the cats.  The last few times we have gone cats have ended up locked in rooms so we have had torn up carpet, and a mess.  This is irritating when you are paying someone to come in. Having to come home to cleaning bedding and carpets and now having to replace a carpet.  It is not the cats fault, when they are locked up. We always had someone come and stay before and I am going to go back to that. Just less problems.

     To say I can't wait until March is an understatement.  Although I don't know if March is going to make a difference, but Spring cannot come soon enough for me.

     I am not especially proud of the month in many ways other than I got through it.  I seem to do better at financial goals than personal and health goals. Now why is that?  Is it my focus?  I can tell you that staying on top of my finances certainly makes me feel better physically and mentally.

     I will finally be able to pay all the bills for the month of February today, but that is okay they are paid. Anything that would have incurred a late charge is already paid.  So I am blessed.  Next month things will be different.

     There are two finches nesting in an old bird house made by my great Uncle.  It hangs on the front of the house and has been there for 20 years.  They were noisy this morning and so busy flying to and fro gathering things for the nest,  as we have over a foot and a 1/2 of snow I have no idea where they are getting their materials, but this is a sure sign that spring is coming and that life is going on with joy and excitement.  We can learn a lot from birds.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are n the negative.



  1. You should sure be proud of your financial accomplishments.
    I love seeing those little signs of spring!
    Safe travels and feel better.

  2. I know wedding season is coming up so $$$ I hope!
    You have inspired me to start the penny challenge and also saving the fives. Finally this week I got another 5 in change so it went into the five envelope.

  3. Enjoy your travels and you have done well in the finances