Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Wednesday, Happy Birthday to my eldest

     Lots of birthdays and Holidays in February for our family.  Today is my eldest daughters birthday and on the 15th it will be my eldest grandsons birthday.  We will be going to see them at the end of February, I can hardly wait to see my daughter and the boys.  Well that goes for son-in-law and his mom also, they are such a happy family.

     We have the littles today so things are a bit chaotic.  I have  so much to do in the shop but will work on things this evening, after the littles leave.  I also have to run to the studio for an hour at 4. Then home to cook dinner and sew.

     Here are pictures of the blankets I have been working on the last few months.
 Here are four quilts that mom and I had the makings.  We found the care bears cut outs at a second hand store.  We also picked up all the batting at second hand stores. If we found good binding or trim or, cut outs for quilts we always bought it. As there are six new baby girls coming in our church I used up part of moms stash.  I  did a three dimensional stuffing on the bear and then tied the quilts.

This quilt was part of a bunny set we found for .69 cents
 This was supposed to be a wall hanging but I made it into a quilt.
 mom and I were constantly making double flannel blankets.  These will last for years.  I still have blankets that were my eldest daughters and they are 38 years old.
 More double flannel quilts.
 Here is a nice bright one. mom loved the bright colors at the end as she could see them better.
We also made a ton of burp cloths.  I always buy any scrap flannel at the second hand shops.  So these were all taken to the church to make up baskets for the new moms.  I am glad this project is out of the shop so I can concentrate on my rugs.

 I have to mend a rug I made and complete another and then keep working on my plastic bread bag rugs. I like something to do if I watch TV.

Have a great and productive staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. I absolutely adore the care bear quilts. So cute. The babies who will be receiving these are so blessed to have you in their family's lives. :)

    1. Thanks, I was surprised when we found them as they were popular when my 38 year old was about 4.