Monday, February 18, 2019

Monday, Just do It, do it now....

     I seem to be in a funk and when I get like this I can be really lazy and non functioning.  Although I have plenty to do.  I would like to blame it on the weather, or maybe our inability to get out of town.  I think it is just feeling sorry for myself, which is dumb, because I have so much, in fact I woke today with another bad cold.  Yeah! Something to be grateful for.  I have lungs that work to cough with.

     In the mean time, I need to kick my own butt and try and accomplish something. Which I will as I have a jacket due out this afternoon and others coming in and I swear I will get this wedding dress I have been working on done.  I have been dragging my feet like a spoiled brat.  I am good at that.

    Sam, Coffee, Money and Thyme has inspired me to get my butt in gear.  She has been down with the crud for a few weeks and is going to spend the morning speed cleaning. I can do it if she can do it, I will call it speed crawling.

     How ever, I did manage to really clean my kitchen last night and scrub the heck out of the oven which badly needed it.  then I ran out of oomph. I did pull all of the St Patties linens and will get those out today maybe.

     What I want to get done today.  Want is a big word here.

1. start laundry and clean up laundry room
2. sweep and dust dining room
3. water plants, and put away Valentines things exchange with St. Patty's
4. change sheet and remake bed in downstairs bedroom
5. call and check on brother
6. sew, sew, sew I mean it!
7. get hubs to sweep and mop kitchen floor
8. really clean upstairs spare bath

     See the list, see Kim re read the list, see Kim, justify sitting in front of the TV.  She has a cold.

Monday's money saving madness  Feb. 10th - 16th, 2019

1. Ate all meals but one at home, tacos from Jack in the box a whopping 4.00 and some change
2. used meats and things from pantry and freezers
3. stayed under out $50.00 grocery budget for the week
4. Picked up valentine candy 75% for baking and gifts later  (okay I ate some )  Gee whiz you guys
5. Used my clothesline to dry heavy items and hand wash only sweaters.
6. reused plastic containers saved from cottage cheese and the like.
7. Used a visa gift card I had earned to buy a few gifts
8. Used coupons for things purchased at Joanns.
9. took 6 blankets and quilts to church for gift baskets. Homemade with many things from thrift stores.
10. picked up a few more gifts at Walgreens and Macy's for 80% off.
11. continued to save change in my pig bank,and all my $5.00 bills.
12. Had two large pine trees cut down in the back yard, by a company that was just looking for enough money to keep the men working.  So what would have normally cost us over $1000.00 cost $400.00. Not that I needed the expense this month
13. Finally used up some makeup things that have been laying around.
14. cut my makeup remover pads in 1/2
15. researched dog food prices at all stores in town to find the cheapest price for the month

     What did you do to save money this week?  What are you going to get done today?  Am I going to get up from this chair?  Am I going to get anything done?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. I'm completely healthy, but I can't get motivated either!

  2. You aren't alone Kim! So many bloggers are posting about the February Funk! I can't seem to get very motivated either lately...and I'm not sick!

    1. Well I am getting sicker, but I still managed to get a few things done.

  3. I am in a funk too. It is raining here___again. I feel fine but it's raining and I had rather binge watch something. But I need to run to the store for Mother and do her breathing treatment, and I don't want to because it is raining___hard!

    1. Well put on your swim suit and get over there, you know she is waiting.