Monday, February 11, 2019

Monday, Completed a chart and saving!

     Well I did complete another savings chart on Friday so I am onto chart #3.  It is slow going in the shop, but great with the grocery savings I am having. Sticking to this strict grocery budget of $50.00 a week has really added to the bottom line. Although I can see that our freezers are finally starting to go down as far as meat is concerned.  I invited a large family to come over on the 24th of this month to use up a ham I have in the freezer. 

     Today I have to take a meal over to a family that had a baby last week.  It was her 5th and she did not make it to the hospital. The baby came too fast.  Anyway I will make up  a bag of frozen Swedish meatballs, and some mashed potatoes and some kind of vegetable.  I did make drop valentine cookies this weekend.  I used my grandmother's Swedish sour cream sugar cookie recipe.  This can be rolled or dropped and I was lazy so I dropped them and made pink butter cream icing and then put decos, on that I had picked up for .25cents after Valentines day last year. I will take a plate of these for dessert.  Done!  This is my last pre made meal in the freezer and I have no more cakes or breads, so after I get the freezers cleaned out I will need to get busy and make some things.

Money saving madness  February3- 9 2019

1. Ate all meals from home except the one and then we used a gift card.
2. Stuck to the $50.00 a week grocery budget. I have a carry over of $13.00 to add to this weeks $50.00
3. Only used the dishwasher twice this week as we only ran it with a full load.
4. Received a coupon for 5 cans of moist dog food free.  Pup has been enjoying this.
5. Used cottage cheese containers to freeze left overs avoiding buying any more plastic.
6. Used coupons at Joanns for items needed for shop.
7.  Reused left over lace from an old wedding dress to fix a new one.
8 .Dried heavy items on clothesline and touched up in dryer to save energy
9. picked up a package of sewing odds and ends at goodwill .  I needed the green quilt binding and got several other things with it.  Package was 2.50.  The binding alone would have been over $4.00 so a big save.
10. Picked up a bag of quilt batting at a second hand store enough to complete two baby quilts saved over $7.00
11. Took 35 more items to the thrift store out of the linen closet.  Less is more.
12. Mailed off packages of gifts for Valentines day.  All things were purchased at 80-90% off after last years sales.  Making sending these little gifts (all things that could be used and enjoyed) very reasonable.
13. found .26 cents for my pig bank added change to the bank over the week
14. continued to save any $5.00 bills that came my way  I have over $200.00 already!

What did you do this week to save money?

     Today is Franka's birthday and my Aunt Annes  84 birthday.  Auntie called to say she received her check and she is grateful.  Franka would be 34 today.  She was  the most beautiful of my babies, so she had to go and be an angel.

     It snowed here this weekend.  It snowed a great deal for our area, but then we can handle a little of this white stuff, after all it is winter.  Hubs will be busy today with the snowblower or shoveling.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are int he negative.



  1. Impressed with your savings! At the first of the year I decided to follow your lead and save all my 5's. I have paid for things with 20's thinking I would get some 5's to add to my stash of only 3 since the first week of January. I have been counted back 12 ones, 9 ones and 7 ones on 3 different transactions. What the heck? At this rate I will have maybe 30 dollars in my 5 envelope at the end of the year.

    1. For some reason all I am getting is 5's, which can also be a problem. I constantly have to go get more money.

  2. I am also following your lead with saving $5 bills. I think I have aboit $75 saved so far. Not too shabby in my opinion.

    Happy birthday to your Angel Franka in Heaven and to your aunt!

    1. Thank you Rachel. My eldest sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers. What are you saving your 5's for Christmas?

  3. Kim, sometime you should read your old posts. You seemed so much less happy and forgiving of life and yourself, especially! I love reading your posts now.

    I don't know what, how or who changed, but your attitude is absolutely mind boggling. It is helping me learn to be kinder to myself, and that in turn seems to automatically have the effect of making me more compassionate toward my loved one. Thank you for sharing so honestly and letting someone who shares some parts of your story, celebrate your decision to be a light in the world.

  4. I think getting rid of the stress of the studio really helped. Also seeing that I could control myself and get out of debt has helped. The constant worry is gone. Also mother passing as much as I loved her she was so very negative and that was hard. I was raised by talented funny but very selfish negative people. Things learned in childhood are hard to overcome.

    1. I had a lot of those experiences with my family, too. I am just so happy that you able to be happy where you are now.
      I should have said in my first comment, that you are my favorite blog because we enjoy and do a lot of the same things, and you are always up to something!

  5. Replies
    1. Every time I have extra money from a category, like groceries or gas or I have less spent in the budget on something I get to take that money and mark off so many squares. Also what ever is earned in the shop is added in, but the majority comes from savings.