Saturday, February 9, 2019

Saturday, road trip cancelled due to weather.

     Well a winter storm hit across the area we had to travel and we cancelled our trip to help bro.  I was disappointed but he understood.  I gave him more ideas on what to do to help himself.  I just called him this morning and he said he already had 6 large 30 gallon trash bags ready to go out to the dumpster and as he was in his back lean to he saw 6 milk crates of dvds and movies he has not watched in 5 years they will go to so he is getting it and making progress I think. We will see when we get there. He has two good storage areas in is house if they are ready to be utilized.

     It is actually beautiful here in the banana belt of Idaho.  We have sunshine today and 43 degrees.  So I will take another load of 35 items to good will, mail the two packages I have been talking about. Then I am going to get my nails done and go do a little grocery shopping.  We need cereal and yogurt.  I might bake some cookies today with a valentine theme, I will see how much energy I have this afternoon.

     Speaking of dirty houses I could do all the floors and really de spider the upstairs of my own house today as I am not going to bros.

     Last night hubs and I and Lil sis went out to dinner at red lobster, we used a gift card.  Lil sis made the comment that we usually don't eat out at places like this but then she found out about the gift card.  See people know we are frugal.

     Hubs has one more missionary apartment to visit and that is off our plate for the quarter.

That wedding dress that has been haunting me is finally gone.  It was picked up yesterday and the bride was thrilled. I also had a try on of a bridal dress yesterday and it fir now so I just have to hem it and make straps.  That should go out next week.  Things are looking up.

Well I am off to get me some fun and find something to do on this Saturday.

  Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. It sounds like in the long run, it was good for your brother that you couldn't get there to literally clean his mess. The cancelled trip was still a catalyst for some action by your brother. that's something positive!

    1. I talked to him yesterday morning where they were still i nblizzard conditions and he said that he and his wife had binge watched Marie condo and they already had 6 large garbage bags full and ready to toss let alone give to goodwill so they are moving and seem to be excited about it.