Thursday, February 21, 2019

Thursday, Meat stock up, finally

     Well before I get started on my tirade today, stop,  run and put .52 cents into your penny bank, those of you who are joining in the pennies a day challenge. Okay ? Done?  I feel so much more empowered now, thanks to Cheryl.

     By the way Sluggy needs to die a slow and tortured death, but I have not figured out how to get
 away with it yet.  Working on my diabolical skills as I type.  Watch your back girl that is all I can say.....

     Okay, I need a swift kick in the butt, (don't I always?).  There is just so much to do here and I don't want to do any of it.  The littles come tomorrow which means nothing will get done.  Plenty will get undone. So as we creep closer and closer to the weekend the things that have to be done are looming large and I still have managed to get as little done as possible.  I mean forget the shop, I am talking the house and other things or obligations I have on my plate.  I guess the fact that this cold is getting more and more miserable everyday could be an excuse, but I keep telling myself to just ride it out and beat it.  No fever or chills so it is just a virus. Or I can blame it on the weather that is sucking the life out of everyone.  Complain, moan, gripe..... feel free to press that mouse at any moment and get out of this misery:)

     Yesterday, in my out and about, I stopped at Albertsons, in the morning and was surprised to find some really good marked down grass fed beef (2 packages) and 6 packages of different steaks.  All was under $2 a pound so I bought it all.  Then onto A& B and found pork ribs and beef all packages $1.76 each.  So I bought it all.  I had gone into A&B because they had ground chuck for $2.99 a pound which is very, very good.  Not ground beef but ground chuck. So I wanted to pick up a few pounds.  I am over my grocery budget for the week by $30.00, but I am okay with that.

     Hubs helped me burst the packages and we sealed all of it with my vacuum sealer.  Now the freezer is stocked with meats.  I need to find a good sale on cheeses and I am sure one will come around soon.

     So before next Monday these are the things I need to do:

1. Make a ham dinner with the fixin's for a family of 7 and us.  What for dessert?
2. clean the church on Saturday morning 9 a.m.
3. prepare a lesson for church as it is my week to teach
4. make a treat for choir practice after church, scones?cookies?
5. get 6 black circle skirts made for high school, they sent me measurements a few weeks ago, in my email someplace.  They open next week and dress starts on Monday.  So maybe I should look into this instead of looking at the bag of material on my floor.
6. How about clean the house you dirty slob you have company coming?
7. you still have 2 zippers, a bridesmaids dress, 3 shirts to alter, and 10 curtain panels to hem and press in the shop.....hmmmm.....

     Now the nice thing about the above list is that nothing has to be done until well Saturday morning, when I will nee to show up at the church ready to clean, but if I wait until after I clean to attack the above list my world will be quite chaotic and stressful, so I probably should get busy on the house the sewing and maybe look up the lesson like today.   Yes today would be good.

     How do you motivate yourself when you are blah?  Come on someone has to have an answer....
Please?  I am saying please.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Anyway...the way I motivate when I am feeling blah is to give myself very short term goals with rewards. So, say I need to clean the house. I will say something like "You will get the bathrooms wiped down by 10 a.m., then you've earned a break." I also give myself a stop time--no answering phone calls, no taking requests or answering questions housework, homework help...ANYTHING after a certain time in the day. I warn kids when they get home that if they need anything, they better have the request in within the hour, because as of 8 p.m., I am officially off duty, no matter what. Knowing there's a light at the end of the tunnel is helpful.

    1. Good ideas, my tunnel is very long. But I have deep cleaned the laundry room and the downstairs hall, including taking down curtains and washing walls. Still have to get curtains washed and pressed. Also started on master bedroom, took down curtains and changed sheets, waiting for a blanket to dry. taking a break right now. Thanks.

  2. Well crap! I had a somewhat witty retort but I lost it and am not going to try and replicate it because I am lazy like that
    Shuffle through the sniffles and do what you can. But buy some Chips ahoy for choir practice. Maybe they will be disgusted and never ask you to bring snacks again!

    1. I really despise chips ahoy.... but it is an idea...

  3. What can I say?.....I AM a horse's ass!
    Yay for cheap steak!!!

  4. thats a good deal on the meat! I am not great at motivation when I feel blah, I tend to veg out in front of the TV and crotchet when I can't get going.