Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Tuesday,March onward, record cold here, monthly recap

     We had a wonderful time with our grandsons.  It was so fun to see our daughter and her family.  mom and dad seemed to enjoy the trip.  Especially mom as dad sinks farther and farther into dementia.  We really enjoyed our grandsons, but they are growing up way too fast.The sun shown and temps were in the high 40's or low 50's.  There was no snow on the ground.  We came back to and arctic blast of 11 degrees last night and plenty of snow still on the ground, although the sun is shining like crazy, so I will take that.

     I have a wedding dress that must be completed today, (it needs a corset back) and a few things to get done in the shop.  There is a wedding dress soaking in biz and it will stay there for a few days, but I think I will have to replace the lace at the bottom as the dress was not cleaned 30  years ago and I am afraid the stains have set.  It has only been soaking over night and I have seen biz do wonders in 4 days so I will give it time.  I do have enough old lace to replace what is damaged on the dress.  Another dress is coming in tomorrow.

     This is the weekend I have set aside to go and help my brother and I am hoping to leave Thursday, but it may be Friday.  I still have no idea what I am in for, and the closer it gets to the day we leave the more nervous I feel.  I think there will be more to do there than I can get done in a few days, but all I can do is wait and see.  If another trip is needed that can be done some time in April.

     So how well did Kim do in February with her goals with her goals?

 Financial goals
1. Add all spare change to pig bank. Done although it is a little less as I added anew savings goal that is taking some of my change. So Win
2. Save all $5 dollar bills.  I am up to $345 by the end of February. Win
3. Stay at $50.00 a week grocery budget. Went over $30.00 to stock up on meat, but I still call this a big Win
4. Pay an extra $1000.00 on house principle Win Almost thought this was not going to happen.
5.  try and complete another savings chart Win
6. Save a penny for each day of the year.  Today it is day .64 so I will find .64 cents to throw in my bank Win

1. keep diet coke consumption to one a day.  Win
2. try and eat low carb 20 days so Fail
3. 10,000 steps a day only 2 days the whole month big FAIL
4. exercise  keep my heart rate up for one hour several times a week FAIL not one day

1. have more fun take it easy Win mostly due to my lazy depression and the weather
2. read and study more fail too lazy
3. practice piano Fail need to get on this
4. work on craft projects Win got 6 blankets and quilts out of the shop.

I had additional monthly goals of paying accountant $320.00
Paying auntie $500
Also additional unplanned expense of computer virus updates $90
sewing machine repair $160.00
tree removal $400

It was a tough month.  It was tough on the financial front with too much outgo and not enough incoming.  Also cold and very very snowy, as I had planned on an early spring I was sorely disappointed. I had planned on getting out in the yard and walking.  All a fail, which made me feel like a slob.  I need to get motivated and I find it funny that I can stomp all my financial goals and even add to them but everything else is mostly a bust.

In the end I am just grateful to get through February.

See new goals for March on the side bar.

Did any of you feel like you February was an over all win or a fail?

I am off to find .64 cents.
Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. I think February was pretty good for me.

  2. I think it was good for you also, actually not bad for me, just my rotten attitude.:),

  3. I did pretty well in Feb financially but not much else - just too tired! hope the visit with your brother goes well.

    1. I think everyone was too tired, this weather has really gotten to many more people than usual. I'm starting to worry about my visit but we are ready to face the music.