Monday, June 24, 2019

Monday, Home from the lake

     We had such a nice time, even though it was never truly warm.  Hubs was able to fish with Schmills and Schmills caught two fish.  It was so cute.  This bright red haired little boy makes friends with everyone and is a joy to be around.  (Most of the time)

     I planned very simple meals to keep myself from over working.  Hubs and I were able to do a ride around the lake on our bikes and boy is that work.  I actually think it is more work than walking the lake.  It takes about 20 minutes to ride the round as apposed to 1.5 hours to walk it.  But I still felt that I worked harder riding the bike because of all the hills. 

     I read a couple of novels, and took naps and slept late.  It was lovely.  Wish we could have spent at least one more day.  The second day daughter and I rented a paddle boat and we spent an hour paddling out across the lake. It was fun and then later that evening we walked the lake, which is at least5 miles around.  I over did it on my right hip and had a hard time sleeping due to pain.  On the car ride home I had to take meds in order to sit.  It does not hurt  to walk, but to sit or sleep.  Weird?

    Hubs had a rehearsal last night with his quartet group and they have a wedding to play for this next weekend.  I have a ton of laundry to do and I hope to get hubs to help me clean up all the wood and scraps around the deck and chicken coop. I do have work to do in the shop but nothing pressing today.

     I am happy to say that the garden is starting to really produce. We will have green beans and zucchini and yellow squash and Armenian cucumbers for dinner tonight.  Also peppers and  eggplant should be ready by the end of the week.

     I need to re weed the garden and the flowers beds, it is crazy how fast the weeds grow.  I keep thinking if I keep weeding pretty soon there will be no weeds left, but that is not the case. They just sprout and head for the sun.

     So Hubs and I will spend some time in the yard today and I will run back and forth to the shop as needed.  I also will clean and organize the shop for the week.

     Do you have any plans for the week?  Other than to enjoy the summer?  Sorry about those of you that are having constant rain and flooding.  I feel for you.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, June 20, 2019

Friday,In mother's memory

     Yesterday was a whirlwind of doing.  I actually worked myself into a really bad headache.  Not sure where it came from but it was a doozy.  One of those that leaves you kind of weak and fuzzy in the morning.  So here I am trying to put my mind around packing for the lake and it is cold outside.  So that means double packing. Ugh!

     We have so looked forward to this and it has been so warm and nice and finally we get to go enjoy and it turns out cold and nasty.  I can only hope that 250 miles north the weather will change.  But I will pack a few games and an umbrella.  We can walk in the rain and play cards and things.

     The littles were fun yesterday.  They are so cute and funny, but they keep us hopping.  We played out in the backyard in the small wading pool until they got cold an then inside to wrap up in blankets and read a story.  Both went down for good naps.

     Lil sis had a heck of a day at work yesterday, and did not get home until after 7.  I had to  make dinner for hubs and myself along with getting dinner over to my friend.  She was arriving home at a little after 8.  So Lil sis and I just sat on her deck and talked and laughed about moms antics, we went out a got a soda and just spent time together.  It was nice.

     Trying to get dinner made was sketchy, I had a package of stew meat and I just mixed flour,salt,pepper in a bowl, covered all the meat with this mixture then, then fried all in a little oil, drained and served with steak sauce.  Our garden is also producing beans.  I discovered this last night and we will have a bumper crop.  So picked beans and made Asian style fried beans.  Picked a large salad from the garden. I love this time of year, because from now on dinner will be whatever I pick from the garden and some kind of protein.

     I took a plate of steak bites, ad green beans to my friends along with the shrimp salad and cake.
I knew her dad was hard to please as he wants a full course meal.  You know a meat,potatoes,veggie and dessert.  This is one of the hard things about caring for people with Dementia.  She is so busy trying to work herself and care for these two crotchety old people.  I remember with mom the hardest part of my day was dinner time.  I was busy and Hubs would understand and not complain about a hot dish or just veggies from the garden with rice.  But mom wanted a full spread every night.  It was grueling.

     So when I took dinner over I explained to my Friend that the shrimp salad and cake would have been a meal for us with a garden salad and she agreed.  But her dad would want meat and a veggie so I had this nice little plate of green beans and meat tid bits.  She had actually told a story on Face book about him refusing to eat a sandwich for dinner one evening when she was running late and had given lessons all day along with dealing with her folks.  So she cut the sandwich into small pieces divided into portions  and gave him a fork and he ate it like a meal.

     So in memory of my mother and to help this darling woman who has so much on her plate, I am going to take a meal into her once a week for the foreseeable future. I love to cook and it is nothing to cook extra.  If she can just have  one night off to not worry about this it will help.  Even if I get super busy, I can send a pizza, which her son will love.  She does so much volunteer work for the theater and I know this will be a big help to her.  Her mother and my mother suffer from the same kind of dementia.  This woman is a saint I tell you.  Her mother and my mother were good friends. It will be a way to serve that I actually will enjoy.

     So I had better get packing we want to leave around  11:00
Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Wednesday, In remembrance

     Today is the anniversary of moms death.  It is a bittersweet memory. I miss her so much sometimes.  I just want to talk to her.  I want to talk to the old mom who could give advice.  I want the old mom who made us laugh so hard.  It is hard to believe she has been gone a year.  Lil sis and I will go do something tonight, maybe go out and get something to eat and just have a memory evening.  Wish Sis were here to join us.

     I was able to get my quota of sewing done yesterday, and I still have a couple of things I need to finish tonight.  D#2 wants us up in Spokane early in the afternoon on Thursday so we will be leaving here about noon tomorrow.  I have planning and packing to do this evening.  Or I guess I could do it tomorrow morning.  We will see where my time goes today.

     Yesterday I was up early so I spent a better part of the morning going to second hand shops looking for silver.  I was able to get two more table done and only have two more to go.  I will try and look in Spokane if I have time.

     I made a double shrimp salad yesterday so Hub's could take 1/2  to a funeral of one of his buddies that died from cancer.  I cannot go as I have the littles today.  I am sending the other 1/2 to a friend of mine who is caring for her two parents that have different kinds of Alzheimers.  I also whipped up a couple of almond cakes.  One to take with us to the lake and the other for this friend.  I might make a pan of corn bread to go with the salad latter today.  She posts on facebook about becoming more and more isolated from the world as her parents get more difficult to manage.  It is my legacy to my mother to try and help her as I have been there, but I only had one not two to deal with.  The stories she tells make me laugh and cry.

     Yesterday I went to the grocer for a few things we needed.  You all know I have been trying to live off all the food we accumulated when mother was alive.  I went to make these two almond cakes and I used the last of my flour to fill the flour bucket.  I don't ever remember a time that I did not have flour in storage.  We also had two small 4 lb bags of very hard sugar left.  I did not stock up at Christmas as we had so much.  Mom loved to grocery shop and that was one thing I could do with her the last year that made her happy.  I could not believe  I was to that point at exactly a year after her death.

     Hubs and I went to the store and bought 50lbs of flour and 50 pounds of sugar.  I also stocked up on margarine for baking.  Several of mom's Swedish recipe's specifically call for margarine.  It drives me crazy to start to bake something and I never have any margarine.

     In between sewing, watering, thrift shopping, I also completed my wheelbarrow project for the back yard.

     I just wanted some color in this bare spot in the landscaping.  I had an old wheelbarrow years ago I did this with and it finally bit the dust so we will see how long this one lasts.

     Well I have to go plan a menu for the lake and  make a packing list.

     The kids will be picked up later than causal today as the dad is out of town.  I then have to run dinner into my friend and I think Hub's made a couple of missionary apartments this evening.  Plus I have to remember to get at least one bridesmaid dress done and call another to change the pickup time for tomorrow.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Tuesday, Let's stay motivated

     Some days I just have a hard time getting anything done.  I know I work better under pressure, but why put myself through that?  Yesterday was a perfect example of me pooping around.  I got into the shop and actually altered and hemmed a bridesmaid dress and then cut the bottoms off of two others and got them serged.  For some reason I just could not get my act together and by 2:30 found myself napping. 

     I did not have to cook dinner as we are still eating off the taco bar, so I visited my Lil sis to see how she was doing and then ran to Penneys to exchange a groomsman outfit that was the wrong size.  I am trying to do something for the wedding everyday even if it is just getting one small thing done.

     Finally when I got home from my evening errands I hemmed the two dresses and altered another and then another.  So I did get the four items done on my list for the day just did them at 8 o'clock at night.  I guess it should not matter when I work as long as it gets done.

     Today I need to alter a wedding dress and it is not a hard alteration, and I have two suit coats that need to be tailored and a couple of pairs of pants.  As I did no cleaning yesterday I will try to fit some of that in also.  Well I did get some laundry done but it is not folded and in a basket. What is wrong with me, I find myself just staring off into space thinking about things, planning and dreaming and not doing.

     I just have to get some things done today as tomorrow will be a bust.  Stay tuned and see if Kim can actually get something done.......

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, June 17, 2019

Monday, Kim plans, then she naps:)

     Yes, I was full of plans for yesterday and then I just napped.  Did I get my planting done? No.  Did I get the wheelbarrow painted? NO.  Did I take my long walk? NO. Did I take a long nap?  YES!

     Then D#3 came down and we put together a nice meal for Hub's. We pooped around, talked wedding plans, tried on her dress again.  Hubs went to orchestra and I vegged out in front of the TV.  It was a great lazy day.

     Hubs is having a heck of a time with is feet.  He has very flat fallen arches and he is in pain.  I am not quite sure what to do for him.  His feet have been the bane of our existence for years.  I am hoping new arch supports will help.

     There is a lot to do here, with cleaning, inside and out, and sewing that needs to be done.  As we will leave for the lake Thursday evening I have to get all the sewing for the week done by Thursday and we will have the littles Wednesday.  Their regular babysitter is out of town.  So I must plan my week carefully and get my act together.

     As you all know getting my act together is not one of my best traits.

     Hubs replaced another set of boards on the deck and I really want to get all the old wood and chicken coop wood cleaned and taken to the dump this week before we leave.  I hate to leave a messy house and then have to come back to it.

     So today is laundry, sew at least 4 bridesmaid dress hems, look at the pile for what needs to be done, vacuum upstairs, finish cleaning the guest bath,get something done outside this evening.

     Now if I can just motivate myself.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Sunday, June 16, 2019

Sunday, Happy Father's Day

This is a joke!
     Happy Father's Day to all you Father's and potential Father's out there.  I need to thank my father for my blue eyes, my good skin tone, and my frizzy hair(not ), my Jewish nose(not), my sense of humor, although both of my parents were very funny, my artistic license, my yearning for knowledge of all sorts, my kindness towards others. my competitive spirit (not) and for just being an over all fun dad.

     My step dad, who was responsible, kind, and gave my mother a life few women will ever get. He gave our family stability, pride and a reason to succeed. He was a wonderful man and everyone who has a step dad should have one like mine.

     Daughter #2 and I worked hard yesterday catering a taco bar at the community center for one of her friends.  Thank goodness Hub's stepped in to  help us, with the loading  and unloading. It was a long day.  But I was given two large beverage serving containers and several left over drink buckets which I will use for D#3's wedding.

     We also sat down and ordered the serving ware for B's wedding yesterday and I pulled out all the silver I have collected and realize I need more pieces so I will be out perusing  the second hand shops.  I need enough for 8 tables and 4 banquet tables. I try and do some little thing every day for the wedding  so it isn't creeping up on me all of a sudden.

     I bought some potting soil and some red spray paint to make a planter out of Hub's old wheel barrow and I think I will put that together after I take along walk in the hot sunshine.  The bridges are calling to me today.

     We are having steaks,beach bread,corn on the cob, baked potatoes and pie for  Hub's father's day dinner.  B is coming down after work to join us and we will talk wedding and what else needs to be done.

     So happy one more thing is off my list for the month and next weekend we get to go to the lake for three days with Schmill's.  Yeah!

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Saturday, June 15, 2019

Saturday, daughter in trouble

     We waited all day yesterday, so excited to see our Schmills and daughter shows up without him.  We had to explain again that we did not want to see her.  Then again as I sat through a three hour long graduation ceremony I realized she was right he never would have been able to handle that.  Then we had to run all over getting supplies for a taco bar.  This would have been over the top annoying for a three year old.

     She insisted on going to Costco for the supplies to make the taco bar we were in charge of and the only thing I would let her get there was the sour cream and the cheese.  We also picked up a gallon of nacho cheese sauce that I thought we would not be able to get any where else. 

     The chicken, ground beef, shells, lettuce, tomatoes, avocados, beans, and everything to make the rice was so much cheaper at Winco. Plus I made all the taco seasoning we needed from scratch.  Then we found the same gallon of cheese at Winco $2.00 cheaper.  Why can I not convince people that Costco is such a rip off?  I think daughter was convinced.  Even trying to feed a large crowd, beans, rice, chicken broth all bought at dollar store.  If you shop the sales you can always beat the big box store prices.

    So we were up until 1 a.m. prepping food and this morning we have been up getting it into crockpots ready to load to the community center where the event will take place.  I am anxious to have it over with as the kitchen is a blown up disaster.  I also want to get a few things done in the yard and get ready for Fathers Day.  But this event is one of the things that I need to get off my list of to do's for the month. 

     I think we made too much food, but a lot of it can be frozen, so I am not going to stress about it. I will just give away to neighbors what we can't eat fresh.

     I have plants that still need to get into dirt.  When will I find time to do that.  I am also hoping daughter and I can get in a long walk before she heads back home.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, June 14, 2019

Friday, Grandson coming

     Here is my Schmill's (William), he is coming today with his mom.  We have a graduation to go to for one of her high school friends and tomorrow she and I are responsible for a taco bar in celebration of this event.

     Can't wait to see this little bug, he is so funny.  We will shop for supplies today and cook tomorrow.
This is why I felt I had to get as much sewing done yesterday as possible.

     I did pretty well and I knew there was no way I could finish the list I made with all the interruptions of the day in the shop.  I had both wedding dresses in for final fitting and adjustments which take time but they are both picked up and paid for.  YEAH!

    I ended up finding two more bridesmaid dresses that needed to be put on the pile.  So this morning after I finish putting myself together, I am going to hem another blue bridesmaid dress and start to alter a light pink one that I ripped last night.  It would be great to get the blue and all three pink ones done before daughter gets here but we will see. If I could complete all that I would feel like I am going into next week on top of my game.  That does not happen very often.

     I spent a few hours last night with my Lil sis and she was doing better. It is so hard to lose a beloved pet and as she lives alone the dog was a companion of hers. I will continue to keep a close eye on her and with Schmills coming that will be a bright spot for her. I will make sure he is over there a few times his weekend.

     Our eldest daughter sent Hub's a new wheel barrow for Father's day and he is busy putting that together. So I can use his old one for a planter.  Hope to get that done this weekend.  Well maybe....  I think the weekend is pretty full with Father's day topping off the festivities.

     Well I had better get busy as I am getting nothing done just sitting here.  Although is is nice a relaxing.

     By the way look at the house total, it is in the $15's.  So excited.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative


Thursday, June 13, 2019

Thursday, Another chart!

     I completed another chart yesterday, even though money intake this week has been very slow as I am working on wedding dresses and they take so much time so small amounts of money do not role in.  Although they pay better you have longer waiting times for cash to roll.

     Today will be a very hectic busy day as I am behind.  Last night I got a call from my Lil sis and her beloved dog Riley who was going on 15 passed away. As I had the littles yesterday I could do no sewing and I was waiting for evening to get a few things done.  I wanted to finish up a wedding dress and then hem at least two dresses.

     I was about 1/2 way through with sewing the lace back on the wedding dress by hand when I got the call from Lil sis.  I was at her house for several hours cleaning up messes the dog had made and did not get home until after midnight. Then I had to finish the wedding dress.  The other dresses did not get done.

     I have at least 8 dresses to get done today. I will not leave that shop until I get a load of stuff done.  I feel very blessed with work and I just keep telling myself that all this hard work will eventually pay off and I can relax a little.

     I need to water today and plant the plants I bought at Home depot, also the laundry is backed up again.  I sometimes feel like I just get nothing done.  If the shop continues to be this busy we may not be able to watch the little for a few weeks as I need that day to just stay ahead of the 8 ball.

     The hose was spraying water out at the connection and the littles decided it was a drinking fountain.  Hubs and I laughed so hard at them.  Then spent the morning playing in the wading pool.  Hubs and I sat on the deck under the umbrella and watched their antics.  It was relaxing and warm and I thought what a nice break from the shop, but tonight I will .......  well that did not happen so now I must pay the piper so to speak.

     So I feel a list coming on, and I really need to get some motivation to stick to this list today.

1. call bride and set up appointment
2. lilac bridesmaid hem
3. mother of the bride hem
4. mauve dress hem
5. burgundy dress  alter/hem
6. blue dress alter/hem
7. pink dress alter/hem
8. hem 2 pink bridesmaid dresses
10. get laundry started
11. straighten shop
12. found another burgundy bridesmaid to hem

Okay now I want to go to bed:)

Let's see if I can get through this.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Wednesday, I love progress

     LOOK, look, look at that side bar.  We owe less on the house and I am hoping before the end of the of the month to owe under $16,000.  It is getting there.  But I am so impatient as this has been a very long journey.Needless to say I love looking at the progress.  It helps me keep going.

     Yesterday I had both of my bride dresses come in and one dress is done and the other will be done tomorrow.  I had 5 dresses come in yesterday and more are coming in today. SO I have no excuse not to work.  I just keep telling myself that every dress that comes in gets me one step closer to paying off this darn house.

     The littles are here today so we are busy running and trying to keep the baby out of stuff.  Like the fireplace.....  We are going to take them out back to play in the yard after I get this post finished.  I can do a little trimming and weeding while they play.

     I have to take a meal into a family where someone just had knee surgery. I have a package of chicken thighs that I am going to cook up along with mashed potatoes and a salad from the garden.  I will probably do some kind of cake for dessert.

     Once I get the littles down for an afternoon nap I will get the dinner done.  I also want to try and get a few dresses done today.  I figured if I went in and did the cutting and the serging then I could go back do the hemming later.  My goal is 4 dresses plus to finish up the bride dress.

     Hub's actually was able to fix a long rotting part of our deck in the last two days.  I am so proud of him.  Even though many more boards could be replaced these will do for the season and then we can power wash and paint the darn thing. I just want you to know I did not nag, or help, or coerce. It is like a holy miracle.

     I picked up a few more plants at the Home depot mark down section and I plan on planting those today.  I want to put some plants in pots and put the pots in a section of the landscaping that has a hole.  I had Hub's take out a dieing bush. The spot just needs color.  I have told the girls to replace Hub's wheel barrow as it is 30 years old and rotting.  I plan on spray painting it bright red and planting flowers in it.  I will then place it in another section of the yard that needs color.

     Well the littles are cranking to go outside so I had better go play Grandma.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Tuesday, Days like this

     I got a good start on two wedding dresses yesterday and am now at the point that I need the bodies in them to proceed.  Of course neither bride has gotten back to me and they hang taking up room I need to do other things.  When items are not finished I do not make money and I get frustrated.  But on a better note I was able to reach both brides this morning and they are both coming in today, so I should be able to get the dresses done this week.

     I could hardly make myself get into the shop yesterday.  For some reason I just did not want to be motivated, but I finally went in there and just created a mess.

     Today besides meeting the brides I need to hem at least four bridesmaid dresses.  So I must not drag my feet like I did yesterday.

     I was able to get my summer and winter clothes switched around and down size several things.  Then I took them to a resell shop where I finally found a blouse with green in it for a very good price.

     Hubs was outside working on the deck without being nagged.  (I need to see if he is okay.)  He rebuilt two of the steps that were loose.  He has also torn up on the the leveling steps and found it rotted underneath.  So we went to home depot last night and bought two boards that came to 20.16.  For two boards and these were just treated lumber!  Hubs also dug around and found several good deck boards that we had wrapped in tarps and plastic and saved from 20 years ago, saving us money now.  So at least the deck will have safe steps even though it is an ugly mess as far as I am concerned. I would love to rip the whole thing out and replace it with a trex deck.  Someday in my next life.

     I have a specialist appointment this afternoon and the babies are coming tomorrow so I really have to produce today.

     I picked the first small zucchini and yellow squash from the garden yesterday so we will have those for dinner tonight along with salad from the garden.  In the next two weeks the garden will start to boom.  I love being able to eat roasted veggies from the garden along with some sort of protein and salad.

How are your summer days going?  Are you picking anything from your garden?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, June 10, 2019

Monday, Nice weekend

     This is a picture of our youngest grandson at his Great grandmother's funeral.  Is that not the sweetest pose?  It was just snapped by a cousin when he rolled over on a bench at the graveside service.  What a cutie. 

  I had a nice calm weekend.  I just did things I wanted to do, with no pressure.  I am sure I could have gotten more accomplished, but I did not put myself on a schedule. 

     Saturday, I spent time in the yard.  I was able to weed the garden and  the big flowers bed out front.  I also weeded the blueberry run beside the house. I swear weeds spring up over night.

     Hub's dug out several old bushes, and I cut back an overgrown Stag horn sumac.  We have about 3 55 gallon garbage cans plus all the tree trimmings to take to the dump.  I am hoping to do that today.

     Then later in the afternoon on Saturday I went to my Lil sis's and we went to a few second hand stores.  I found nothing.  But I did rake in the found money this weekend.  I actually found two quarters and three pennies in our drive way.  Must have been dropped by a customer.  Then while I was out with Lil sis I found a penny at Rite aid. While we were doing the missionary rounds I found a penny in the gravel in front of one of the apartments.  It had been there a long time.  You could barely discern it was a penny it was so dirty.   So .55 cent this weekend.  I may be able to retire soon.

     Sunday after church we made the Orofino, Kamiah, Gangeville loop to check missionary apartments.  This always takes about 4 hours of driving, but the drive was beautiful.  We arrived home in time for Hub's to get to orchestra and I cleaned out the much needed fridge.  Then it was just a peaceful dinner of beef broccoli and Netflix.  Nice weekend I did get about 4 things off my nag list.

     I want to get several things done in the shop this week.  Among them at least 3 wedding dresses and three bridesmaid dresses. Plus there is stuff in the pile as usual.  Then whatever comes in and it always comes in this time of year.

     As for outside, I have a tree that I want to prune back before I get Hub's to do a dump run.  I also will insist this week that the chicken coop be cleaned and all the old wood be taken to the dump.  I know we have a full load if we put everything together.

     Sometime today I am going to switch my summer and winter wardrobe around, as it is becoming a nuisance with things all over between closets.  As  in piles of sandals everywhere.  Shoe droppings.

What are you plans for the week?  Do you have any now that summer is getting into full swing?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Saturday, June 8, 2019

Saturday, Yesterday was bloody....

     As the littles were here yesterday, we spent the morning in the yard just letting them play and we both did a little yard work.  But it is hard to concentrate on any one thing as they are so small and have to be watched very carefully.

     At noon we came in and had some lunch and then went down stairs to watch a few cartoons before nap time.  Well the baby who is now about 18 months old was sitting in his little chair and he just tipped forward.  He hit the corner of his forehead on the TV  console.  I saw it and of course he started to cry.  I knew it wasn't serious as I picked him up and held him close.  I rubbed the back of his head and was soothing him when I felt something run down my cleavage. Yes I have cleavage.  It was creepy and I thought spider?  No, blood.  When I pulled him a way it was slaughter.  So much blood and I could tell it came from his mouth but where? I kept trying to staunch it with my chest and I was hollering at Hub's to hurry for wet clothes.  Well the little bugger had bitten through his bottom lip with his 4 upper baby teeth.  After I was able to staunch the flow you could see where all four of those little teeth had gone trough.

     Head wounds bleed like crazy, anyway.  This one actually pumped with his heart beat.  Are you sick yet?  I was faint off an on during the whole thing.  We called mom and she came and took him in and they glued it shut.  He was no worse for wear a couple of hours later.  Of course I have not recovered.  I did not realize how covered in blood I was and of course had three clients in a row come and all of them were shocked by my appearance. I was finally able to go clean up and I had blood soaked through my bra and garments and dried onto my skin in several places.  What I did not realize was the dried blood smeared on my neck and face.  I had to fight him to keep his hands off his wound and he was flailing and grabbing me, and I had no idea what a mess I was.  So I ended up in the bathtub as I also had dried blood in my hair.  It was quite the experience and I don't want to repeat it.

     After the littles went home for the day, I was able to go and pay the last of the extra $1000.00 on the house for the month.  I will show the results when it goes through on my side bar.  I am really stoked about it as I think I can do some extra this month as it was only the 7th yesterday.   Even if I can get an extra $500.00 I will be happy, but an extra $1000.00 I will be over the moon.

     Today I have no plans.  I don't care that the house is a mess, and I am going to just have fun outside.  Then I will deal with whatever I need to inside.  I am just going to do what I want.  I get very few days like this.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, June 7, 2019

Friday, I am beat

   My Sissie calls me her gerbil because I am always on the move doing something.  Actually I am usually working.  But this week has taken a lot out of me.  I don't know why?  We had a huge weather drop from the 90's to the 50's and it is back up to the 60's here and that always kills my arthritis.  Plus the sinus thing is a little sketchy.  So just having the littles here today is actually a break for me.

     Not to have to sew and the week turned out to be much busier that I had anticipated.  Yesterday I had 5 police shirts to alter, 4 pairs of pants to hem and a bridesmaid dress to alter.  It turned into 11 additional pairs of pants to hem for people who were heading out of town.  So the bridesmaid dress will wait until next week.   I am just beat to death.  SO happy to not touch that machine for about 3 days let me tell you.

     Hubs and I took the opportunity to take McDonalds up on the free international menu item promotion.  I have so much foreign coin from mom and dads travels.  We were surprised that none of the staff really new about the promotion.   The manager did and was very nice about it. I don't think many people took advantage in our area.    Both hub's and I got a sandwich for free (a foreign coin) then we went to another McD's and hub's got the bacon cheese fries and I got the stroople desert.  The total if we had spent money would have been over $18.00 with tax.  This is what we found out.

     The sandwiches were over sauced.  Our meat kept slipping out of the bun.  Neither of us would order these again.  I could only eat 1/2 my chicken sandwich and then needed a bath. The fries were so salty that they were hard to eat and we did not finish them either.  The cheeses was that fake gelatinous muck and tasted terrible. The stroople was way too sweet and this is from a girl who likes her sugar..  So for our free meal we decided it was too, too, too.  Too messy, too salty, and too sweet.  But is was free!

    Hub's and I also reminisced about a McD's promotion almost 40 years ago when we were starving college students.  It was a trivial pursuit game, where you answered questions on a card that you received from a menu item.   The first question was easy and you could get a soda or a cone, if you opted for the second question and got it right you got two menu items, if you got the second answer wrong you lost it all.  Then there was a 3rd question that was vary hard. If you got this right you had a sandwich of your choice an order of fries and a drink.  Hubs and I would get one of these and also pick up any extras we could find in the trash cans and that people did not want.  On Saturdays we would go to our local library and research the questions.  Sometimes we would spend up to 4 hours  and come out with 8-10 free meals.  It kept us going during a hard spell of our economic struggles.  It was also fun.  We had good memories of this.  Hey free is free and if you are a college student on a tight budget a burger and fries are a great treat.

     I am going to take it easy today and just putter around the house while I watch the littles.  No sewing or treadmill for me today, my head won't handle it.

     There is a spaghetti feed at the church tonight to raise money for the scouts.  That means over cooked spaghetti, bagged over processed salad and some kind of bread.  But we will go support the cause.

     I have no plans for Saturday and I refuse to make any.

Do you have any plans for the weekend?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, June 6, 2019

Thursday,Things that nag

Did any of these women eat they all have waists the size of a two year old?
 Do things nag at you?  I know I nag my husband because well he needs it. I just nagged him into getting a haircut and he still hasn't cleaned the front room but then neither have I. Nor is the Kitchen floor done.  I also have to get in and get a couple of patches sewn on a couple of uniforms.  Nag, nag, nag.

Okay uniforms done.  Oh I forgot I have a home alteration visit in the Heights, excuse me while I run.  Okay that is done.  (can you tell I was gone an hour?)  Oh I forgot to get blood work done, better go.  (I just drove across the river for the second time today).  Okay now I am three vials of blood lighter and maybe I can finish this post.

     It has been in the low 90's here for the last week and today it is 55 quite a temperature change let me tell you. It is very rainy but the cool is nice for a quick change as long as it does not stay.

     Let me tell you Hub's idea of cleaning the front room was to move the couch farther onto the room and that was it.  Is it dusted?  NO! Is it swept and vacuumed? NO!  But he did move the sofa about a foot for me.  I think my nagger is broken.

     I sewed all day yesterday and today will be no different even though I am staring later.  When I went to pull bridesmaid dresses yesterday I thought I had 5 and I had 8 of them.  I still have not done the police uniforms so those are first today.  Then I have 11 pairs of pants to hem and at least one bridesmaid to do. I will not sew tomorrow.  The sooner I get in and get these things done the faster I can get upstairs and NAG, NAG, NAG, clean the frontroom and get the (*&^%$# kitchen floor done, but don't forget to clean out the filthy fridge. 

     The laundry needs love AGAIN, and the food storage is a flippen mess.  NAG 

We are going to McDonalds after 4:30 for a free sandwich with some old foreign coins. The are running a special one foreign coin one free item from the foreign menu.  I like free!. Plus I will just have to make a tossed salad for dinner. I also like no cooking.

     SO what is nagging you today, besides your wife or husband?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Wednesday,Hub's is home

     Hub's came in about 8 last night and although I love it when he is gone it was nice to see him.  I slept better last night as I did not have to check every door and window for boogie men entrances.  I am happy to say the back porch is cleaned up and I just put hubs on front room duty. HE will not do the thorough job I would but the queen is not visiting this week.  I think I might be getting a sinus infection, drat!  I have not had one for over a year, but I will just have to wait and see.

     Took a long walk (well long for pup) last night and it was lovely. I was able to get all the sewing done I wanted to get done yesterday.  Today it is bridesmaid dresses.  I think I have 5 of them plus two stacks of uniforms, one military and one police. So my day is set.

     I doubt that I will get out and weed or lay bark today as every time I bend over my head explodes. I pulled two meals out of the freezer, bean soup and tamales.  I can add garden salad to these and I am grateful that I cook in batches. It saves time and money.

     I washed all the pillows and the outdoor table cloth from the back porch and line dried them last night.  So I was able to put them out this morning. Everything looks so fresh and clean.

     I also found a penny walking into good will last night.  I was looking for a button down blouse with avocado green in it, as I have a pair of shorts that color and all I can wear with them is white, which if you knew me is not a good option.  Sissie just called to say she bought me a sage green pair of crop pants.  I will check the other second hand stores as I have time.

     Well I am off to get my work for the day done, so I can waste time later and maybe take a walk or do something fun.

     What are you going to get down today?  Any plans? What are you not going to get done today.....:)

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are int the negative.


Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Tuesday, Look at the time....

This corner self was completely obscured by long trailing plants.
     I think I need my husband here to be accountable. I have just noticed with him gone I spend a great deal of time doing nothing.  Or I should say getting nothing done.  I had to absolutely force myself to get any sewing done yesterday and I did the minimum I could get away with.  I also did not get the kitchen or front room done.  Don't really know what I did, well I do but as usual it was not on the list, because why would I do that? I swear I am the only person I know that can create work.

     So one of the things that has been nagging me which I should have put on the side bar, was cleaning the plant shelves in the dining room. I needed to upsize many of the plant containers as things were getting root bound and plants were getting too leggy, they needed haircuts. Now I had picked up three larger white pots at second hand stores, and I had a bag of good potting soil, so what does Kim do? She creates a huge mess on the back porch and gets all her pots transplanted.  Well it did need to be done, but the vacuum cleaner sits in the middle of the front room with all the furniture around it.

     I also figured  when I swept the kitchen floor and took up all the rugs and chairs that cleaning the floor was a mute point if I just turned around and cleaned the fridge and dripped crap all over going back and forth from fridge to sink.  So that was my excuse to not finish floor.  But what was my excuse to go and binge watch netflix?  

I scrubbed the trays and the shelf and got into the nooks and crannies of the window.  It looks very neat and trim now. The two hours I spent doing this I could have completed the frontroom and kitchen.  Oh well this is done and that is nice, except wait.....

Yes, here is the mess I created that now has to be cleaned up.  Have I done it yet,

I also pulled the rugs out of the kitchen a front room to soak in carpet cleaner and spray down.  Look at the piles of trimmings and dirt, now I have this mess to look forward to.  Oh goody add that to the list of things Kim will not want to get done.

Roscoe loves the hose and he helped me spray the rugs.  There is a larger one hanging over the fence that you can't see.  So Kim has done two things that needed done but were not on any lists.  What can't I stick to the list?  Huh?  Why?
This poor plant needed new shoes desperately. Oh look the kitchen has not been finished.  A project for another life time I swear.

So now I have to actually get into my shop and get something done and it is 1:32.  I can waste time better than anyone I know.

I would make a list but I know if I do I will just go find something else that is not on the list and create a mess. Be sides there is over an hour left on the Netflix series I was watching and that just might have to come first.:)

Have a great and productive day staying positive  while you (being bad) are in the negative.


Monday, June 3, 2019

Monday,A new month, thank goodness

Every day of this month (and I have to realize it is the 3rd day ) has been into the 80's and perfectly sunny.  I am loving it.  I go out on the back deck and it is intensely warm.  I am hoping to go for a walk this evening.  I love warm weather.  Please remind me of this when it is 110 and I am stuck in my basement sweating my life away!

But right now I am in my happy place.  Just let me enjoy the hot sun soaking into my bones.

     May was a crazy month with the ivy/moss fiasco and the tearing up of the the outside of the house.  It is done and now we need to move on.  I have decided to wait until after B's wedding which is August 3rd to try and do anything else to the house.  It is what it is.  Now something may come along to change my mind but as for now that worry is on the back burner.

So how did May go?

Financial:  WIN

1. I was able to add and extra $1000.00 to the mortgage
2. I did keep up my penny savings plan.
3. I did save all of my $5.00 bills we are at $1000.00  Abut $200.00 a month average
4. I added all my spare change to my pig bank, which is getting kind of heavy.

Overall I generally win at financial

Health goals: WIN/LOSE

1. keep diet coke consumption to two a day  (do you see how this is creeping up) We have had no cans of diet coke bought in this house for the year so far and I call that a win.  I have cut back significantly
2. Try and get 10,000 steps a day in at least 5 days a week.  I had 14 days and I needed 20 so a half win maybe.
3. Get heart rate up at lest 30 minutes a day only 9 days but I sure worked hard on that ivy and roof so I am calling this a win. 
4. lose weight: well I have kept off the 7.5 pounds that I took off this year so I call that a win.


1. bless others  I do what I can when I can and I probably do to much. WIN
2. read more and study (not a bit) LOSE
3. Sing in the choir and practice the piano every day ( we did sing but I have touched the piano maybe twice this month,) LOSE
4.continue to work on projects (Did get into the rug that sissy ruined and started to fix it) WIN

 SO for June I have new goals on the side bar which I did update for Sluggy as I still had April there, she never misses a thing.  She keeps me in line.

 For those of you who read yesterdays post, I just spent the day laying on the couch and when I would get a bit of energy I would go do a room.  I ironed 10 pieces at a time.  As I was doing things I would add things in my mind that I thought needed to be added to the list.  Then I would remind myself that I was not going to even get the list done so STOP ALREADY.

So there are a few things left for today and I don't know if I will even get these done as I have to get sewing done also.

1. finish dusting a cleaning the front room (right now all the furniture is pulled away from the walls)
2. vacuum and sweep the hall and rugs.
3. clean and organize the shop
4. mop kitchen floor
5. clean out the refrigerator
6. sew
7. feed and clean out chicken water (hub's usually does this)
8. water all flowers
9. take a long walk

I am going to straighten the shop first and then sew before I tackle anything else.  If I start cleaning I will not go into the shop and I need the money.  Or I should say I want the cash flow.

There are many things that I still need to do outside and inside this house but they are on the sidebar for June to get done.

So there is May in a nutshell.  I think I did pretty well.  Did you accomplish  any or all of your May goals?  Do you have any new ones for June?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Sunday, June 2, 2019

Sunday, Alone

     We got word Friday morning just as we were about to leave with the boys to McCall that the boys great grandmother had died early in the morning.  So our plans did a quick flip. I asked daughter what she needed and wanted us to do.  Obviously they would be going to a funeral later in the week and getting Hubs back home would be a pain.  She asked that we come down just for the weekend and a maybe Monday and Tuesday.  But I had agreed over a month ago to be at the Harley dealership for their anniversary sale so, it was decided that Hub's would drive the boys to McCall and then follow daughter home.  Then he could come through Nampa on the way back and check on his folks.  So I don't get 8 days to myself ,but about 5 and I will take it.

     As the men left I had what I thought was an allergy attack.  But by later in the evening as I was making cookies I realized it was a cold.   Drat!  I left the kitchen an awful mess and went to bed as I had to be up early on Saturday to get to the dealership.

     Saturday morning I was not feeling the greatest, so I took a dose of Dayquil and off I went.  The cookies were a hit, and the place was very busy but the day was a bust for me.  Very little work was done and I mostly sat and played on my phone feeling miserable with my cloudy head.  I left a little after three which was 2 hours early.  As I was not making any money and this was volunteer I did not feel bad.  I was actually getting quite sick.  I had to force myself to go pick up my prescriptions and get, bread and milk.  Then is was home to veg on the couch and take a good 3hour nap.  I went to bed earlier than I expected and spent the night feverish and sweaty.  Tossed and turned achy joints every where.  My hips, my elbows were on fire most of the night. I did not even attempt to wake up to go to church.  But at 10 I heard the dog fussing to be let out and I got up and although I am kind of head achy I don't really feel too bad. Of course I had slept fitfully for about 13 hours.

     Every room in this house is a mess and sheets have to be changed and toilets scrubbed, along with the bomb I set off in the kitchen.  Laundry is backed up and I have not one buttons down blouse to wear as the ironing is beyond out of control.  Because of the arthritis in my shoulders I rarely wear anything that goes over my head.  Even though it is better now I just resort to buttons downs most of the time.  They all have to be ironed.
     I do not want to clean my house, but I do not want to sit on the couch all day allowing myself to stiffen up.  I was glad to read Belinda's post about how she enjoys cleaning and puttering around her house. It gives her joy to do the small tasks that make her home neat.  I have decided to try and adopt that attitude and at least tackle a few things around here.  But I will take it easy if I start to feel weak or sick.

     Some of the things I would like to accomplish today, and I will not get all of them done

1. clean and vacuum family room
2. strip bed in downstairs bedroom and clean it up
3. straighten shop and organize sewing.
4. strip bed in guest room and clean
5. clean guest bath it is a wreck
6. clean downstairs bath
7. clean master bedroom
8. clean master bath
9. get laundry all caught up and put away
10.  Clean kitchen and dining area
11. vacuum front room and dust
12. Vacuum and sweep hall
13. water plants in front and back yard
14. get ironing done
15. pay bills and send out graduation cards

That is a enough I think I have given myself a worse headache.  The couch looks very inviting.



Friday, May 31, 2019

Friday, I made my goal!

     I was so hoping that I could complete another chart by the end of the month, and I was afraid I would not make it.  But yesterday as I was having things picked up that have been here for a while, I was also going over the budget for the month and there was the money to complete this!  Hooray!

     I put $532.00 more dollars on the house principle, so I feel like I am ahead for June.  I still have not been paid by the studio owner for May and I will have to text her.

     We take the boys back today and Hubs will go with them. I am so looking forward to a week without any interruptions.  Well that is not true I will have the shop and all the yard work and the littles, but I won't have to cook and that is a biggy for me:)

     This morning I am going to go pay a few bills and take the laptop down to the computer doctor.  Then we are off.

     Can you tell I am happy?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative. 



Thursday, May 30, 2019

Thursday, adjusting the schedule

     When oldest daughter realized that she would have a full 10 days where her full time sitter (live in) would not have to watch the boys she told her immediately, this way the sitter (her mother-in-law) could go and visit her mother in Denver if she wished.  The boys great grandma is 91 and on dialysis.  Just as mother-in-law got there the grt grandma went into the hospital in terrible pain. So it was a blessing to have MIL down there as she would have had to fly on short notice and D#1 would be scrambling for a sitter for boys.  Now it looks like this may be the end.  We are praying for a miracle but that outcome at 91 is unlikely.

     As we are due to take the boys back to join their mother tomorrow, we worked it out so that Hubs can go back with Daughter and the boys.  He will stay there a week and I will either go pick him up in McCall again or D will fly him home.  Or we might be taking the boys for an additional week after next week.  We will wait and see what happens. This could be a very different summer with trying to help daughter and allowing MIL to tend to her mother and her needs.  I just remember how foggy I was last year after my own mother's death and I want  MIL to have the same courtesy that I was allowed.

     Yesterday was the first day it really felt like summer was coming here.  So hot and beautiful outside.  Although I spent the majority of the time in the shop.  Hubs took the boys to the park and then up to the fish hatchery to see their aunt and uncle. Our house is a total wreck but I am loving it.

     Last night we went over and saw Lil sis and she just loves the boys. The oldest one Danny is named after my twin sister's husband. Twin did not have any children and she and D#1 are very close.  We have lots of Daniels in the family now.  So we have to code the names so we know who we are talking about.  Daniel, Sis's husband, Danny grandson/nephew, or Dan D#3's husband.  It can get very confusing around here at holiday time.

     The sales for the week came out yesterday and I as able to stock up on frozen vegetables, graham crackers, marshmallows, canned chili (for storage), and cheese. We had bulk and shredded cheese 2lb packages for 3.99.  You can believe I stocked up at those prices. This is how I keep my grocery budget at about 50 dollars a week and we eat very well.

     We also had a visit from one of the littles last night, they really don't like to go to the regular sitter and beg every morning to come here.  We will not be able to watch them this week with all the chaos and schedule changes, so mom brought the oldest over for a grandma and grandpa fix.  She was so funny.  I will watch them next week while Hubs is gone.

     I have a pair of pants to hem, a couple of swimsuits to alter and a bridesmaid dress that needs to go out today.  I also would like to finish up the baseball pants.  Plus I have so much laundry that is backed up and my house needs a lot of love.  Let's see what I get to.  Shop first.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are int the negative.


Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Wednesday, Salad and bean recipe!

     We spent the last couple of days in Mc Call with daughter and grandsons.  It took us about 2.5 hours to drive there and we immediately went to the hotel, which was very nice, with an indoor pool for the kids and a great hot tub for the grandma!

     Daughter had secured ice bumper cars for us at the local ice rink. Hubs and I being from the warmer desert part of the state showed up in Mc Call in short sleeves, and sandals.  It is much higher there and we actually live below sea level.  SO now we are in a colder climate in an ice rink which has to be kept refrigerated.  We had a blast on the bumper cars but it was cold.

     Then daughter had rented skates for the family.  The 3 year old was not having it and Hubs and I although we skated a lot when we were younger, declined.  Hubs due to his balance issues , me due to fear of injury with my arthritis.  If I break or damage something, then I have to go off my meds and that is always a disaster.  Drat aging it takes some of the fun out of life.  So daughter and eldest skated while we walked the 3 year old around town,

     In the small towns in Idaho that have a highway running through them, they cannot afford to put a stop light at every intersection so they opt for flags.  Bright orange or lime colored flags are attached to every corner.  You pull out a flag and carry it in front of you to stop traffic. The flag is then replaced on the other side.  This is redneck traffic control at its best and works very well.  Out of staters think it is weird, but it is a cheap fix. and well enforced. Our grandson loved picking out a flag and getting across the street.

     I had the family go to a couple of second hand stores with me and let me tell you these resort towns have the best stuff.  All very high end.  But alas I needed nothing so we just looked.  I did find a penny at an arcade on main street so that was a plus.

     Tuesday afternoon we left daughter to her conference and then we brought the boys home.  So far so good with the youngest who has never been away from his mom or dad.  But he has big brother and that always helps.

     I came home and harvested two huge heads of lettuce from the garden and it is all washed and packed in the fridge.

     Here are a couple of our stand buy recipes for summer and well for any time.  Inexpensive, filling, lots of fiber.

Bean hot dish

1lb ground beef
1 onion
3 cans pork and beans
several other cans of any style beans.  We love garbanzo, kidney, navy, butter, and black.

Brown onion in oil
add beef and brown until done
add beans and stir
salt and pepper to taste.

You can also add bacon and more beef.  This can be made larger by adding more of everything.  My kids called this bean goulash and ate it with salad and ww bread.

You can also take a 1/2 cup of different dried beans and soak over night.  I always get my canned beans when there is a good sale. >50 or less a can, I stock up.  I also keep large quantities of dried beans in storage. But I always use canned pork and beans for the flavor.

Broccoli/bacon salad

 red onion
sunflower seeds

Chop broccoli into small pieces, you will have a lot of just fiber, it is okay.  Chop 1/2 a red onion fine.  You can also use any onions, I just like the color.

fry up several slices of bacon until crisp, cut into small pieces.

add 1/2 a cup of sunflower seeds and 1/2 cup raisins

add 1/4 cup vinegar,1/4 cup sugar, 1/2 cup mayo

Mix all together and salt and pepper to taste.

To make this low carb add sweet and low instead of sugar and you can omit raisins.

This salad can be made very large by adding more quantities to taste.  Also craisins can be added instead of raisins.

Broccoli slaw
  This salad is not super inexpensive unless you watch the sales

Winco has a 32 oz. bag of broccoli slaw for $2.99 it goes on sale sometimes.  But $1.50 a pound for the work being done is a good deal.

32 oz bag of broccoli slaw
1 red pepper
1 green pepper
1 yellow pepper
sunflower seeds
slaw dressing  equal parts sugar and vinegar, 1/2 cup mayo

ranch dressing I make my own or use bottled, 1/2 cup
salt and pepper

chop all peppers into 1/4 inch cubes add to broccoli mix add 1/2 cup sunflower seeds and  toss with dressings.  salt/pepper to taste.

All three of these dishes can be made larger or smaller.  They are great for feeding a large crowd.

The last broccoli slaw is the most expensive coming out at about 8 dollars for a large bowl.  But for a family gathering or a dish to bring not a bad price.

I always pick up sunflowers seeds, raisin, craisins and mayo when they are on sale. Seeds have a short shelf life so store in refrigerator or freezer and use within a month.  Mayo can be put in the fridge as it approaches it shelf life and has not been opened. I have two jars of mayo in the downstairs fridge right now that are about to expire.  We eat a lot of salads in the summer so I do not worry about it getting used.
So if you have any gatherings try one of these. Let me know if you like them or you have an adaption that is yummy.

I need to go a dress the baby.  Actually not a baby but he is their baby.

I was changing his pants at a rest stop yesterday and he was spelling out all the letters on the child seats.  U S E Use, T H E S E these in his little voice.  He could name all the letters, and pronounce the smaller words.  I told him any one who is three and starting to read should be potty trained. He is his mother's son.  She was reading  full books at 4.  Such a strange child.  Also not potty trained until late 3's.  She did not want to be bothered.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Sunday, May 26, 2019

Sunday, I need a nap

     Grandpa and Schmills (William) eating S'mores.  We had a rip roaring weekend and it is not over. Daughter#2 and family arrived about 4:30 Friday afternoon.  I was just finishing up a suit that came in at the last minute, after get a very good start on 8 pairs of girls baseball pants which I will finish on Wednesday next week.

     My son-in-law brought his large pressure washer and did our stairs and entire driveway it took him hours. It looks so good.  D#2 and I had to go and get Schmills a bike helmet and he chose this one.  He wore it all through the store.

     We also bought feeder fish for the pond and I need to get some pond cleaning plants but that did not happen. My house work was good enough and not done or perfect but we had a nice dinner later on Friday and then I made overnight yeasted waffles the next morning for the crew.  I also froze several for later.  S'mores were our go to snack for the day.

     I worked in the yard on a project or two did not get them all done but enough to feel sore and satisfied. Daughter had a nice nap and soak in the tub while we ran around with the grandson.  We put out the small pool and put two feeder fish in it and he played and played.

     As we were coming home from church today I asked Hubs if he had put the fish back in the pond and he said no.  I was out there in my heels and dress scooping them out of the pool so they could go back to the shady pond with food.  Poor darlings. I will get out later today and scoop out much of this water to water the flower boxes out back, before I dump the rest into the garden. Water is so expensive here.

 Schmills in his dads muck boots.  Too cute.  He wore these for about an hour and we laughed the whole time.  What a character.

Hubs and I were able to get most of the garden weeded.  It is a constant effort.  We still have a list of trees and shrubs to remove and upper flower beds to weed.  Never ending. Look at that lettuce!

 I put in a new flower bed where the ivy was on the shed and completed the french drain  with lava rock.  I had the scallop bricks in a pile around the chicken coop.  It is too narrow here to plant perennials like hostas.  It is full shade so I will make due with inpatients. The other flower beds around the house will remain torn up until we paint.

 I think this looks good and will be easy to care for.  See how the water can drain away from the house and under the shed out into the downward yard?  We are always looking for ways to shoot water away from the house.

See how white the stairs and driveway are?  This was so much work and I am so grateful to my son-in-law for his willingness to do this.

     At about 5:00 in the afternoon of this long day of playing and planting and weeding and working we loaded up the bikes and headed for the old railroad bike trail up by Julietta Idaho.  We biked 5 miles up the railroad grade into another town Kendrick, we stopped for ice cream and Schmills played in the park and then 5 miles back down to go home home on jello legs. I found a nickle in the middle of the road in Kendrick right by the ice cream store.  Woo Hoo! You can bet I jumped off my bike to retrieve it.  The family were laughing as we had run over many small snakes on the trail and they could not believe I would get off my bike for a nickle.

     Daughter and family went over to another family member for the night and we just laid around the rest of the evening.  We were tired.

     Tonight I am taking the dog over to a sitter and tomorrow early Hubs and I will drive to Mc Call, Idaho about 3 hours away and meet Daughter #1 and her two boys.  She has to present at a prosecutors conference. But she does not start until Late Tuesday.  So we will have fun in the resort town and swim with the kids att he hotel and then late Tuesday we will take them back to our place and they will stay with us for a couple of days and we will return them to their mom on Friday.  It is a lot of driving to spend time with grand kids but it is also a relief for D#1's full time live in care giver. Plus I get to see all three of my grand kids in the same week.  SCORE!

     I am going to now take a nap and then go over to lil sis's and water her flowers and look in on her cats.  When I get up I want to spread some more bark, and empty the swimming pool.

Have a restful and peaceful Sabbath.


Friday, May 24, 2019

Friday,pushing through

     I made myself sew yesterday.  My mood was awful and I was in tears off and on.  I am usually pretty even tempered, but yesterday was just not a good day. I just piled up a large group of things that needed to be done and told myself that I was not moving out of my sewing chair until 5 o'clock. It seemed to work as I had a good total for the day and I left a pile of things to do this morning.

     My daughter and her husband and Scmills (William) are coming down this afternoon to stay for the next couple of days so that is affecting my mood in a positive way.  Nothing like a three year old red headed grandchild to brighten the day.  They will stay through Sunday and then we have to drive to Mc Call to meet up with our other two grandsons.  I need to get off my pout.

     I found a dime while getting groceries the other night.  So that is a win. I also was able to find pork and beans (Van Kamp) on sale for .39 so I bought a case.  We have a bean hot dish we love that uses these.  It is a great summer staple and also good for cold winter nights.  Cheap and filling.  There were good sales for the weekend, so I was able to pick up ground beef 85/15 for 1.99 a lb which I need to go a repackage.  Also corn on the cob and artichokes at great prices.  We are eating lettuce ,onions, and radishes out of our garden  Albertsons had a free item of aluminum foil, so I picked that up. Just a few things that save money around here.

    As I have company coming I need to get busy.  Thanks goodness the sheets are clean on the beds. But the house needs love and I have to get some sewing done.  I feel a list coming on so bear with me.

1. get sewing piles done that are around the machine
2, meet with bride and decide on lace
3. alter 8 pairs of baseball pants
4. straighten downstairs bath
5. finish laundry and put away
6. get toys put away in downstairs closet
7. vacuum basement/sweep
8. clean up dogs mess (torn up paper)
9. make beds
10. take care of burger in fridge
11. clean spare bath
12. clean master bath
13. enjoy daughter and grandson and son-in-law.

     I think I can do this although I am dreading the 8 pairs of baseball pants.  I can do it.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Thursday,Not myself

     I am not feeling great today.  My head is buzzy.  I am sure it is a medication thing and I don't like it one bit.  I hope it goes away soon.  I have a enough to deal with without feeling like crap.

     There is so much sewing to do in my shop and I really need to get busy.  I am having trouble motivating myself for some reason.

     Hubs is at the school all day today, so he is not distracting me, not that I allow him to distract me.

     I am very frustrated with contractors coming and not sending me bids.  Or giving me bids that are so unfair and outrageous and then when I call the office I get some woman that has all these excuses when I try to get bids for individual windows and nothing goes down.  If I have 10 windows replaced  it is four thousand, so let's just do 8 well then it is three thousand nine hundred and ninety nine.   What they want is four thousand dollars regardless of the number of windows.  I don't get it.  I have a budget.  So I am told it is tear down and set up of equipment.  There is no tear down and set up of equipment these windows are at waist level.  I am ready to scream.  My Sissie says it is because I am cheap.  No I am not going to be ripped off by another contractor.  I don't trust them.  So frustrating. We live in a very small town these places are less than 1 mile from my house.  Let me go get the windows if it costs that much to transport them. 

     I can hear my Sissie screaming right now as she hates people like me. People who question prices.  I question every nail that goes in.

     I need to get to work and I need an attitude adjustment.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Wednesday, Lesson went well, a little sad

     My lesson that I gave to a woman's group last night went well.  They divided the women up into 3 groups and I had a 20 minute lesson with each.  They seemed to really like the content as there were many discussions  and comments.  The third group was so funny.  When the prompter came to say time was up they shut the door and said they were not done, when the next knock came they said "Shut the door and lock it".

     The lesson topic was about not being deceived.  That all of us suffer from anxiety and depression at times in our lives and that often we expect to be perfect and that leads to unrealistic expectations.  Good lesson for me, although I don't even think I try to be perfect in many ways.  I just don't really care enough. We all think everyone else has a better life and no problems but in reality we all suffer in some way.  We need to be easier on ourselves.  I guess what I was trying to tell them is that You are enough.  I am glad it is over as it had been weighing on my mind for a long while.

     The littles are here today and we also have a little girl from across the street coming over for a while this afternoon.  The parents have a conflict in schedules.  It will be fun for the littles to have a playmate.

     I am a little sad as my girlfriends left this morning and I will have to get back into my regular mode.  I have been at Lil sis's every night for a week and it has been so fun.  But now I will have to catch up around here and maybe cook a decent meal.  There is a big package of chicken breasts thawing upstairs.  I am going to make a couple of large pans of chicken enchiladas and then cook up the rest for other things.

     We are very low on some groceries and the housework is behind.  Ironing, dusting ,floors, bathrooms all need love.  Blah.... it never ends.

    My shop is a disaster.  I am think of trying to straighten it up today with the littles here.   Not sure if it can be done. But I will try.  I will be sewing later this evening as I am not going to try with the littles here.

     So what are you plans for this Wednesday?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Tuesday, Lots to do!

     I did not get any sewing done yesterday except to help an older lady in our church to put together a skirt.  It still needs altered a bit and I will try and get to that later today.  But first I want to get a few things done in the shop to make some money, as that is why I sew.  After I meet a quota and get somethings done I will finish up her skirt, leaving the hand work to her.

     Thanks for all the nice comments about the yard.  It is beautiful but also way too large and so much work.  I am blessed to love yard work, my only frustration is the time to get out there.

     I have been having so much fun at night with girlfriends and sister and this is the last night they will be here.  I have to teach a lesson at another ward tonight so I will go and say my goodbyes after.  I will miss them.  My house has suffered and projects that need to be done have been neglected, but who cares?  I have enjoyed myself and the dirty ring in the bathroom sink can stay for a few more days.

     Sometimes I dread going into the shop with all the hanging garments and all the piles.  It overwhelms me and I want to run.  I just say to myself.  Pick up one thing and do it.  When that is complete I say pick up another thing and do it.  Sometimes I make a pile of things and just work through them. This keeps me motivated and on task as I am very easy to distract.

     Today I will:

1. make four pairs of pants into  shorts (save the denim legs for quilts)
2. shorten a bridesmaid dress
3. finish a bridesmaid alteration hand work
4. replace a couple of zippers
5. place lace on a wedding dress for approval
6. get some curtains hemmed for my girlfriends and a few alterations done for them
7.alter a few items
8.get lesson ready for tonight
     I swear I have not cooked for at least 5 days so I should get something out for dinner.  Hubs has been surviving on what ever he can scrounge up.  Bad wife that I am.

     Well I am off to get my list done to the best of my ability.  Ugh....

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.