Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesday, Christmas shopping dreams

     Okay first we have the nightmare.  Last Saturday between shows I went to Macy's to purchase a wallet on sale for my oldest daughter.  We looked at several red ones.  I finally chose one and took it to the register.  It rang up for $47.50.  What?,I asked that is 40% off see the large sign right on top of the wallet display?.  Oh no, I was informed this wallet is from this small 12x12 inch group in the front of the display that is not on sale.  I was irritated as $47.50 was over my budget and I did not have time to argue so I left intending on returning this purchase. 
     Last night after my long rehearsal Hubby and I go back to Macy's it is about 7:30 at night.  I go to the wallets and they are all marked down to 50% off SCORE!  So I choose the one I want and take back the original wallet, I do not tell the clerk why I just get back my money.  She rings up the new wallet, it is not on sale.  Again I point out the sign and she says that sign is for tomorrow mornings sale.  I then explained to her the reason I had returned the first wallet is because I felt I had been used and lied to and now this was a blatant bait and switch which is illegal in the United States.  She said she was sorry.  So I put down the two cashmere sweaters I was going to buy and got my money back and left.  Then I called the manager and told him what had happened.  He apologized and said he wanted to make it right. 
     I have very little time to shop and now they have wasted two trips of  mine.  So I will go back on Wednesday to see what they will do to appease me.  Can you beleive some merchants?  What is wrong with people?  DO they do this on purpose or are they just stupid?! Remember this is a very small town, we have a Macy's ( and not a nice one like a class C store), a very poor Penneys, Wal-Mart. K-mart, Ross (which is always sold out).  That is it for a population base of about 40,000 with the outlaying areas.  We have to travel 120 miles to shop.  Nice I just don't shop here ever.

     Now I take Hubby and go to Hastings, I think their books are overpriced, but I am not above buying a good quality used book.  I find every book I need on my list 3 are nice but used.  Then I go to check out and I pull out a Hastings gift card I have been lugging around forever.  I thought it had a couple of dollars left on it.  No, it had $50.00.  So my books only cost me $42.37.  This made up for the Macy's fiasco.  Now I have a few presents bought.

     We also ran to Ross and found a pair of gloves (columbia) for son-in-law and a neck heat wrap for daughter. I'm making my list and checking it twice.  Hubby and I will try to go out again tonight when I get out of the studio.
      I am up to $757.00 in the Christmas fund less the presents I have purchased.  The carpet is down in the basement, the room is not quite done.  I am not sure I really like the carpet.  It is nice and clean but it is an indoor/outdoor glue down because of the water problems.  I am sure once we get furniture in there it will be fine and I can get a couple of area rugs for warmth if I have to.

     My husband is a very punctual man.  He has now been late for work and has missed his car-pool 4 times in two weeks.  He does not hear his alarm clock.  He snores badly and I wake him up constantly, so I get up and go to another room about 2 o'clock in the morning.  I could stay but then I get no sleep.  He also has left his shower running the last two mornings.  He thinks he has turned it off but he is leaving it at a very heavy running drip.  He just doesn't hear the water.  So now we are entering the phase of profound deafness where I feel that I have to babysit.  I know he can do this himself he just has to figure it out! Love my life!

     I am going to see if I can find a website for the deaf that has any suggestions.  The phone is ringing off the hook this morning with alterations.  I have had three calls since I started typing and three customers.

  I am going to the studio this afternoon, to tape the floor and sort the laundry and the costumes.  I will not do any cleaning and sorting until Christmas break.  I also have made a costume and prop list for the Jr. High show and I need to organize it so I can get those costumes pulled tomorrow.  I will try to get the kids to help.

     Well I had better get busy because no one else will do it!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Good grief! I would be FUMING at them! Sorry you have to go back yet again.

    I feel you on the hearing loss - I have some and I know how frustrating it is for everyone. Most of the time I cannot understand what anyone is saying and I just hope I catch a few phrases that let me know. I was told it was not hearing per say, but comprehension. Another great aging thing.

    Does your husband have sleep apnea? He should not be snoring that loudly. I hope it gets better soon!

  2. I'm angry just reading about your Macy's trips. That kind of thing infuriates me!! You're absolutely right - it's a bait and switch and it's illegal. Make sure that manager really makes good on that nonsense - don't let him get away with it!

    Hope you are able to get some help with the hearing loss. That has to be frustrating for both of you. As for the snoring ... I snore and my husband will wake me up to get me to stop. Then he will fall asleep and start snoring - isn't that nice of him? If we had an empty room, I think we'd just take our own bedrooms!

    Have a great day!

  3. I'm so sorry about your husband's hearing loss. My father is dealing with the same thing, and it's making my mom batty. Especially because he pretends he hears her, because he's embarassed. And then later, whenever she makes reference to what they were discussing, he tells her they never talked about it. I hope you are able to find resources to help.

  4. Macy's is big on customer service... I am sure you will get it resolved and then some.

  5. Ugh!! What a pain! Let us knw what comes of your next trip.. hopefully it's worth it!!

  6. OK, you started with "first we have the nightmare"...and I kept waiting for your post to get "happy" and it didn't, except for the gift card for the books. When does the nightmare end Kim? Oh, I know, how about this for a good dream? - you have NO time to shop so you end up with a TON of $$ still in your Christmas fund so next year you don't have to save ANY money!!
    There's always a silver lining if you look hard enough lol!

  7. Wow you sound super busy as always. I would second the comment on sleep apnea--it can really cause people problems from lack of sleep unless it is taken care of. Also, does your hubby wear hearing aids? It made a world of difference for my hubby who cant usually hear me when I talk to him unless I am standing right in front of him (the first time he tried his hearing aids on someone slammed the door behind him and he nearly jumped out of his skin...he hadn't heard a door slam in years (it's hard to know your hearing is declining unless someone else points it out to you because it declines so gradually). Good luck with all you need to do for the holidays!

  8. Do you ever sleep? And what a great surprise on the gift card

  9. Judy, Yes like right now, I am going to bed. I thin I ate all the chocolate marshmallow santa's for the stockings. Not feeling so good.

  10. I was always under the impression that if the sale sign is out, they have to give you that price even if the sale is not for that particular day. I would go to the specific customer service desk, not the cashier the next time you go. They might be more helpful.

    But good score on the books!

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