Debts December 31, 2013 until present

December 31, 2013
Sewer collapse loan  $7,091.93   8.9%

Truck loan $7,535.62   3.69%

Car loan  $9,903.01    2.49%

Money/lock Studio $4,240.68

House loan $97,915.08  3.36% Pay off in less than 2 years Christmas of 2016 when hubby retires at 65, he is now 63.

Wow look at that above statement.  What a dreamer!
It is January2016 and we still owe $72,996.00 on the house and a myriad of smaller bills.

January of 2017  we did remodel the kitchen and dining room which increased the value of our house by about $35,000   but took on many little bills.  This is frustrating and I am working hard at getting better with my money.  Our House is down to $61,139.00.  So that is great news and we are getting there.


  1. Wow Kim! Good for you. Remember (and repeat when necessary), slow & steady. Just keep plugging away. Again, congradulations.

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