Debts December 31, 2013 until present

December 31, 2013
Sewer collapse loan  $7,091.93   8.9%

Truck loan $7,535.62   3.69%

Car loan  $9,903.01    2.49%

Money/lock Studio $4,240.68

House loan $97,915.08  3.36% Pay off in less than 2 years Christmas of 2016 when hubby retires at 65, he is now 63.

Wow look at that above statement.  What a dreamer!
It is January2016 and we still owe $72,996.00 on the house and a myriad of smaller bills.

January of 2017  we did remodel the kitchen and dining room which increased the value of our house by about $35,000   but took on many little bills.  This is frustrating and I am working hard at getting better with my money.  Our House is down to $61,139.00.  So that is great news and we are getting there.

January  of 2018 we owe $47,766.90 on the house. We still have a myriad of other bills but they are getting smaller and I am getting smarter!  I want to see this house loan be the only thing we owe money on by 2019.


  1. Wow Kim! Good for you. Remember (and repeat when necessary), slow & steady. Just keep plugging away. Again, congradulations.

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  3. Well done Kim.
    People have a sort of 'knowing-doing' gap when it comes to debt.
    They know what they have to do, but fear doing it.
    The fact that you are conscious of it, is great.
    And believe it or not, you now have the habits for wealth accumulation, piece by piece, week by week.