Thursday, January 26, 2017

Thursday, Mom getting better!

     Mom does not like to be left home, so when it was time for me to go to the doctor, I knew I also had to go to Jo-ann for zippers.  I knew Mom would love to go there, so I asked if she wanted to go along and sit in the waiting room and then go to Jo-Anns.  She then asked if we could drop cards and little loaves of banana bread off at two shut in from her church!  Of course I said yes and I almost danced a jig.  Doing something for others, thinking outside of yourself is the first sign that depression is getting better!

     When we got to Jo-anns she wanted to get some Valentine fabric to make napkins for a friend of hers in Missoula that just lost her husband.  So again a win.  She does have a bad cold right now and Hub's seems to have come down with it also.  I am handing out cough drops and vitamin c's, don't forget Kleenex.

     My SED rates had no gone down and were actually a little more elevated.  The doctors main concern is inflammation causing internal damage.  I have always been an anomaly.  I have heard this before.  "From your blood work I would expect you to come crawling in here. "  I do have some pain and I am stiff in the mornings, I have to careful sitting to long or I stove up, but I just keep moving, I really don't feel that there is another choice.  So he wants to get me into remission as far as my blood work goes and is adding another med. I can handle that.

      My right hip, well actually both hips have bursitis in them, but they can be treated with shots that will last about a year.  So far the pain is not so bad I feel I need them.  We talked about a high pain tolerance.  Dancers are in pain all the time.  Your life is pain.  This is one of the reasons most athletes and dancers retire, they are tired of the pain.  The constant work outs, long hours of practice and the constant never ending pain and for me and most dancers the starvation.  Never being able to eat.  I was done at 27 and funny so was my daughter.  She did her last Nutcracker weighing about 105 lbs, starving and so sore.  She was 27 and said I will never but my body through this again.  So the fact that we don't see stiffness and pain the same way may be a blessing, as it keeps us moving, which is the key for any arthritis.

     The shop is super busy and I am so happy, mom is sewing on her napkins and seems to be happy.

We had penne pasta last night and will have left overs tonight.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. oh, I am so glad things are getting better with your mother, making your life more joyful, tolerable, or My exbf always says that whatever happens to most people, I am always the opposite. I have a high tolerance for pain because I have lived with fibromyalgia for about 30 years. Well, probably longer but I finally hurt so I had to figure out what was wrong. The nurses and doctor were so surprised I did not feel one second of pain, was at "0" for level of pain after surgery, hospital stay. The 60 mile trip was painful, but I took no pain meds, just lay down to get relief for the first day home. So, I understand your body's unusual reactions. Lovely, huh?

    1. I do think people who suffer long term pain just get used to it.

  2. Wow! Thinking outside yourself... I don't know if my MIL has EVER done that! willingly!!
    I'm glad she's doing better and yeowch about your hip...

    1. And you never complain, you are a saint!

  3. An uplifting post! Very positive signs for your mother's depression - wouldn't it be wonderful if the depression were to fully pass. Let's hope so. I think we women have a high threshold for pain. I just try to keep busy and not think about it.

  4. I've always taken a 'mind over matter' approach to pain. When I broke my ankle a year ago (and was subsequently told it wasn't broken) I walked on it for 3 months before getting a second opinion resulting in surgery. The doctor was surprised I had tolerated the pain for as long as I had.

    Glad your mom is showing signs of coming out of her depression.