Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Tuesday, Snowing,working,trying to produce

     Let me tell you I can do lazy better than any one I know.  I did not get nearly as much done yesterday as I wanted to.  All my fault.  The shop was busy so I had no excuses.  I just would look at the pile and go I don't want to do that.  Slap me.  Like who else is going to do it?  I did get some sewing done but not nearly what I should have. Too busy just messing around.

     This morning I do have to complete a bridal veil and get a pair of pants done before noon.  At least I have a timer on this, or I would probably find some reason to poop around some more. I am good at pooping around.

     But on a good note my kitchen floor is done!
 We still have to put back the skin on the kick plate but look! No more broken tile.  It looks so nice.  This has needed to be done now for three years.

See the molding is on the door frame.  we have been stepping over unfinished wood for over three years, even though I purchased this piece of oak trim board when we started to remodel the kitchen.  I had to go dig it out of the garage.
Please ignore all the dirt, doing this kind of work is messy, plus you can't get into clean when you have wet everything. I am very excited about this and it has made me a little braver about starting to do some clean up work in the kitchen.  One day at a time.

Last night I got about 1/2 this floor grout scrubbed. The new grout is so much lighter because the older grout is dirty.  We do steam mop the floor but we have never been down to scrub the grout.  I will have to use a bleach compound in some spots. This is one of the things I want to finish today. The floor looks brand new.

We had so much snow last night, the first of the season to really stick.  Hubs is out shoveling as I type.  He will probably get out the snow blower today.  I keep wondering when that thing will go belly up as we have used it for so many years.  But then again we have had years and years where we had no snow.

Last night I had Lil sis take me to Costco to buy some protein drinks I like. They were $7.00 off limit two.  So I have enough for the next couple of months.  I am officially on my get all the Holiday pounds off diet.  My potato chip and M&M diet was not working. Although I gave it a college try.

Tonight we are invited to dinner by some friends, so I don't have to cook!  Yippee! But I do have a large package of chicken thighs defrosted in the fridge to make a large kettle of soup. I can take that into my friend and also another family that has the flu.  I do make a mean chicken soup with homemade noodles.

So today I really mean to knock out some work.  No dilly dallying. I mean it.  I am trying to convince myself.  Am I listening?  I hope so.

The list:  You knew there was going to be a list right?  I just could not help myself.

1. hem pants
2. make wedding veil
3. alter three pairs of pants
4. mend jeans
5. shorten coat sleeves
6. reline a pair of pants
7. shorten two pairs of pants
8. clean and vacuum family room
9. scrap all sheet rock spots that are torn and seal with paint so they can be mudded.
10. cook up chicken in fridge so I can de bone for tomorrow
11. finish cleaning grout in kitchen and steam floor.
12. police shirt
13. mend two items
     The littles will be here tomorrow, so who knows what I will get done. At least I will have a good start on dinner.   Will probably make a couple of almond cakes as they are easy.  I can do this with the littles in tow.

     What are you going to do today?  Anything fun? Anything you don't want to do that you are going to try and accomplish? Making any progress on your I don't want to do that list?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. I you can be as lazy as anyone you know, you must not know any lazy people. Oh what I could teach you!

  2. The floor looks great. You lazy? LOL
    Well crap - I hate to hear the potato chip and M & M diet isn't working. I guess that means the holiday candy and cookie one won't either. Guess I better try something else too. Sigh!
    Have a good day

  3. things are really shaping up-I want some of your laziness-I might get things done.

  4. SAD set in and I am worse than lazy. The Hershey Kisses diet was not successful, either.

    1. I also suffer from that but I have two lights one over my computer and one over the sewing machine.

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  6. I am on a diet too! Trying to get my "after wedding (3 years ago)" weight off. The holidays packed 5-8 pounds back on and I'm within 4 pounds of what I was for my daughter's wedding. I'd like to get 13 pounds lower than that, so salads here I come!

    1. O am doing intermittent fasting, I lost 17 lbs last year doing that.

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