Monday, April 23, 2018

Monday, Spring work and Money saving madness

Flower boxes are all planted and ready to grow
     We were finally able to get out in the yard on Saturday.  I went out without guilt even though the shop was full. I was a rather upsetting weekend and I tried hard to just let things slide, but I am still a little rattled and I don't even know why.

      Bro and his family came in Friday afternoon.  I was very busy with brides and prom dresses into the early evening.  But as my Lil sis has to work until 6:00 I offered to barbecue burgers on my back deck.  So I took an hour to run to the store and get things ready.  An hour that I did not have mind you.  I received a call about 4:30 that they were in town but were now vegans. ( Bro is always into something new)  Fine so I ran upstairs and threw together a veggies plate, and an Asian coleslaw.  I felt they could fill up with.  Another hour.  Then I went back to work in the shop.  Mom was getting anxious and then I got a call about 5:30 just bring mom over they were not coming.  The girls were not going to get back in the car.  ( the girls 7 and 4 suffer from a from of autism and are very hard to handle)  So I just wasted 2 hours of my precious time and money I did not want to spend.  Could I bring the dinner over there.  ( it was all laid out on the deck)  No!

My beautiful crab apple over the pond
  I dropped mom off and came home and cried for two hours ate candy and Hub's cleaned up the mess.  Once again I am home for the evening with my family over at my sister's enjoying the pursuits they enjoy and I am left out.  It is okay.

     Saturday hub's and I worked hard in the yard.  Our neighbors came over and got our extra rock so that problem was solved.   I planted all most all of the flower boxes and Hub's tilled the garden. I have about 35 flower boxes down from 70 a few years ago.  I know, I know, I do love flowers.

We bought some garden plants , but need the water turned on to plant the garden. See that beautiful soil all ready for plants.

Lil sis called and asked if we wanted to come over for Bro's eldest daughters birthday.  Well of course so we went over for a while and had dinner.  I brought over the burgers from the night before.   It was nice to see the young ones happy.  Bro was his usual selfish different self.  Hard to talk to or have a conversation as there is too much preconceived anger  issues stewing.  But I made as pleasant as I could.  It is just a difficult situation, and I feel very bad, but will not be drug in and support him in his poor choices.

Sunday morning Hub's and I went for  a hike up to a point in the Hell's canyon park.  It was beautiful and we were home in plenty of time for church.  I made a shrimp salad for dinner and took some to our old Bishop who had just returned from a mission in  in Germany.  It was always his favorite.

Money saving madness April 15th-22 2018

1. cooked all meals from home but one.
2. only went to grocery store one time for what was needed for brothers meal. plenty of leftovers :(
3. continued to work on projects from recycled materials
4.Used my clothesline for heavy drying.
5. Used wax wraps and reusable containers in kitchen.
6. reused old wedding lace to fix bridal dresses passing savings onto customer and charging for my services.
7.Pulled as many meals from my storage and freezers.
8. replanted the geraniums I wintered over in stead of buying all new.

Not much of a saving week as it was all really a blur with so much sewing.  I am very busy today and have a rehearsal at 4 I am not at all excited about.  I will also have to go in tomorrow.  Now I remember why I hated having my afternoons torn up with teaching.  I really love the kids but it stresses my day and puts me on edge all day having the time constraint. I don't know why I feel this way I just do.  I don't like the feeling.  It is s a fast heartbeat, sick to my stomach shaky feeling.

I can do this, I just have to stop and regroup.  This will be over soon.  Just breath and take it one day at a time.

Have a great and productive day, staying positive while you are in the negative.




  1. This isn't the drug addict, stealing, lying, protection order brother is it? I am sorry you feel left out of your family sometimes. Looking at your extended family, maybe that's a good thing. ;-)
    If they can't get along and love you for who you are, then you are better off w/out them....but I know it still hurts.
    I'll be your honorary family, ok? Now come and mop my kitchen sis! hehehe

    1. No this is the baby. He is not at all like the bad one, but he has issues and is spoiled, lazy, just a mess.

    2. I would never let the other in my house. I would love to come and mop your floor. But I have to bring my ironing.


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  2. Your yard looks so nice. Too bad you had to spend part of your weekend with an annoying relative that made you feel bad.

    1. Well he really can't help his behavior, having always been allowed to act that way, I just wasn't prepared.

  3. Is this the brother you are trying to keep away from your mother? They told you to drop mom off? AND, they asked you to drop off the food, too? That is beyond rude and uncaring. Sorry you wasted time and money. But, you can eat the food. I understand from first-hand experience about shabby treatment from family. I understand how it hurts.

    A hike before church? Sorry, I could never do that. I would be a hot, sweaty mess and ready for a nap, not church.

    I am glad you worked to plant flowers. They are for our spirits. I, too, love flowers.

    If you have a protection order, I don't think you should be leaving mom with him. Or, is this another brother?

    1. This is another brother. He is the baby. Actually much younger than the 4 of us.

  4. I am so sorry, What a hard weekend. Hope you feel better soon.. Nothing like our families to make us feel so bad.. Praying for you.

    1. I love my family, it is just hard as my brothers are such messes.

  5. That is just awful about your brother. Ugh... Praying for rest and grace for you.

  6. Dealing with family can be so tough sometimes. ((Hugs))

    1. I know and I love them in spite of it all. Thank goodness for my sisters.

  7. Family, UGH! Your yard looks beautiful!

  8. You are a busy lady!! You get so much more done that I ever do! My feelings would have been hurt over the cookout episode, too. Shake it off... you are awesome!

  9. Oh, families. One thing I have finally learned after having my feelings hurt and then staying back from the group is that sometimes, it is just needed. If I am not in a good place to be with the company of others, I' better off, even if I feel lefto out, to just stay put. I realize no one relaly cares if I stay behind or not, so I' not punishing them. Either I go anyway or stay home recognizing I made the choice.


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