Monday, June 18, 2018

Monday, Money saving Madness

     Lil sis is home and has mom for the next three days.  She was shocked and in tears when she realized what this last episode has done to her. It is a huge change.  Mom was very disoriented when she was moved to Lil sis's house, she kept asking for me and calling Lil sis my name.  She was very agitated.  I think moving her back and forth will become an issue, but we will just see how this goes.  She calmed down when I cam over with lemon meringue pie, as I had promised to make her one.  She can't remember what we just said to her but she can remember I promised to make her a pie.

     I start to teach and Irish workshop M-F for three hours a day.  So I will have to sew in the Afternoons and evenings. I have a wedding dress, two mother of the bride one bridesmaid, as well as 9 pairs of pants to hem this week so far and I know as soon as I plan to leave town people will be flocking with last minute things for the 4th.  It will be a busy week.

     We are seeking a full time caregiver for mom for the 2 days a week that we don't have one.  This will give me a respite so I can work and have some time to myself.

     Monday Saving Madness: June 3-17th 2018

1. Ate all but one meal at home and then used a gift card.
2. Used as much from the pantry and freezer as I could.
3. Used onions, lettuce, and peppers from the garden
4. fed food scraps to chickens
5.  Used clothesline for all the linens we had to wash
6. continued to use wax wraps and reusable containers to save on plastic and foil
7. ordered new sandals and danskos off Posh mark saving at least 200.00
8. Used lace cut off old wedding dress to remake sleeves on another dress.
9.  Mended my 4th of July wreath and hung it on the door.
10. Did major Swedish death cleaning of items in house and sent them home with daughters
11. replaced a zipper in a pair of Hubs outdoor trousers.
12. picked up several really good meat sales for over 50% off to restock freezer.
13. Only bought loss leaders at the store
14. Used coupons at Joanns for zippers and needed items
15.picked up marked down plants to add to holes in yard.
16. Took another box of scarves and things to good will trying to downsize clutter and crap.
17.  Gave D#2 my Christmas china as mother has so many sets and I don't need that many pieces.  Again trying to downsize things.
18.  Cleaned out several drawers and threw away many items no longer used that I did not think I should donate.

     What did you do to save money?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. You are always so busy and now to add teaching a class...oh my! I'm happy to read that you are getting more help with your mom. If you have a college nearby, consider a nursing student. Good experience for them and the help you need!

    1. What a good idea. (Also, I think Kim may be the official busiest person on the internet.)

  2. I really don't know how you do it all. Wears me out just reading about it. Glad you are getting some help with your mom.

  3. What is Swedish death cleaning?? My main way of saving money is staying out of stores and staying off Amazon!

  4. Stayed out of the stores while daughter was gone except for some baking things for a friends party, but then we ate out twice so ruined the savings. June hasn't been bad, considering all the costs for graduations.

  5. I am doing Swedish death cleaning too. Feels so good!
    I am so sorry about your mom but I know you and your sisters are doing everything you can to help her.

  6. You are a tornado, for sure! I'm glad you are getting a lot done, and things cleared out. I can always rest better when things are clean and not cluttered.

    You will get so much exercise teaching Irish dancing. How healthy, and a great way to relieve stress.