Thursday, April 5, 2018

Thursday,Staying motivated

     How do you stay motivated?  What motivates you?  In this long, long race to pay off debt, I have been trying to stay motivated.  It is hard. There are several things that can motivate me.  So I was trying to list them in my mind.  What motivates me?  Now these can be small simple things or large pay offs.  What one must remember is that many small things can lead to a great reward.  Many small seemingly insignificant changes will add up to an eventual big change.  But it is motivation that keeps us going with the small changes that we cannot see.  Here are 25 things that motivate me.

1.  A sunny day motivates me. Actually the Sun in general.
2. Getting a good nights sleep  ( this can be rare at times)
3. Having a relatively pain free day
4.  Getting a good call from one of my daughters.
5. Seeing progress in my shop.  Even a small job like a pair of pants hemmed puts me that much closer to my goal.
6. Resisting the urge to spend money and realizing that I spent no money at all for a day is a step forward.
7. Blogging and reading blogs motivates me to do better.  It is daily accountability and daily response that spurs me to keep going.
8. Counting your blessings can motivate you.
9. Exercising or moving can motivate you. This works for me.
10.  Having a clean house motivates me.
11. Cleaning out a drawer of cupboard can motivate me.
12. Getting rid of clutter can motivate me.  Grab a bag run through the house and find 10 things to donate or get rid of.
13. Working on a project is a great motivator.  You can see progress.
14. Cooking a good meal from scratch is a great motivator.
15. Just fixing my ever curly frizzy hair and putting on make up is a motivator.
16. Gardening and working in the dirt motivates me.
17.  Cleaning and detailing the car is a great motivator.
18.  Cleaning in general, just something, some small place that you can look at to say isn't that nice?
19.Good news can motivate me.
20. Saving money on something I NEED can motivate me.
21.  But the greatest motivator is SERVICE.  Do something no matter how small to lighten someones  load.  It is in blessing that we are blessed.  I am a firm believer in this.
22.  A good laugh can motivate me.  Laugh often and much.  Find humor in things that  bother you.
23.  Smile it is contagious  ( I know pretty Sally Happy pants but this does work)
24.  Asking for help can motivate me.
25. The color green can motivate me.

What motivates you?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Love this. It is the simple things that motivate me as well. My sister and I were talking about that this morning. The sun was shining - it's a great day.
    It takes little to make me happy - and most cost $0!
    Have a blessed day.

    1. So happy for you. We have had non stop rain and no sun for days.

  2. Gosh, I think you got everything I would put on my list - even down to the colour green my favourite "happy" colour. That's spooky. Anna

  3. Sun, sleep, and lack of pain are great motivators plus a need of one of my children with advice. Actually, I don't need a lot of motivation, but the sun, sleep, and pain-free help me to actually be able to do what I should. Only the green of nature does anything for me. Green clothing or walls would depress me.

    HOW is your mother. I was expecting to hear something in this post.

    1. Mom is actually doing great. She has returned to her whiny cranky helpless self. Sis leaves in three days and I have to go back to myself.

  4. I think spending time with my friends & family are huge motivators for me. I know there is light at the end of the VERY long tunnel, but sometimes it is hard to see it and the little things really do help! I also get motivated reading blogs like yours - people in the same situation we are in, but working hard to get out is VERY Motivating!!!!

    1. Spending time with family and friends is great and I also love to spend time with my grandsons. I could really lengthen my list.