Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Tuesday, stop whining and start winning

     Okay this might not really deserve a drum roll but I just needed one today.  It is a dreary rainy, cold, nasty day AGAIN.  I have a boat load of sewing to do and mom is groaning and moaning in the next room.  Hub's will want dinner later this afternoon, I am lost as to what to cook even though there is plenty to cook and I just want to whine.

     Well not really because!  I am below $3000.00 on the home loan and it is only April 10th. Which means if all goes well I will be able to do even better with my April goals.

     I am weary and I am rockin.  I can be both.  I said I could. I am the boss of me.

     Lil sis made two appointments at care centers next week for mom.  We have made no decisions yet, we are just looking into things.  Mom was great yesterday, don't know what today will bring.  I have to teach tonight and I will take her with so she will enjoy that.  Tomorrow the littles will be here and will slow down my sewing so I have to get much done today. 

     Hub's is busy transposing music upstairs as it is too nasty outside.  He did manage to get the yard mowed yesterday but was not able to till the garden and I have corn starts that need to go into the garden.  I don't know when we will get a break in this really awesome weather we are having.  Okay, okay I know it is not snow like many of you.

     Sis went home yesterday and that makes me sad.  I so miss her.  But she also has a company to run and they are going into their busy season.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.




  1. Okay, I am glad someone realizes a person can whine and rock at the same time. That's great on the loan. Okay, it is the 60s here with sunshine and no signs of any but tiny wispy clouds with no forecast of rain for a week.

    It's great that she will enjoy the outing with you while you work. I would be moaning and groaning if I were in her state, so sad. I hope she is not hurting or anything.

    I won't have corn as high as an elephant's eye, but I could have onions if I would get out there and stick them in a pot. You get so much done!

    I hated deciding what to cook and just wanted ex to tell me what to cook. After so many years of cooking, the decisions got to me! Some people do not understand this. Good luck on cooking, teaching, and the mother fronts.

  2. I had my break down last night as we had an issue with the freezer. I lost a ton of stuff. Grrrr! Good news is I was able to save most of the meat and hubby thinks he might be able to fix it. I feel like I keep getting kicked in the teeth agan and again. So I whined last night and now I'm movin' on.

    It sounds like the weather is getting everyone. Not fun! Sorry things are rough with mom. Keep rocking that debt!

    1. Wendi I hate to tell you this but appliances die in threes. You only replace the furnace and air conditioner so.....

    2. Oh Wendi - I can completely relate!

  3. I hope things with your mom smooth out. Yesterday was national siblings day so it was only right that you missed her terribly.

    1. Really I had no idea. Thank you for the head up

  4. Glad to hear you're looking into hospice! I think it's important to know what all your options are. Also, there could be waiting lists so signing up sooner than later may be the way to go.