Monday, August 30, 2021

Monday, Home again, Home again, jiggety,jig

 Well here we are.  I am not sure where we are in the panorama, but we did spend some time almost everyday in the hots tubs. The weather was stellar, with 5 of the 7 days warm and sunny.  We expected all the days to be overcast and rainy but mother nature loved us.

I think I started smiling when I got on deck and I am still smiling.  Hubs also had a wonderful time.  Slugs and her Hubby are great to travel with, we had so many good laughs. Hubs came away with an added admiration of Slugs Husband almost bordering on hero worship.

If you are thinking of going on a cruise I would suggest NCL to Alaska.  It was incredible. Now getting on and off the ship had its clunkers, but once you got on it was a fairy tale.

I will add pictures over the next few weeks.  But first I have to show you Oliver who would have nothing to do with his smash cake at his own birthday.  But we gave him a piece of Kelsa's cake at her party and this is the picture I got.

Now this was a big piece of cake he was sharing with his dad.  Nothing doing.  He grabbed the whole piece and smashed it into his fat little hands and ate the whole thing.  So funny.

Kelsa also bawled and refused to do her cake at the party we had for her up at the lake.  Turned out she was teething and kind of feverish.  However on her birthday she started with her toes and then I think she rolled in it.  Even her hair was in the game.  All I can see is my twin sister in this little face.  It is almost scary at times.  Reliving memories that are long buried.

I have girlfriends here from Missoula and they are staying at little sis's. It makes the sting of missing Slugs a little less. I hated to see Sluggy and her hubby leave as we dropped them off in front of the airport terminal.  When will we see them again?  What is the next big adventure?

Coming home to a house where we just dumped the bedding and the laundry  and the crap that did not need refrigeration from the lake trip and then grabbing prepacked suitcases and leaving was not such a great idea. The mess we came home to was horrific. We added more laundry from a week of cruising and boy has it been work...

Yikes, yesterday I just unpacked and tried to get laundry started and everywhere I looked in the house had a pile of something that needed to be put away.  

We keep our cat box and food out in the garage as I don't like a cat box in the house.  Our cat is well trained and will almost always go outside unless locked in the house.  When we are gone I think it bothers her (I know it bothers her) and she spends more time in the house.  So I had to clean up that mess  as she threw litter all over. She also meowed and meowed when we came in and immediately went to sleep on Hub's backpack after he emptied it.  So cute, like,"Oh they are home, let me rub myself all over the suitcases".

Roscoe was better, as he stayed the last week with my daughter and her two dogs and he loved that.  We also went over to pay the sitter who kept him the week we were at the lake and he jumped out of the car and raced to her door, so he obliviously loved  her.

The phone has rang none stop this morning.  I MEAN CONTINUOUSLY !!!!! I have had several clients here already.  I am on the last blanket in the dryer and then I will repack all the camping linens in vacuum seal bags and put it away.  The  clothing laundry is done, well except for the ton of ironing all the laundry created.  That is a worry for another day.

Daughter #1 called us while we were in port and told us she had gotten a huge raise and now makes more than her husband.  It was because of the death threats she has been receiving.  Who knew?  IF you want to make big money as a prosecutor just get death threats in the mail on a regular basis. We actually ran into a young man in the hot tub that was from TwinFalls and he told us he was with the sheriff's department, I asked him if he knew of our daughter and the first thing he mentions is the death threat letters.  SO I think she is getting guarded well, but still has to be aware and careful.

We have many trips to take this fall before Thanksgiving and the Christmas, so we are trying to figure that out. The first is a trip down to see Hub's folks in the next couple of weeks, just a check up trip.  I need to replace all the meals I cooked up and froze for mom as she has used them all.  Need to take her to buy a couple of warmer shirts and sweaters, and another winter dress.

I have a list of things I really need to get done this month and I will put it in my pages.  I think with as many things as we need to get done I need to make a list so they do get done by the time September is over.

I have at least 4 wedding dresses coming in, in the next two days and that is just from today's phone calls, plus a slew of pants to hem.  I think I was missed.

So my goals for today are to:

1. finish laundry

2. put all bedding back in vac cum bags and store

3. water flowers

4. make dinner ( first time in about 12 days)

5. Get at least 15 pairs of pants done in the shop

6. be the designated driver for the girls tonight

I am trying to break myself back into the shop slowly, but I don't think that is going to be possible.

I miss my Sissie dreadfully as she usually comes out this time of year to join the girls, but she is having major house renos done and can't leave.

I also miss my Slug, she is like a sister to me.  How does one meet a person through blogging and then they fit into your life like a beloved well worn sweater?  Amazing find I tell you!

I will try to catch up on blogs, I missed you guys!

Have a great and productive days staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. I have a great idea for the next time you see Sluggy. I suggest a central location meet up for blog women (or you can stay at my house. I have rooms o'plenty and lots of doors.)

    1. That is such a good plan. We can all fly in and rent a car and just have a good old time. Let's do it!

  2. Im so glad you had such a great time, Kim. It’s also great to see you back blogging!

  3. Having fun is sooo I was afraid you would go on an airplane sightseeing tour. Those babies and cake is funny. I remember my two older children had never had cake put so close to them and enjoyed handsful of cake. A good friend is wonderful.

  4. You were missed! But how grand that the vacation was wonderful! Welcome back ;).

  5. I'm so happy you had a fantastic trip! Did I hear right? Sluggy got on an airplane? I am sure you were missed by pets, family, and clients, but no one fell apart so you can treat yourself. We're still trying to plan a trip for this fall-just nt sure where to go that feels safe.

    1. THat is hard. I felt safe on the cruise because everyone had to show proof of the vaccine and then be tested before they got on.

  6. Welcome back! Sounds like a wonderful vacation! Love the picture of the four of you. What great memories.
    Such sweet babies and fun birthday celebrations.
    Your daughter sure has a tough job. Glad she has some police protection; so many crazy people out there.

    1. I know I hate it, and have asked her to find another field. But she says that those little girls who have been molested or raped by a relative have to have a woman to talk to not a man, she is needed in this job, she can get to information men can't get to. YIkes!

    2. Bless your daughter for helping those poor innocent children.
      I was a social worker before my kids were born. There is so much evil walking around as human beings.

  7. And I miss you too Sissy! *smooch*

    1. I think we should all fly into Ann's. What do you think? Fun is awaiting....

  8. Sounds as if you had a wonderful time. Glad your daughter has the protection she needs.

    God bless.

  9. Wonderful to see you Home again safely Kim & what a great time it sounds like everyone had. That is a great photo of you all in the Spa & you all look so happy & relaxed - which is what a holiday should be.

  10. now you need a staycation to just relax and catch up on the home... OOPS you forgot to schedule that. Take some time daily . Glad you all are safe.

  11. So very happy that your trip was wonderful! You deserve it! Good luck getting back into the swing of things at home.