Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Tuesday, so proud to me!

 Well I am so proud to me.  This is what our eldest daughter used to say when she was little.  Or she would say, 'I am so proud to you."  SO it is a family thing we all do now.

I have turned down so much work, and it is getting easier and easier.  I will have a boatload of work coming in when I get back but that is okay.  Right now I just don't want the pressure.

Even thought we had the kids here yesterday, Hubs was able to get  his fish smoked and I was able to get quite a bit of sewing done.  Hubs tried really hard to take as much of the brunt of the babies.  I actually have 4 of the 5 wedding dresses almost done.  It is just having them tried on and cutting the top layer while people are in the dress. Or adjusting straps,  small things that I need to do once they get here.  So I feel very smug and some relief.

Now I am not out of the woods, until the dresses are picked up, but I can see light. After the babies left yesterday I took a two hour nap, as I had gotten up at 6:30 with them and hubs slept until 8:00.  He also napped with babies.  After I got up I thoroughly cleaned the house and mopped the floors.  Also did a couple of loads of laundry. KIDS CAN DESTROY A HOUSE SO FAST!  With both babies crawling there are slime trails every where.

I just felt such a sense of satisfaction last night when I realized I knew how much I had left to do and no more. It is an amazing feeling.

So today I have to:

1. run to Joanns for bridal cord as I am out.

2. call all brides to pick up

3. finish a bustle on one (need cord)

4. Alter the final wedding dress and call for fitting

5. hem two pairs of jeans

6. hem two pairs of jeans

7. hem a pair of pants

8. alter a flower girl dress and fix another dress

9. alter bridesmaid dress

10. alter a man's coat sleeves

I hope I can get all this done today.  My house is clean and I feel free of distractions, which is good. After I finish this list all I have is a sport coat to shorten the sleeves on,and a mother of the bride and one more bridesmaid.  Then I can concentrate on the trips.

Well I am off!  Who knew that saying no could make me feel so good!

Have a great and producible day staying positive while you are int he negative.



  1. It feels so good to say no to work!

    1. Well it does, but I am motivated by money so it is hard.

  2. So I have to haul you off on a cruise ever 4 months to get you to say no?! *snort*

  3. YAY - you are doing good. We are proud as well!!!!!

  4. I totally agree with you Kim - I've started saying No to lots of Orders now & even though I lose a few - it doesn't matter. I did laugh at Sluggies comment above 😉 I must say.

  5. No is a powerful word! You can use it for all kind of situations!

  6. I am so proud to you, too! You deserve a cruise for saying, "No,"

  7. Congratulations on such a burst of productivity as well as saying no to new work!

  8. Proud of you too. It is amazingly hard to say no especially when it is something you don't do often.

    God bless.

  9. Good work! It's a hard thing to do, but you are doing the right thing for yourself. Well done.

    1. DON"T I know it! I can't beleive how much lower my stress is right now!

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  11. Good for you Kim! It is hard to say No, but it is so powerful.

  12. Proud of you too!
    Glad you were able to squeeze in a nap, and hopefully the dresses will be picked up so you can relax a little.
    Happy for you!

  13. Add me to those proud of you. You and hubs have a baby system in place. Do your daughters read your blog? What's the cruise count down?

    1. we do. I will watch them here 2 days a week but that is it. Hubs can go up to their house's in addition but without me. That is my limit. D#3's usual sitter is out of town this week. Yes they do read the blog. We are leaving for our cruise in10 days!

  14. Saying no is good for your soul, Kim. Self care is what we all need.


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