Thursday, July 28, 2022

Thursday, Thrifty, and sick!!!!

 Here is a picture of the first long tie I have ever made.  It was quite easy but time consuming.  I just followed the directions off a you tube video.  I knew the pieces had to be cut on the bias but there are three exact pieces that are sewn together at different angles to make a tie easier to tie. Now I know why they charge so much for ties.  All the hand work, which I am sure most is done by practically slave labor in third world countries.

You know looking at this picture I see a 2021 calendar ion the wall, oh I do need my Sissie here to organize me. See the iron on tape on the ironing board, where I cut a hole in the board cover.  I do that a lot.  Usually when it is brand new.

Everyone in the family is sick right now.  Signe' has a bad cold, so does Nate. we knew Kelsa was not feeling well Monday.  I started to feel sick yesterday morning and by last night was quite sick.  Had to get up at 3 and take Nyquil.  Had to wake Hub's as I could not get the bottle open, my hands were so sore.  Inflamed from arthritis flare due to cold.  Hubs had me sleep until 11:30 and no customers or phone calls which was a Mirical in itself. I even took a covid test last night and it was negative. So grateful.

Lil sis's house is COVID central, and she just tested positive today for COVID again. As we are always all together and have been off and on the last two weeks, we have to be careful.  Hubs feels like he is coming down with a cold also.

I have a wedding dress that needs to be picked up and another that needs to be done before tomorrow.  When I finally got up today, I stripped the spare room bed and have done 4 loads of wash and the last is in the washer now.  Bedding drying on the line, so quickly as it is 108.

I am having trouble breathing, so lowered the air-conditioner to 73 from 76 hoping that would help.  I know it is just the chest cold. Did get some things done yesterday but not as much as I would have liked as the day continued, I felt worse and worse so did less and less.

Will get in there a finish a few small things and then start on the dress that will be picked up tomorrow.

Hub's is going to pick up his mom in Grangeville on Saturday, so I wanted the spare room nice and clean for her.  This is why I was so worried about COVID as we would not let her come if I had it.  We can stay away from Lil sis.

The mattress pad and one blanket are dry so I can now make up the bed with spare sheets and pillow shams, and I will wait for the other blanket to dry.  Have ai told you how much I love my clothesline?  Are you getting sick of my love? I am not.

But I am taking it easy today as doing things winds me. I might even get this bed made and take a nap we will see.  After all I have been up for 3 hours.

Thrifty Thursday:

1. saved all my spare change

2. saved all my $5 bills, total $830 so only $20 this week for 5's.  Infact a bad week for cash in general.

3. saved a $1, $5, $10, $20 bill this week.

4. fed all food scrap to chickens

5. Ate all meals at home except for 1. (Taco Time for a salad) It was good but boy have their prices gone up!

6. Continued on no spend grocery challenge using things from storage and pantry. This has really helped with freezer space, as I was able to get ice cream and not fight for a space to put it!

7. spent $8.00 on two 1/2 (okay the downsized 1/2) gallons of ice cream at $1.99 limit 2.  Also 4 boxes of the expensive Mac n Cheese my grandkids like.99 a box limit 4. that is, it for groceries

8. eating peppers, green beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, and cabbage from garden.

9. Traded eggs for zucchini with a friend.  I think that is what I will probably have to do if I can't conquer the squash bugs.  But I am still trying.

10. Friend gave me raspberries, have been using them in smoothies, and homemade ice cream pops.  Plus froze enough for 2 boxes of jam.

11. sent hubs scouting for huckleberries and he now knows where we will camp and go to get them. A jar of huckleberry preserves is about $12.00 here so I make this for gifts and the family.

12. used coupons at Joanns

13. downloaded receipts to fetch

14. Chose the least expensive place to get gas.  Now down to $4.35 here.  So almost $1.00 from the all-time high!

15. Used items pulled off other bride dresses, to put on others, Pretty buttons, sleevelets, lace appliques. Charged client so I made money.

16. Re wicked candles that burned down with plenty of wax left, so they would burn longer.

17. gave away eggs, to others to help them.

So, all the usual things I do to try and save.  Actually just habits, but they work.

What did you do this week to save money?

My last load of wash is done in the wash machine, and I am going to hang it out and then make the spare room bed and take a little nap. 

Not so productive today, but oh well, maybe when I get up I will feel better.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Gosh, I hate that you are all sick. That sure happens a lot. Get yourself better soon.

    1. I know, it is being around kids, and a crappy immune system. Lil sis also takes an immune suppressant. The problem is if we just never saw any body we would probably stay well. but for me that is not an option right now.

  2. I’d make sure to do a Covid test a couple days in a row. My good friend had it a couple of weeks ago. Had gone to a big family reunion. Had a temperature of 103 and cough tested and Covid negative, her sister tested positive so she repeated it the next day and it was then positive. Being symptomatic with a negative test she had really thought it was something else but she just hadn’t converted yet. Especially with MIL coming. You want to make sure.

  3. So sorry that you are sick. Do hope you feel better, and I hope your breathing is better too. Get as much rest as you can.
    Please do another covid test just in case. I was really sick, but my home covid tests were negative, but my dr said that the new variant gives false negatives at times.

    1. So true on home test nice tested twice negative home test. went to er tested positive

    2. I just tested again. It is the lack of air that is bothering me the most.

  4. Y'all need to get on a regiment of Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Elderberry to keep all these colds away. And like Kathy said retest especially if Hubs' mom is coming up. Even if it's not Covid and just flu/colds does she need to be exposed to that at her age?

    1. We are it is called Diet Coke . Vitamin C. Hub's mom has had her shots and has had covid, but I just tested again.

  5. For chest congestion, I take guaifenesin. It is cheap in the otc. But, if you buy it in Mucinex brand, it is more expensive. Just buy plain Mucinex instead of all the additional drugs in some of the Mucinex. Like people are saying, take the test again. I cannot get tops off some things, so have to get Tommy to do it.

  6. Poor Kim. I'm sorry and concurr with others to test again. I did worry when you said the little one was sick.

    1. I was worried also and dang if I didn't get sick immediately, but the doctor says I could not have gotten it that fast, so was exposed before. Great so we are to just never see the grandkids just in case ? I might have picked it up somewhere else, but I am miserable.

  7. Take care of yourself and don't do too much until you are better.

    1. I am going to finish a bride dress and go to bed.

  8. My parents have huge huckleberry bushes at their house, that are big enough to be considered trees. They are enormous! Do your huckleberries get worms? That's the biggest problem we've had with picking.

    So, my COVID experience. I was sick for several days before I tested positive, even with a very, very sensitive test kit. I'd recommend you keep testing, given your risk level. That way, if you do get a positive, you can talk to your doctor about the option of an anti-viral, which can only be taken in the first 5 days. Please, please take care of yourself & listen to your body!

    1. We have never had worms I wonder if they are another kind of berry?

    2. I will take a picture when I'm there this weekend.