Sunday, February 26, 2023

Sunday, Baby Goats!

 B, Aunty and I all put on our overalls, and went over to a friend's house, because one of her goats had triplets. We took the kids. They had a ball.  There were chickens and horses, dogs, barn cats and lots of goats. 

These little goats were only 24 hours old. They were so cute.  You could pick them up and cuddle them.  The mom was so patient with the kids it surprised me.

I wear a size 6.5 shoe and Kelsa is just 20 lbs, so this shows you how tiny these baby goats were. The kids had so much fun and did not want to leave.  But we took them to  McD's play place after and they played and played. Then we went home for a nap which was not long enough for grandma.

Toilet training is a disaster, but I will keep trying.

Lil sis watched Kelsa Saturday night and Aunty and I went to Noises Off at our local theater.  It was hysterical.

Yesterday marked 2 months since Joel passed and I swear each damn day gets harder.

I did finally get one package on a 401K to complete so I am going to do that right after this post.  I have a busy day tomorrow.  Have to meet with Medicare counselor, I have another bride coming in, and I am tutoring a little girl in math for a friend.  Plus, Kelsa's toilet training, and sewing and.... 

Made a batch of German sausage soup last night and we will eat the leftovers today along with chicken salad sandwiches. The kids fly home tomorrow but will not make it here until Tuesday as their plane comes in late Monday and they will stay in Spokane and drive home Tuesday.

Well, I am off to complete some paperwork. Wish me luck.



  1. Skip the potty training. She doesn’t sound ready.

    1. I asked Amish neighbor how she potty trains her kids (10 last count) said she takes them to the bathroom to potty WITH her and says" I potty... you potty?.

  2. LOVE the moments of joy on your face. Baby kids are good for the soul (goat type and human type).


  3. Like Elle, it's so nice to see you having moments of happiness, despite what I can only imagine is so much grief. Your soup sounds delicious!

  4. Baby goats! How fun! Life goes on, and while today's joys don't erase yesterday's sorrows, still, baby goats! and baby Kelsa! and Auntie! and Braunwyn! I am glad for you. xo

  5. Wow.. how fun it must have been with the baby goats. :) I'm sorry it is still hard and I pray a day will come where it won't be as hard.

  6. Oh how fun. I am glad to see you doing some fun things - that is so important. I agree, it doesn't sound like she is ready for potty training - just skip it for now - she WILL let you know!!!!! I love baby goats!

  7. It's so wonderful you have your girls and grandbabies to help you get through this! Those goats are adorable!! How fun for the little one's!! AND YOU!!

  8. Love Noises Off. Have seen it at least 3 or 4 times in various community theaters.

  9. The goats sound like fun and are so cute! The soup and chicken sandwiches both sound delicious.

  10. Glad you all were able to have a bit of fun with all the animals. Goats will always make you smile.

  11. Baby goats are just the cutest. Hope the paperwork went well and your meeting goes well also.

    God bless.

  12. It is such a punishment having to deal with all the paperwork when you've been turned inside out with grief. I've always believed that the depth of pain and loss is directly related to the depth of your relationship. Remember that you aren't supposed to be OK right now. I think you are doing incredible right now navigating through all the waves of emotion. Hang in there!