Sunday, April 2, 2017

Monday, Cheery Cherry Apron give away.

 Cheery Cherry Apron and Monday Saving Madness
     April 1st (okay two days late) I was to busy being a Fool on Saturday).  Here it is  cheery cherry apron give away.  Again I did not watch mom and she cut this darling pattern upside down.  It is a lined one size fits all dbl pocket apron, with one scrappy hot pad as mom cannot waste anything.  You will have a chance put in the drawing for every comment you leave, from now until the 16th of April.  You can also get  an extra entries by linking to my blog.   

   Big things going on around here.  I was able to work for about 16 hours in the back yard Friday and Saturday.  My Lil sis helped me alot.  There is still so much left to do out there. I do have both of the patios cleared off, but we need to find places for dirt and I have done nothing to clean the rock out of the garden area.  There is still an entire slate path to put back together and we have to tear up part of a flat brick patio as it has started to sag near the house.  Hubs purchased two bags of sand to help with the leveling.  Anyway lil sis and I took about 20 bags of garden and yard trash to the dump and I have not even started on the flower beds.  We also went to the dump, dump with many items so a good clean out it was.  This was without Hub's as he always argues about what is trash.  I try to do this without him.  It saves an argument.

     I have worked so hard I am exhausted.  My hands are so sore and my back is on fire. 
  I was trying frantically to finish up part of the yard and get the house cleaned up.  Every sink and pathway was a mud dump.  Even though I leave my garden clogs at the door, I still drag so much dirt through the house.  It is wet muddy work and I have to use the facilities and then my pants have dirt and mud all over them.  I am just like pig pen.

     I was able to get the master bed linens changed and the master bath and bedroom nice and sparkly, I also was able to do the spare room and guest bath which was a horrible mud mess as I use the bath the most.  I had swept all the dirt and removed all the throw rugs and had them piled in the formal front room where of course the dog had chewed up pine cones all over the Persian rug.  Finally I realized there was no way I could get it all done before I had to pick up hub's at the airport so I jumped in the tub and washed my hair, I figured he could have a clean house or a clean wife.  I still have not cleaned up the front room or the kitchen floor.  I figure I will just trash them again when I work outside.

     Sunday was conference so we stayed home and watched it on Youtube.  I then went to lil sis's to help her hang drapes.  I took over my big steamer and that made pressing them, much easier.  We had two picture windows and 4 smaller widows to do, and they look really nice.  Came home and made homemade spaghetti and french bread.

     On my way back from the chicken coop I turned my left ankle.  It is a little weak from and old injury.  I tore the crap out of the tendons and broke it at my dad's funeral about 13 years ago.  So now it is black and blue on top of the tarsal bones and very sore.  I can walk on it but have to be careful.  No taking long walks or exercise videos for a while I am afraid. Anyway enough whining.


1.  I did not cook one meal while hub's was gone, I just ate what I could find that was easy.
2.  Mom and I had Taco Time coupons for our birthday.  Buy one item get one free.  So we used those.  Cost was under $10.00 for both meals
3.We went out to dinner one night and mom and I split an entree as I can never finish anything and neither can she. We still brought home left overs.  Which we ate for lunch the next day.
4. Only spent $35.18 on groceries used coupons for about $18.00 of this.
5.  Did not go to Jo-anns at all
6. Had my bath rugs in the guest bath start to fray around the edges.  I carefully resewed them by hand saving on buying new ones.
7.  Lil sis works for a non profit that has a food bank attached.  Every two weeks they must get rid of produce.  They cannot give it to another food bank.  So I received a large box full of beautiful oranges and apples, and carrots.  I felt bad but meth addicts can't chew and citric acid is painful for them.
8.I never by small trash bags but use plastic grocer bags.  I save them and use at least one everyday to dispose of cat litter.
9. Bought a large bag of over ripe bananas for $1.00 ( then mom killed the bread but we ate it anyway)
10.  Picked up 6 pair of really nice slipper socks for Christmas.  Regularly $6.99 marked down to .99, these will go with  Christmas jammies I bought for $3.00, for my girls, mom and I.

  What did you do this week to save money?

Have a great and productive day!





  1. Last week, I bought only milk and bananas and one other thing. I will not buy meat until I eat all that is in the freezer. Then, I can clean the frozen coke from the inside! I bought a $58 purse marked down and used a coupon making it less than $20. It is not what I would like, but mine was just so shabby.

    Put my name in for the apron. I like it upside down cherries or not. I cannot waste material, either. However, if there is enough, I make a napkin. I have matching sets, but mismatched ones don't matter if I am the only person using one.

  2. "5. Did not go to Jo-anns at all."
    *thud* Sluggy falls over in shock.
    No! Say it ain't so!!

  3. Proud you got so much yard work done with the help of your sister..[How fun to get to work with her, know ya'll had fun to
    I am just posting on your blog, not putting in an entry , as I won the last apron.. Tell your mom , I am using it and love it.
    Have a great week.

  4. I am worn out totally just from reading your post! When you say you didn't get around to something it is because you spent 8 hours in the yard working first. When I say I didn't it is because I stopped to read and fell asleep for 2 hours.

    1. In my next life I want to be you, or a cat that reads.

  5. Apron is awesome and you inspire me to do more

  6. What a lovely apron. If a person was wearing it and looked down the cherries would be right side up!

  7. Long time reader of your blog Kim. Often I'm trying to drum up some of the energy you must have with all that you do. The apron, I love it. Can I enter even though I come from downunder?

    1. Yes you may, but then you will not remain anonymous:)

  8. I, am also one who tosses things when my husband isn't looking. He once went through a bag of dd's and my clothing and questioned our decisions. I finally stopped him, but it wasn't pretty...I tossed a skirt at him and said "If you're going to wear it, keep it, otherwise, buzz off." He now buzzes off, but it's still easier to do it without him underfoot.
    The apron is just darling. Minimalist that I try to be, I believe one can never have too many aprons, dishtowels, or placemat and napkin sets.

  9. I forgot to come and enter again. I so want this apron!

  10. Another entry. I really want