Monday, April 17, 2017

Monday night late!

We got back into town about 6 this evening after spending the last 9 days with our youngest grandson and his older brother.  This one was born on our 37th wedding anniversary.  Isn't he cute?  Doesn't his grandmother need her roots done? This was taken on his 1st birthday.  Boy do we love our grandsons they are so much more fun than our kids.  It was a very relaxing time but it was too long.  They say fish and company stink after three days and I believe that. I was able to sleep  many more hours than I usually do here.  I also was able to rest from the constant run I am on at home with the shop and mom.  Now my lil sis is about ready to kill me as she says I have been gone for 12 days, (not true) and we brought Hub's folks home with us as his mom really needs a break from his dad.  So we will be a house full of old folks for at least the next 5 days.

     I will try to get the winner up for the apron give away tomorrow or Wednesday, sorry I am so behind.  It is just my life right now.  Don't know if I will be able to come up for air for the next two months.  I will be so busy in the shop at least the next three weeks.  Prom dresses and wedding dresses are coming out my ears and I had several phone calls every day I was out of town so many more will come in this next week.  Gasp~!

     Hub's mom was up all night last night with an ear ache, crimmy, she was in the med fast center by 8 this morning and left with 2 prescriptions.  She has an infection.  Any kind of infection when one is 89 is serious.  I drove folks car with mom and she was pretty quiet most of the way.  She needs rest, poor darling.  Hubs drove our truck with his dad.  We made the 5 hour trip from their house into about a 7 hour trip by stopping at the old homestead in Wieser Idaho, so dad could tromp around the land of his youth.  Mom stayed in the car.  She is such a trooper.  No complaining.  Then dad thought we were going to take them home, he forgot he had packed to come stay with us.  It is difficult to be with someone with dementia on an every day basis.  Hopefully we can get hub's mom rested up and take them back home next weekend.

     I am very tired and will be skipping my weekly savings post.  Will take it up again next Monday.
We came home to a lawn that is over grown and a pond that needed filling.  The french drain is essentially done and I will try to take picks of our work up to this point tomorrow if I have time between the shop and teaching and the folks, and, and....

I was able to get all of my music pulled while at my daughters, as she has a music library like no other and I just had to tell her what I needed and she started pulling pieces and it is done!  Now onto the choreography.

     My daughter works way too hard.  It concerns me.  She does have full time live in help but her job is so stressful.  I love her mother-in-law who lives with them and has since her first son was born 6 years ago.  She is your typical Italian grandmother and so dedicated to her grandsons.  She is a fabulous cook, and works constantly at laundry and other things.  Daughter is so lucky to have this type of help and this woman never interferes in my daughters married life, she is practically perfect.  I just worry about burn out and the heavy caseload daughter has,the criminals she deals with, the lack of support she receives on the state and local level.  Her specialty is repeat DUI's, forgeries, and drug cases.  She and her husband make a good living but at what cost?  Hopefully she will be able to break into another form of law in another few years.  She is very, very good at what she does.  And when you are very good you get very used.

     I was able to get 7 cowgirl costumes done and sashes and sleevelettes done for daughters 2 ballet classes while I was away.  Yes daughter still teaches one night a week.  It is her hobby and believe me she needs this.  I also caught up the mending, and hemmed several pairs of pants, altered a few dresses for daughter.

     I haven't talked to my twin in 10 days and I am anxious to catch up with her.

     I have to pay bills and get accounts squared away tomorrow.  So I am signing off.

Sleep tight.



  1. I awoke exhausted. After reading this post, I need a nap. You have your hands full, that's for sure. Did you make the seven dresses assembly line style or one dress at a time? If they are different sizes, I would have made them one at a time. Just wondering. Good luck with all that is ahead of you this week. Maybe your mother will continue to be very good.

  2. It's really good to put a face to the blog

  3. You might just find yourself needing a vacation from your vacation! You are one busy lady!

  4. I think you need a vacation vacation too! I bet your daughter worries about her mom doing too much just like you worry about her.

    1. Yes she does and then asks me to sew costumes as I ask her to pull music. We are our own worst enemies.

  5. Oh.. he's adorable, and I agree with markdebby - awesome to put a face to the blog. But I am tired just reading about it.

    1. Well this is my face. Jewish nose and all, a little sunburned need my roots done, but here I am in all my gory glory.